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Hi-5 Happy Holidays! An EXCLUSIVE Celebrity Organic Vegan Chocolate Truffles Recipe and A Hi-5 Giveaway!

Hi-5 are a fantastic children's entertainment group that need little introduction. Children everywhere since 1998 have loved (and continue to adore) the vibrancy, songs and energy of these talented children's entertainers. Their brand is fun and joyful, their music, catchy.

It probably comes as no surprise to you, to learn that Hi-5 are multi-award winners in their field and recognised throughout the world with an estimated audience of more than 10,000,000 children enjoying their tours, music and television programs combined.

Hi-5 are outright winners with families everywhere!

Kids and adults alike will be pleased to learn that there's a brand new Hi-5 DVD out right now just in time for Christmas. It's called Hi-5 Happy Holidays.

The Christmas-themed DVD features everything from Christmas elves to Santa's workshop, wacky weddings and a tropical pool party. Kids can join Stevie, Ainsley, Dayen, Mary and the newest Hi-5 member Tanika, as they sing and play their way through festive-themed fun. Sadly, this is Stevie's farewell on the Hi-5 circuit too, after fantastic 8 years in the group.

The latest DVD features Songs of the Week, It's a Party, It's Our Planet, Playtime and a dance lesson with Hi-5 to It's a Party. The DVD also features highlights from Hi-5's recent educational tour of Myanmar with World Vision.

You can download your own copy of the DVD on Google Play for $12.99 HD or $9.99 SD. You can also pick up a copy of Happy Holidays at all major retailers for $14.95.

Some may remember when Hi-5 featured on Six Little Hearts a while ago. The lovely Dayen (pictured below), shared one of her favourite recipes with our readers. If you missed this post, you simply have to try Dayen's Date and Dark Chocolate Brownies. Plus we ran an exclusive interview in this same post, so do check that out too!

The lovely Dayen has once again offered up an exclusive recipe to share with Six Little Hearts readers and it tastes divine! Make sure you make these stunning Organic Vegan Chocolate Truffles because they're utterly delicious.

The truffles are quick to prepare, (plus additional refrigeration time) and the result is truly beautiful in both looks and flavour. I whipped up this recipe easily while my youngest danced to Hi-5's Happy Holidays on the TV in our lounge room!

Dayen's truffles would make an amazing addition to your festive table this Christmas!

Dayen of Hi-5. Talented performer... and chef!

Organic Vegan Chocolate Truffles
by Dayen of Hi-5.

"Being certified organic means that a product is cruelty free, non GM, pasture fed, socially responsible, sustainably fished, biodiversity friendly and grown free from harsh synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics." Dayen - Hi-5.

300gms high quality organic dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids minimum.)
1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
2 tablespoons organic virgin coconut oil
230gms / around 215ml tinned organic coconut milk
For garnish: Organic desiccated coconut and 100% organic raw cacao powder.

The Night Before...

Chop or break up the chocolate into smallish chunks and place in a large bowl along with the coconut oil and the salt.

Bring the coconut milk to boil on the stove and then pour immediately over the chocolate.

Stir until the chocolate is dissolved and the ganache is smooth and thick.

Cover with cling film and leave it to set overnight in the fridge (or at least 4 hours).

The Next Day...

Take two shallow bowls. Tip a handful of desiccated coconut into one bowl and a few tablespoons of cacao powder in the other, making sure you've got enough to generously cover the bottom of each of the bowls.

Remove the ganache from the fridge.

Use a teaspoon to scoop small amounts of ganache out of the bowl. Place into your hand and as quickly as possible, roll them into a ball.

Toss the balls straight into either the bowl of cacao powder or the coconut.

Repeat until you have rolled all of the ganache into balls. Swirl around the bowls of coconut and cacao to ensure each truffle is completely coated.

Carefully place each chocolate truffle onto a serving plate, cover gently with cling film and place back into the fridge to firm up again. Recipe makes around 25 truffles.

Extra preparation tips from Six Little Hearts:

Raw cacao powder is different entirely to cocoa powder. Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cocoa beans which retains the living enzymes in the cocoa whilst removing the fat. (Cacao butter.) Cocoa looks very similar but is not at all. Cocoa powder is raw cacao that has been roasted at high temperatures.

Cacao powder is very fine flavoured and quite bittersweet - very much an adult taste. If you are making these truffles with children in mind, I would suggest rolling them in the coconut only as they may not like the flavour of the cacao. (I definitely recommend the cacao version for the adults though!) Oh my!

You can find cacao powder in the health foods aisle of your supermarket or at a specialty health food store.

If using a Thermo appliance to make these: Boil the coconut milk on speed 1, temperature 90 degrees for 3 minutes.

I found it helpful to shape these after allowing the ganache to rise to room temperature a little. The mixture is quite hard and you will need to really squeeze each truffle into a ball as best you can. If you squeeze too hard, the ganache shatters and crumbles. Don't be put-off, they re-form easily but just remember to be firm and quick when shaping these!

If you're feeling adventurous, these would be extra special with a dash of alcohol such as rum or Cointreau. They are a stunning treat and very easy to make so try them this Christmas Eve or Christmas Day for something extra special. We'll be making these more often however!

A HUGE thanks to Dayen for sharing this recipe with Six Little Hearts readers! x

One more thing... Hi-5 are excited to announce that they will be performing live this January at the brand new state-of-the-art event space at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley! To find out more and purchase tickets to this exciting event, visit the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley web page. Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley are offering special accommodation and ticket packages to attend the Hi-5 event on the 10th of January 2016. If you're nearby, don't miss it!


In case you missed the recent
Hi-5 giveaway on the Six Little Hearts Facebook page, we've been given the go-ahead to giveaway a further three Hi-5 prize packs to readers valued at $60 each.
Each prize pack contains one Hi-5 backpack, one signed poster
and includes a copy of the Hi-5 Happy Holidays DVD.
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Total prize pool: $180.


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  1. These look delicious, I love making truffles and this is a great healthier alternative to my recipe!

  2. Hi 5 keep my kids entertained and more importantly they keep them active by singing and dancing!
    Eva Kiraly

  3. Another fab giveaway. Hi 5 looks a lot different to when my girls were little.

  4. Hi 5 perform with the kids not just for the kids. I love how involved they get with the audience, it makes everyone feel special in their own way.

  5. Hi-5 keeps my son moving. It's one of the few groups that can get him actually dancing!
    Ebony Carr

  6. my grand kids would love this pack they love hi 5

  7. I was there with my son when Hi 5 was in it's first season and here I am today with my youngest (18 years later) ready for the next instalment of Hi 5!

  8. My second son used to say Hut Hut... I spent months trying to figure out what he wanted and one day Hi 5 came on and he ran around yelling Hut Hut. That's what he thought they were saying when they all put their hands up and sing Hi Hi at the start. He has a musical soul. Natalie Murnane

  9. I love High Five because they are cool and they make me get up and dance.

  10. My daughter would love the hi5 DVD we love hi5 in this house. It keeps the kids entertained

  11. Sarah ELLWOOD: hi-5 is such a fun and upbeat show, that makes educational learning FUN! The kids love joining in with the songs, and I've been known to belt out a few hi-5 tunes myself.

  12. Suzanne Birch - my girls love Hi-5. We would love the Happy Holidays DVD Pack.


  13. My kids love to dance and sing along with Hi-5 and i get chance to have a bit of me- time .Its a win win situation for everyone.
    My little one is starting kinder in 2016 and a Hi-5 backpack would make him super happy.

    Name - Sapna Sharma

  14. Hi 5 was a source of my daughters development and fun
    Now my granddaughter if enjoying the Hi 5 experience with everyone
    Love the backpack
    Great for daycare with goodies we will pack
    Adrienne Harries

  15. I use to own a kids fitness centre and we were licensed to do Hi-5 dance classes... We met the original group and 2 of my kids danced on TV.

    1. lol, that's just a little bit awesome ;)

    2. Oh that's just superb!! I took my eldest two along to the Hi-5 originals when they were little. I was so pumped!! They loved it and so did I!

  16. I have fond memories of Hi-5 with my son and nephews. Such catchy tunes. I haven't really gotten into them with my girls though. I have pinned Dayen's previously shared date and chocolate brownies recipe though. I love dates and chocolate!

    1. The brownies recipe is so good! Give the new Hi-5 a go as they're great too. My youngest watches the DVD over and over.

  17. Hi-5 drives kids POTTY! It’s top of the TOTS so we TURN THE MUSIC UP and KID AROUND to the BOOM BOOM BEAT!


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