Thursday, 19 November 2015

Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag Review and Win One of Three Sleeping Bags for Kids! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

We seem to have become experts on baby sleeping bags of late - we've been fortunate enough to review a few of them here in as many months. Not surprisingly, my youngest is becoming a very fussy Miss when it comes to settling in the evenings now. She's after a different sleeping bag every night, making choices based on her favourite colour, texture and pattern! It's part of the nightly ritual now and kind of cute, so I let her indulge her whims. Anything for a good night's sleep for all!

The Miss was suitably excited to receive the very latest Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag back in August, just prior to its release in stores in September. We chose a glorious lemon yellow to review, which really captures the sunny seasons we're enjoying here at present.

The Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag is an ideal choice for young children in these warmer months.

This bag is made of muslin and is 100% cotton. We've never seen a muslin bag for kids before and it's a case of why weren't these on the market before now? (For me.) There have been many hot summers over time, when I could have really done with the aid of this bag!

We're all familiar with muslin baby wraps for newborns - they're a preferred choice for most new mums, due to their soft-touch, gentle fibres which are perfect for young skins.

This muslin sleeping bag has all of these benefits plus it's lightweight, not to mention pretty.

If your child suffers from eczema, (hello Missy above!), I would recommend this as a fantastic way to keep their skin protected from irritation against raspy bedding. (Perhaps even aiding recovery by reducing their ability to scratch beneath the bag.)

Celeste is enjoying the Stage 3 bag, (18-36 months) and it's a 1.0 Tog, trans-seasonal bag. Despite being very light, this bag would certainly add a layer of warmth and comfort beneath bedding for little wrigglers at any time of year. Just throw on some extra layers prior to bed time.

Young kids often want that comfort and protection of a covering of sorts even in the warmest of weather. This bag is a great way to provide that 'snuggly' feeling without making them overheated and sweaty.

The Nuzzlin bag opens outwards via one long zipper making it easy to get your child into and out of this bag.
Night time and nap time nappy changes are simple with no need to remove the entire bag or overly-disturb your sleepy child.

The Nuzzlin bag has the usual quality features you'd expect from the Love to Dream label. Apart from looking gorgeous with the delightful watermelon feature on the front of the bag, it has an attractive grey stripe trim to offset the design.

There's nothing itchy or scratchy about any part of this bag. It even has a zipper protector to prevent injury. (It doesn't stop my 2 year old from fiddling with it however!) It's quite luxurious.

The Nuzzlin sleeping bag has lots of natural stretch which makes it super-comfortable for bed-wrestlers and it's less of a big deal if they become tangled.

The Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag comes in a range of sizes: 4-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-36 months. Choose between a 1.0 Tog or a 2.0 Tog for cooler climates. The range includes three of the prettiest pastels for both sexes. There's an Aqua with Pear motif, Pink with Elephant design and the Lemon (shown here), to choose between.

Stetchy-weave knitted fabric

Pretending to sleep! What a great wee model!

We've found the Nuzzlin Sleep Bag to be a roomy bag with lots of length and width for our little girl to enjoy unhindered movement while she sleeps, which spells uninterrupted sleep for the rest of the family. Golden!

The Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag retails for $59.95 for the 1.0 Tog and $44.95 for the 2.0 Tog.
Check out the full range of Love to Dream products on their website. If you're after a warmer-weight Love to Dream sleeping bag, check out this review we ran recently on the equally gorgeous Inventa Sleeping Bag.

Thanks to Love to Dream, Six Little Hearts has
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Winners can choose their preferred sizes and colours from the 1.0 Tog Nuzzlin range.
Total prize pool of this giveaway is $179.85.
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  1. Love the bright colours!! This would be perfect for those chilly nights

    Christina L

  2. Love the yellow one from the pics!! Adorable

    Christina L

  3. Kylie Heydon - my mum bought me a 6-18month sleeping bag when my son was 6 months old. He has just turned 2 and we have used it nearly every night with no fuss and never kicking his blanket off. These sleeping bags are a must. Aqua please

  4. Would love one of these for my daughter to take to daycare when I go back to work next year!
    Jen Czerny

  5. I love the love to dream sleeping bags as they are easy, convenient and keep my child safe with not having to use other blankets.

    Taryn Grice

  6. I would love to win the lemon with watermelon motif (yum how refreshing and summery) in 12-18month. I love how these bags are trans seasonal and safe for sensitive skin. As my daughter suffers from eczema I have spent several sleepless nights worrying if I have chosen the correct tog for the current temperature. The Nuzzlin bag sounds like the perfect solution. More sleep for mum = happy mum. Joni Langos

  7. Katelyn Slater - I do not know what I would do without Love To Dream! My daughter has had the swaddle up, 50/50 swaddle up and the inventa bag! This would be the perfect summer addition to her Love To Dream collection. It gets so hot here in WA so this bag would mean a good night sleep for us all :)

  8. Kylie Sneddon - love to dream swaddles have been a life saver for my daughter and has helped her sleep a lot better than her brother ever did! Would love to add to her love to dream collection as we do not yet have a Nuzzlin sleep bag. If we won we would love the pink with the elephant please in a 4 to 12 month size.

  9. Kylie Sneddon - love to dream swaddles have been a life saver for my daughter and has helped her sleep a lot better than her brother ever did! Would love to add to her love to dream collection as we do not yet have a Nuzzlin sleep bag. If we won we would love the pink with the elephant please in a 4 to 12 month size.

  10. I would love to win one of the green nuzzlin 2.0 size 4-12 month size sleeping bags as it is the next stage of sleep wear for my little man. Love to dreams name says it all, once I started using the swaddle up - that's what we all got, sleep and dreams! We then moved up to tree 50/50 and being almost out of that this sleep bag is the next item needed. Best thing is it will keep my little man covered as he continues to flip around the cot all night but not give him sweaty feet! Nicole Ellery

  11. I love the range of cute styles and colours avaliable. These would be great to have on hand :)

    Sarah ellwood

  12. Love to Dream swaddles are my 'must have' presents for new mums. I have used them for both my boys. Second son is about to move into the 50/50 but it would be great to try this one as well. He is not super keen on the heat and I think it will make his skin flare up as well. Bring back winter or bring on the Nuzzlin Sleep Bag.

    I am keen to try an aqua one in the 4-12 month size.

    Karen Collins

  13. These have been recommended to me by all my friends, so would love to get one for my bub. I want the best for my bub and these are the best! I would love the Muslin sleeping bag for my newborn, in a unisex colour.
    Samara McRae

  14. I have hears about these! Perfect for bubs! Espically those ones that like to kick the blankets off! I'd love to gift one to my best friend who has just had a bub <3 Pink colour please
    Beck Baker

  15. Melinda Burrows - I love Love to Dream! If I won I would choose the 12-18 months 1 tog Aqua Nuzzlin Sleep Bag. This will be fantastic for the summer months!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I would love the yellow sleep bag with the watermelon on the front. My mom is one of four children and is 16years apart from her next sister (a happy accident). My Grandma used to tell my mom she thought she had eaten a watermelon seed, not that she was pregnant! Long story short, when I see watermelons, I always think of my Grandma!

    Lindsay S.

  18. Bub is getting into solids and has just discovered watermelon. How fun for her to be able to wear one with this yellow sleep bag... rather than just wear it on her face!
    - Amelia.

  19. Perfect. No need to worry about our price getting uncovered and cold. - Linda C

  20. Oh I love these bags! They are so light and I love the gorgeous motif! What a great giveaway and how cute is your little girl!!

  21. love how this is not restrictive and looks like there is plenty of room for bub to get comfy

  22. I wish these had've been around when my kids were babes. My kids are all "blankets off everywhere" sleepers so this would have helped me sleep a little better without worrying about them being cold during the night!

  23. Anything with a Zip is a Winner for me! We started using these bags with our bub in Winter. Would love a light one for Summer- these bags are the best! A Pink one would be lovely for our little girl as she has lots of blue from her two older brothers- time to pink it up a bit!

  24. We have a long awaited bub on the way, winning this would make my day! Stretchy fabric, nice and light, we would use this every night!
    PS. We would love a 4-12 months in any neutral colour (bubs gender is a surprise!)
    Brooke Higgins

  25. These look great for summer. I am going to have to have a look at something like this for the baby girl.

  26. I'm having a hard time transitioning my little girl from swaddling to sleeping bags and I've heard the Love To Dream bags are the best.

  27. I love all the Love To Dream line! So beautiful and practical.

  28. I love how it keeps them warm, no way they can kick off all their blankets and get cold through the night.

  29. I've been putting my little girl in sleeping bags since she was 3 weeks old after she houdini'd her way out of every swaddle! They are the best :) She is currently in her LTD 50/50 but is very quickly (and I mean toes pushing on the seam quickly) outgrowing her current bag. I would love one of these for her and they look perfect for summer!

  30. Our love for sleeping bags was highlighted today when I accidentally forgot to take one to my parents house and Miss 9 months refused to go to sleep. We LOVE sleeping bags and the Love To Dream line has been in our house for quite a few years now.

  31. These look Lovely. Are house is always really hot in summer, so a muslin sleeping bag sounds perfect. I found them fabulous with my first who would never keep a sheet or blanket on for long. Am sure the 2nd will be just as difficult er i mean fun. :-)

  32. Are they such clever clogs over at Love To Dream. I am a bit of addict when it comes to their sleeping bags. There is no other for me. I had not come across this new edition however but I have to say it is quite timely because my youngest is just transitioning from having his arms swaddled to not so some new sleeping bags are in store that allow his arms to be free. I love how light these are but the cuteness remains. (You'll see me as Vicki Vick on Facebook and under Knocked Up & Abroad on some of the other sites) x

  33. S-nuzzlin-g up, ready for bed where my baby loves to dream. It will ensure a good nights sleep for my little lad in is his 1.0 tog bag
    Aqua with Pear Motif, 4-12 mths, 1.0 tog....please :)

  34. love to win looks amazing and little one can sleep so comfty

  35. It's peace of mind knowing your little one is warm at all times, especially when they are super active and tend to kick their blankets off.
    Would love the yellow watermelon bag in 12 -18 months!
    Karina Lee

  36. I love how these sleepbags reassure you that baby will sleep all night long without getting cold. Kasey Evans.

  37. These look lovely! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlibky xx

  38. No bed making and the fact that they can toss and turn safely. Laura Scriven
    Love the green, 4-12 mths, 1.0 tog

  39. Best swaddles ever - would love to try the sleeping bag!

  40. L ightweight
    O pens and closes easily
    V ery pretty and comfortable
    E czema friendly

    T he bag is 100% cotton
    O ne of the best brands out there

    D oesn't over heat baby
    R ange of sizes
    E verything a mum would want
    A n ideal choice for warmer months
    M ade of muslin

    Kaman Yu

    1. Would love to win the stage 3 bag in lemon. Looks so adorable 💝

  41. Already have their Original Swaddle, would love to try this to blankets don't get kicked off in the night!! :P

  42. Perfect for that extra warmth overnight camping when the temperature drops.
    E. Puszkar

  43. I love the vibrant colours, and the fact they're Australia made; comfy, lightweight and versatile - the perfect transition sleeping aid!

  44. The Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag would be ideal for our HOT HOT summer temps!
    Amy Love

  45. Zoe Ryan- Love the recommendation about the eczema, know plenty of bubs (including mine) so would love to try it and then see if I could recommend it.

  46. bub can move about freely and i dont have to worry about keep getting up and recovering him in 1 tog in yellow

  47. My little man has been in Love To Dreams since he came home from hospital. At 13 months I love that I can keep him in one. He knows it means bed time

  48. Toasty toes and lots of Z's in a row.
    These love-to-dream nuzzlin sleep bags are must.
    Peace of mind that they will get a comfortable sleep.
    And sooner rather than later you'll also be counting sheep!

    1.0 TOG Sleep bag in the blue with pear picture would be lovely :)

  49. All I want for Christmas is a decent night's sleep,
    For our son to sleep well-without me hearing a peep!
    The Nuzzlin sleeping bag would be just divine,
    Soft, stretchy and comfortable for this rascal of mine.
    If he slept through the night I'd still be in shock,
    I'd scream from the roof top, "Merry Christmas. Nuzzlin' rocks!"
    (18 to 36 months; pear shaped design- Cathy Russell)

  50. Perfect for over summer helps keep little fit inside the crib as the seem to wriggle around lots mor e in the heat, great colour and design too.

  51. I love that it is as well designed as it is cute, and my daughter would sleep better and be stylin' at the same time.

  52. I would love this for my little nephew on the way! To keep him safe and snug.
    Aleisha Davidson

  53. I love the long zipper as it makes it so easy to change a baby's nappy and get them in and out! Julie Jackson

  54. The kids can't kick these off so they'll be cosy and covered all night and they have their arms free so as not too hot or constricted!
    4 to 12 months White - Love the cute apple pic
    Eva Kiraly

  55. I love knowing that they are covered which means I can sleep peacefully without having to check that they are not cold

  56. So gorgeous - I have a little niece who has a baby brother/sister about to arrive and this would be a fantastic gift for my brother and sister-in-law this Christmas, especially with the hot summer nights coming!

  57. I love the love to dream sleeping bags because I know they are the best for my precious grand babies

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