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Globber Scooters Review and WIN a Globber Scooter for Summer Holiday Fun! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Summer means kids are home all over Australia for six great weeks of holiday fun. It's the time of year for leisurely days and plenty of active opportunities spent outdoors no matter what your children's ages. Kids will be everywhere the sun is shining this summer. Pray there's plenty of it!

With all that outdoor fun on bikes, scooters and go carts, it can be a bit of a battle keeping all the age ranges in this household happy. While the bigger kids in this home have bike riding skills and can zoom-off happily to the horizon, it's been a bit tricky until now, to keep the 'I want to keep up' toddler content with being left in the shadows!

The frustration in this age group is a stage all parents of multi-age siblings face with their youngest babes, but we've conquered it nicely with thanks to the newest addition to our home - a Globber scooter.

Prior to owning a Globber, if you'd told this mama of six that a child as young as two could almost immediately learn to ride on their own, well... I'd have thought you were bat-poop crazy!

Over the years I've looked-on as my (now) older children struggled to master their first set of serious wheels and the frustration and tantrums weren't pretty. Imagine my disbelief and joy at watching my youngest, (freshly three years old), conquer her newest set of real-wheels within mere minutes.

Feeling mighty proud and happy I can assure you and that's both of us!

Our Globber was warmly received a while back into the Six Little Hearts household. It was an incredibly easy vehicle to assemble. After an initial peek inside the box at the cutest little pink scooter, I was surprised to discover that there was no need to wait for dad to assemble it. (I can't recall that happening with any other vehicle we've owned around here, ever.)
The Globber slots together in one easy step and my daughter lit up like a Christmas tree when she spotted her new set of designer wheels, which look and behave just like the big versions her older siblings ride.
It's plus a wheel and minus the frustration!

Just look at that beaming confidence! I'd like to think I played a part in that, but no, that's all thanks to Globber! (The matching T-shirt and pink helmet provided by Globber certainly helped too.)

Globber scooters are brilliant because they are designed with the abilities of the youngest kids in mind. The two front wheels and single back wheel with a traditional foot brake, make mastering this ride so simple.

If your child can walk, your child can ride a Globber. It's as easy as that.

It wasn't long before my child had mastered a self-satisfying speed and even skills such as turning and braking on this scooter. They're certainly areas which will continue to develop with time but I can say that so far, my daughter is brimming with contentment at the impressive efforts she can do right now.

For a young child, keeping up with the siblings and keeping up with all those important appearances, means everything to a developing confidence in the world and the Globber is definitely helping my littlest to 'win' in so many ways.

The scooter featured here is the Globber MyFree Up. This model is suitable for kids from the age of three onwards up to a maximum of 50kgs. The secret to the success kids can achieve while riding this scooter lies in some well designed features.
The Globber features a steering lock system to make learning safe and easy. (It's the big round button on the front of the deck.) There's a height-adjustable T-Bar handlebar which adjusts to three height options as your child grows. (From 67.5cms - 77.5cms.) Finally, the X-Cross design in the deck of all Globber scooters, strengthens the structure of the vehicle overall and allows the seamless directional turning in the handlebars. It may be jargon to the little ones, but it all adds up to happy kiddos on the pavement.

Globber scooters feature a low deck so that children ride close to the ground which increases the safety aspect and makes this an easy ride with less fatigue for little legs. There are ergonomic soft handlebar pads too, to help prevent tiny hands from slipping. (For more specific details, please refer to the Globber website.)

Children outside of this age range have not been left out of the Globber fun. For the five plus age group, there's the Globber MYTOO Fix as well as the Globber MyFREE Fixed and MyFREE 4-in-One with a detachable seat for the very youngest to choose from. There's even Globbers for adults!

The Globber myFREE UP scooter pictured in this review, retails on the Globber website for $130. Choose from a colour range of dark blue, green, pink, purple and red.

This is a total pleasure to ride, (according to my thrilled toddler) and as a parent, this vehicle gives such great peace of mind and freedom from the dreaded frustrated toddler episodes!

We at Six Little Hearts are pleased to recommend this fantastic scooter without hesitation.

Globber in conjunction with Six Little Hearts would like one follower of 
Six Little Hearts to experience the joy of
Globber these summer holidays.
We've one Globber MyFREE UP Scooter to giveaway valued at $130!
Winner can choose their preferred colour from the available range in this model.
Giveaway ends January 15, 2016.
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  1. One scooter and two kids don’t mix,
    Waiting their turn means naughty tricks!
    One more Globber would mean friendly play,
    And two tired kids at the end of the day!

  2. I would love this for my grandson Mason. His Pa is called Scooter by the family so Mason needs his own scooter! (LuciaSaal)

  3. Both of my older girls have scooters, but their cousin doesn't. It leads to a LOT of arguments and tears, and often the scooters are packed away. I'd love to win this prize to give him his own scooter and keep the peace!
    Rosemarie De Bari

  4. For an active CHristmas to burn off that sugar!
    Emma Puszkar

  5. We love being outdoors,
    It's fun galore!
    This will mean I get to jog,
    So I feel less like a fat post-Xmas log!
    Laura Scriven

    1. Bahahaha! You are so clever at these little poems!!

  6. Would love to win a red Globber MyFREE UP Scooter as it'll encourage outdoor activities. This scooter sounds great too as even a newly 3 year old can teach herself how to ride it. (I have no sense of balance so I can't teach how to ride one). This will also force me to get out and get some overdue exercise after my recent baby and the food baby I'm going to get after Christmas.
    Kaman Yu

  7. Would be perfect for my daughter.

  8. My niece is so lovely,
    My niece is so sweet.
    Would love to win her this scooter treat,
    To make her Christmas complete!

  9. This would make our Xmas Globber-rific!!

  10. Your daughter I swear is getting cuter by the day! And I have to say I love her accessory! This looks fabulous and the little people in our house would just love to get their hands on one

  11. I'd love a Globber scooter because last Christmas we bought our son a cheap one and to be honest it's been not worth the small amount of money we spent on it - rubbish quality.

  12. Sarah Ellwood -
    We are a pretty outdoorsy family so I'm always looking for things that the kids can utilise both at home and when we are out camping. I like that theirs three height positions, because it is something that can be shared between the children - Perfect at a campsite. I am also excited to know Globber have adult scooters - how cool! I might need a bit of practice first, it's certainly been a few years since I've been on a scooter!

  13. I'd love the scooter so the young miss could keep up under her own steam...time waits for no man, and neither do big boys!

  14. I have a two year old that wants his big brothers Scooter and I am tired of the horrendous squabbles that go on about it. Another will really help a Mumma out here and I'm loving these. I would happily have a blue Globber Fix but I am in awe of the 4in1 range!!! The seat! Genius! Vicki Vick (Doak on Google Plus) from Knocked Up & Abroad

  15. I'd love to win a Purple Globber scooter for my daughter, I'd love her to own a good quality scooter that will last through many days of fun!
    Wendy Sutcliffe

  16. I'd love to win a Blue Globber scooter for my gorgeous grandson so he can safely and confidently learn to ride without me and his mum growing more grey hairs and without him going head over the handlebars.

  17. My daughter turns 3 in March I'd love to win the Globber Scooter for her as a present instead of the hand me down scooter from her big sister
    Karen Edwards

  18. A Globber would be perfect for my little miss go-getter, who likes to commandeer her older sisters scooter with a handle bar that is way too high.
    Anne-Marie Wingfield

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I need a's a long walk from my front door to the letter box and if I won this, I could just Globber my way down to pick up the daily mail - woohooooo :) - Juanita Torr

  21. So my little one can go for a globber spin around the park. Her little legs can only go so fast!

  22. Theres a little hhirl i know who makes me smile everytime i see her, i would love to see her Globber smile if i win this well designed Globber Scooter :-) Leanne Miners

  23. Great review! I have a nearly two year old and a 3 year old and we are just getting some freedom of going for bike rides together but it's still hard on mummy's back doing the pushing. This looks ideas. Thanks Simone Emery

  24. I love these little scooters, what a pretty pink for a little girl too, I bet mine would love it! I would love to win this scooter for my little girl. She is super active and always has been, I find it hard to entertain her indoors because she gets so easily bored, but we don't have many fun activities for her to do outdoors. My little toddler would adore zipping around on this gorgeous Gobbler Scooter!

  25. These scooters are just fantastic and I have a toddler just the right age for one. She watches her brother as he rides his scooter to school and she giggles hysterically as he speeds off ahead. I know she just wants to copy him.

  26. would be able to get to the shops a lot quicker if my son was on this rather than dragging along behind.


  28. my little man is four on the 30th December I can picture him scooting all over the house and all over the neighbourhood on these cool wheels.

  29. These scooters look like it would really help my little 2 year old who's been a slow walker and is hyper flexible.

  30. I have a 2yr old princess that will destroy the happiness of her 8yr old brother demanding he hand over his scooter. For his mental health I need this one.
    Natalie Murnane

    1. Oh yes we've been there! This one's yours Natalie and I hope it brings some peace - I can guarantee it actually! Congratulations! I will be in touch...
      Thanks everyone for entering. x

    2. Awesome and Thankyou he will be one happy big brother. This school holidays both older brothers were LED around WITH leashes by their 2yr old sister!! HaHa

  31. Your house is always filled with great things. Kids would have a blast on this one.

  32. Love the tshirt and pink crash hat! She looks so happy with her new scooter! Finally feeling like she can keep up x

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. My 4 daughters have only 2 scooters between them - not a good idea!
    Love having a 'big' family, would love a pink scooter (& pretty sure the girls would too! :)
    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Dick Jane

  35. We'd love one of these scooters so we can join the rest of the 'scooter bandit' gang ripping up the footpaths of our neighbourhood!

  36. Scott Crumlin. Globber Scooter Please. To see a little pair of legs go CRAZY scooting all around the place all summer long. Little legs attached to a body and head with a HUGE smile. :)

  37. I would love to win a green/blue Globber scooter for my son so that these school holidays we can have lots of outdoor fun with the new scooter and spend very little time with tv/ipad and all other type of screens.

    Name - sapna sharma

  38. Linda Hynson-perfect for my little nephew who has just turned 3

  39. My kids would love this perfect for walks around our local park

  40. My nephew would be able to scoot around with all his friends instead of feeling left out. Then when he grows out of it it can be passed down to my bub ;-) A great prize, would love to win. Samara McRae

  41. Girls just want to have fun, Globber giving them skills to fascinate, charm, dazzle and allure with a scooter looking so cool, putting a smile on her dial. Cleo Sids.

  42. Sharra Lindsay
    my little boy would love a scooter like the Globber, so he can go scootering with his big brother.

  43. my grand daughter would love the scooter tracy wedding

  44. This little beauty is ergonomically sound,
    With brakes and steering lock it's the safest ride in town.
    My daughter can ride for many years to come,
    Adjustable height means more ages can have fun!
    When she's done she can hand it down to my littler ones,
    A Globber Scooter in the house will make for a very happy Mum :)

    Melinda Bolitho

  45. I Phillip Cunningham want it for our first grandchild to ride on

  46. I'd love to win this for my Miss 5 so she can ride a scooter with confidence.

  47. Julia Mason comment is above

  48. I love how they can be used from such a young age!

  49. Like a parent a Gobbler knows how quickly a child grows,
    so it's a delight, that it's built with adjustable height!
    (red please - it goes faster)

  50. Seeing your daughter's success, I'd love to recreate that with a pretty pink one for my fave little one.

  51. This would be great for Master 3, he's let me know that the Green one has caught his eye!

    I love the idea of a a scooter that can grow when my child does.

    Kylie Devlin

  52. Ashley Beech, would just love more toys and equipment to get these kids to enjoy the outdoors even more than they already do!

  53. My eldest one scoots around the house on his scooter so I'm sure my youngest would love to follow suit!
    Eva Kiraly

  54. My youngest is only 2,
    But he thinks he is capable of what his sister can do,
    A Globber scooter would mean that he,
    Will certainly be happy,
    Keep up with his sister,
    On her scooter,
    And that makes a happy mummy!
    Elizabeth Mahony

  55. My little guy loves to watch the bigger kids at the park riding their scooters and bikes. A Globber scooter would mean he'd be able to join in the fun. Megan Higgs

  56. The pink looks just delightful for any little miss! Dianne Franklin

  57. Healthy summer fun and exercise.

  58. We are anxiously awaiting baby number 2,
    We are so very excited to add to our crew.
    Our gorgeous big boy is 4 years old,
    He thinks finally getting a sibling is pure gold!
    A new challenge awaits us of getting out and about,
    The dark blue Globber would be perfect there is no doubt.
    Our son could ride alongside-stable and near,
    He'd feel very mature and I'd venture without any fear!
    Cathy Russell

  59. When we discuss bikes, there is one shape, which has so interested individuals that no one thinks about age or vitality to ride them. Overcoat bikes are those bikes. Rex Rowland

  60. The scooters are used by small children, but these days, even young people, especially boys, use them for performing stunts and have fun. The softness while riding even on narrow roads is something that thrills customers. Best hybrid Bikes Reviews


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