Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Light in Our Lives...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Urban Lighting.

When we first inspected our current home prior to purchasing it, we were blown away by the huge windows on the upper story. These windows upstairs are literally floor to ceiling, take up most of the wall space as well as framing spectacular views. We bought our home in part, based on the bright, scenic perfection of it all.

It's such a beautiful place to be when you are in a room filled with natural light. Even today the upstairs area of our home remains one of my favourite places to dwell and I love to take photos of my family in these rooms. Thank goodness I have great interior lighting to take these precious family photos in, for we must have been blinded by love at the point of sale:

We just did not seem to notice how dim our home's downstairs level was, by comparison.

The former owner of our home painted the walls in our living area a drab green colour, and knocked out virtually every wall on this lower level to install big windows. Thanks to the large exterior porch and balcony outside though, (coupled with the light-absorbing green paint,) barely any light manages to come inside our living areas at all during the day. I am always baffled how so many big windows can fail to provide us with the purpose of their function - to allow the natural light to filter though.

It's funny how your opinions around your home can develop and change over time. Having lived here now for five years and with firm intentions to move, we have felt some major frustrations grow around our abode with every passing year. These contrasts and constraints of the lighting in our home is one of them.

Just today, I dropped off my kids at school to find that one of my boys had pants on that were not his regulation school pants. In fact they were the wrong colour entirely. His reason? He couldn't see the colour of his clothing in the house! It's that bad. (Our current lighting situation.) This happens almost weekly and I know the kids are not being cheeky either - I too have had this same issue and often!

Then there's the patches of dust and marks I find about the house on walls, floorboards and carpets when the odd weak sunbeam does penetrate through to our interior. I am always grossed-out by what I find left behind by six kids when the bright sun makes a rare appearance in our living areas that I previously thought were clean...

Were we intending to stay here and had this home been our 'forever home,' you can bet we would have made plans pretty early on, to paint the interior a bright, light-reflecting colour. Perhaps we would have also removed some of the superfluous windows that provide our home with no views or light. We'd definitely have installed more efficient permanent lighting in every room and possibly installed skylights. Instead we've had to come up with temporary lighting solutions to enhance the lot we've got until the time comes for us to move on.

Enhancing our home with the convenience of lamps is never a bad thing for a lamp-loving addict. I do have a 'thing' for lamps and shades, and I've even a few fantastic retro lamp bases stowed away in need of rewiring that I am yet to get on to.

Lamps are a great alternative for drab houses and can do wonders to make a space more inhabitable, welcoming, restful and functional. Needless to say there are lamps on every table, in every corner and in every room in our dark home. We've even installed LED lights on our pantry shelves to make that important space more practical.

One thing I will be looking out for in the house-hunting stage of our next home, whether it's bought or rented, will be good lighting options; both natural and artificial. If you're in your forever home right now and want to enhance your current lighting options, a good place to visit for inspiration would be Urban Lighting, who have some great solutions for interiors and exteriors.

How is the lighting in your home?
What's your favourite design feature in your home?
Are you addicted to buying lamps too?!


  1. When we bought our house we failed to notice they had all the lights on. We have tons of windows but thanks to crim safe screens a lot of the light is blocked. We will be adding a skylight and some more down lights in the future.

    1. It's so easy to be fooled isn't it. Next time we buy, I will be looking at all these features and possibly inspecting at different times of the day too. It's expensive to rectify these things if you weren't aware. You have the same issue as us by the sound of it.

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