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VTech Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo Review #SLHFeaturedThursdays

After four boys in a row, you can well imagine that these days, I adore watching my youngest girl play with a doll! I loved watching my eldest daughter play mummy to her babies back when she was a toddler and second time around, it's just as special to this mum of six.

Witnessing a young child play parent is so wonderfully sweet and I too, can still remember the joy of being a mum to my own dolls during childhood. Little imaginations run-rife with some beautiful stories set in various scenarios and are enacted with lots of love and care. It's the magic of childhood all over again for me and one of those things that makes parenting so rewarding.

So as a mum to a daughter who longs to see this delightful legacy continue, you can well imagine how over-joyed we were to receive VTech's Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo to road-test here on Six Little Hearts.

My daughter's face lit up like a candle when she spotted her new charge in a big parcel just for her.

VTech's Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo has been designed with the youngest members of the motherhood tribe in mind. She has a recommended age group of two plus and is perfectly sized to the proportions and skills of this age group.

As soon as Celeste's new baby was unboxed from her delightfully girly packaging, (and following a heart-warming succession of decent hugs and kisses!), little fingers went to work on the features of this early learning toy.

Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo, (AKA 'Baby' to my little girl!), has all the fun of a regular baby doll plus the enhancement of a great set of phrases and features to teach young kids. Baby has more than 60 phrases and songs accessible via a simple push of her soft-bodied tummy, her heart button or a gentle squeeze of either of her feet.

My daughter was so excited to discover her doll could play pretend with her, express feelings, teach her about food and sing her nursery rhymes. When activated, all of her chat and song features make her pretty pink hair-bow light up to engage your child further - it's as if she really is talking and my toddler thinks it's fantastic!

At the mention of food, my girl pops a finger in her new baby's mouth.

Playing Peek-a-Boo together, as suggested by Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo
I think the loveliest feature of Baby Peek-a-Boo, are the nursery rhymes she sings. My daughter gets so excited when the songs play, prompting her to dance around her baby on the floor. Such cuteness! Young kids have a great appreciation of music and rhymes and this is a fantastic way to incorporate an early love of language and music into the traditional format and beauty of a much-loved doll.

Examples of songs include: Hey Diddle Diddle, Humpty Dumpty, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven), London Bridge and many more.

Baby Peek-a-Boo has all the hallmarks of a quality VTech toy. She's been expertly well-considered with sing-along songs, interactive game play, body parts to teach, numbers and counting phrases and even a music time setting and volume control. Baby can play music for 15 minutes on a timer so she's also a fantastic bedtime toy that will help soothe your baby to sleep.

We both think she's a darling!

If you're looking for a sweet baby doll for your little person this Christmas, this one comes highly recommended. She's cuddly, cute and her music and chat features are perfect for building motor skills and language development, as well as fostering all those old-fashioned qualities to be enjoyed in a doll.

Vtech's Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo comes with 2AA batteries already installed, which means she's ready for play right out of the box. There's also a detailed instruction leaflet which includes song lyrics. A perfect gift for a young child. (Boys included!)

VTech's Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo retails for $34.95 and is available for purchase at K Mart stores.
Find more about VTech Little Love Baby Peek-a-Boo and check out the other great items in the VTech toy range.
Do you cherish watching your child play mummy and daddy games?
Does your young child have a favourite doll?
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  1. Aww so cute! I love that dancing pic. My littlest girl is obsessed with dolls too and playing mummy and baby. I love seeing them role play at this age. It's so cute.

    1. It's sweet huh?! She just popped her doll onto the floor and went for it! It's a beautiful age. :D

  2. What a sweet dolly! My stepson LOVED his dolly and pram when he was small. I think miss 3 inherited all the bigger kid's dolls :)

    1. My youngest son loved his baby doll too. It's Celeste's now. It's a great age when they're not self-conscious about boys' and girls' things.

  3. Phoebe has one of these dolls and she loves it.

  4. I love Vtech toys and this is just gorgeous. Perfect for little miss raj and the price point is really reasonable. Thanks for a fantastic idea for Xmas!!!

    1. I can't imagine any little kiddo not loving this. It's hard finding the perfect Christmas gift and this one is pretty spot-on.

  5. We're past this age, but this looks perfect for the littlies :)

  6. how cute :) I am actually looking for a doll for my girl this Christmas, I'll keep it in mind!

  7. How gorgeous! My 2 yr old son is really into dollies, he loves playing 'mum'!

  8. Aw, what a sweet little doll! I love that there are so many things she can do too. :) #weekendblogshare

  9. This doll looks awesome. Bub's really getting into playing mummy and baby lately. I love that this one sings songs and plays games with them.

  10. What a cute doll! My daughter would love it too. I love that it's interactive but hopefully not as annoyingly so as our furby ;)

  11. That doll sounds awesome! My girls would have loved one of these when they were smaller. My youngest and the girl next door play 'mums and babies' right now.

  12. Your little girl is just adorable, Jody. She's going to make some beautiful precious memories with her baby doll x

  13. So sweet. Ignite that girl envy why dont you ;) xx

  14. The VTech toys are very impressive. We have a couple for Moo that were suggested by her physio. I will kepp an eye out for this little doll. She looks great and Moo LOVES playing babies at the moment.


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