Thursday, 3 December 2015

LeapFrog Epic Review and Win a LeapFrog Epic Worth $199 For Your Child! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

I can't tell you how happy my nine year old is at the moment. He's barely looked up since his new LeapFrog Epic tablet for kids arrived in his hands. Trust me, he's too excited to spare me a minute to elaborate on how good that feels. We'll let the pictures do the talking on that subject!

Let's just agree that he's a very, very excited lad and thrilled to finally have his mitts wrapped around a LeapFrog tablet of his very own. It's a big bonus that it's the latest version too.

It's been a long wait for this boy. Ruben's been drooling over his younger brother's LeapFrog Ultra for a good two years now, after Taite received one for his 5th Birthday. Thankfully little bro' is the caring and considerate type and they've been graciously sharing the one tablet for longer than any kid could manage. The wait's been worth it though. The new LeapFrog Epic, which hit the market very recently, has some fantastic new features according to my little road-testers.

The LeapFrog Epic is LeapFrog's most advanced android-based kids' tablet to date. It's been designed to grow with your child which means it's an expert learning support and a brilliant means to entertain your child - for years.

There are definite advantages to choosing a LeapFrog Epic over other tablets available on the market. For one thing, LeapFrog have educator-approved apps and games. Your child will never come across inappropriate content during game play, or pop-ups offering in-game purchases or ads, nor will they grow frustrated by levels too high (or too low) for them.

You can tailor your child's tablet to their age and everything will always be just right - educational and engaging. You can even add school recommended URL's as required and when required, advanced parental controls allow you to unlock a full web browser. That's peace of mind for all!

While my kids enjoy themselves, you'll no doubt be wanting the details on why this is such a great purchase for your own kids.

We're very familiar around here with LeapFrog products. They're a brand we've trusted to entertain our six children from the very start. The new Epic has a great selection of features for kids that make this a valuable educational asset in your child's life while remaining uniquely entertaining and for the long term.

The new LeapFrog Epic has a first-of-its-kind tablet experience where you can create and play in a virtual world on its game-based home screen. There are features such as a real-time clock, real-time weather and animating fun. There are daily surprises too. Kids can also re-design their world whenever they wish with full creative freedom.

The tablet comes with a 7 inch touch screen and 20 built-in apps to get you started. There is 16GB of memory along with a Micro SD Card slot which is expandable up to 32GB. Plus a front and rear facing 2MP camera built-in.

All that's needed to get you started is a Wi-Fi connection, a parent account (free and easy to set up) and a device set-up. It all takes around 15-20 minutes to do and it's guided, so really just plug it in and follow the prompts. It will take less time to set up if you're already a LeapFrog account holder.

Then it's just a case of let the play begin!

First-up, the new LeapFrog Epic feels superior to the earlier versions we've had experience of in this brand - it's a good 1.09kg in weight and feels extra sturdy with it's built-in silicone bumper. (It comes with a shatter-safe screen too, to deal with the excesses of kid treatment which are not always kind.) It also has a more mature appearance overall which will keep older kids happy for longer.

Kids can enjoy all the popular Android apps on their Epic, such as Doodle Jump and others. These apps are sold separately and all additional apps can be purchased and downloaded easily onto the device. No stress at all for the tech-challenged.

The parental controls are fantastic and seamless on the Epic. You can easily manage what, how long and when each child can play with the best-in-its-class parental supervision available. The Epic will allow you to monitor up to three separate accounts so you can keep an eye on up to three kids on the one device.

The LeapFrog Epic has the exclusive Just For Me learning technology which allows select games to be personalised to the skill level of each child. Your child will always be challenged at just the right level for their age and this will change as they grow and develop.

Your child can only access child-appropriate web content at all times using the in-built LeapSearch web browser and you can add websites as they age. Finally, there are hundreds of learning apps, games, videos and e-books to browse and all are approved by early educators to ensure they are of the highest quality for kids.

The photo-bomber!: No point at all to this picture other than just being too cute not to add it here!
(Love how the brothers noticed nothing - as I said, no-one looks away from the Epic!)
I find the screen graphics on the latest Epic to be a huge improvement on the earlier LeapFrog tablets. They're much clearer and the speed of this device is noticeably faster too which is great for impatient kids - especially older ones!

The LeapFrog Epic comes with a recommended age range of 3-9 years. As a parent, I would suggest the Epic is just right for the 4.5-10 year age groups. (I would be hesitant to hand tech devices to the very young for fear of damage but if you've a compliant child, they'll no doubt gain loads of enjoyment from this tablet.)

In the box you'll find everything you need to get your child connected and learning: A USB adaptor, a stylus (comes attached to the device so it won't go astray), a mains charger, a Quick Start Guide (the only way to go!), a Parent Guide plus twenty pre-installed apps, games, music utilities, plus some. The product comes in two colour choices - green as shown, or purple.

This is a wonderful device and we've no hesitation in recommending this to parents and educators. An impressive 10 out of 10 for this product. Now to just deal with the younger siblings who are itching for an Epic device of their very own...

For further information on the technical specifics of this device, visit the LeapFrog Epic page. For more information about LeapFrog products in general, visit their comprehensive website. The LeapFrog Epic is priced at $199 and you can purchase it at JB Hi-Fi and selected department and toy stores Australia-wide (or online.)
Six Little Hearts have one LeapFrog Epic valued at $199 up for grabs for one lucky follower with thanks to LeapFrog!
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  1. (Kylie Sneddon) I think they are extremely beneficial as my son plays my tablet and gets into so many things he shouldn't and the ads that pop up are just as annoying. Also kids tablets are a great learning tool and allows them to learn at their own pace with fun learning games. Also these days technology is used everywhere and my 3yr old can use the tablet better than me, scary! I would love to win so i can get my tablet back before he completely takes over it as he has basically claimed it as him own now!

  2. They can teach a child as much or if not more than a book!! Times are changing where technology is ruling written material. They can also entertain them and teach them things when a parent is preoccupied with something else

    Christina L

  3. Ann Trebeck, yes they help children learn, yes they encourage creativity and problem solving persistence etc etc but the best thing... i would get a hot cup of coffee no interruptions Ooo am I bad !

  4. Renata Marchionna: New LeapFrog Epic it is very fast, responsive and easy to use, the full-colour graphics are truly amazing and it comes (and can be expanded) with loads of content that is versatile and relevant for children of different ages. In simple terms the LeapFrog Epic is a sturdy, safe, child friendly and age appropriate version of an ordinary tablet. This new tablet will without a doubt be one of the hottest gift under the Christmas tree this year

  5. Living on a remote outback cattle station,
    School is via Distance Education,
    An EPIC would be our salvation,
    Interactive learning, igniting imagination.

  6. Tablets really are a great learning tool. Children are being exposed to electronics at an early age. The Leap Frog is perfect as it's for children! Lucia Saal

  7. Kids learning tablets are beneficial because,
    They educate without the child being aware
    And Leapfrog is fantastic
    At keeping children out of mums' hair!
    Soleima Dib

  8. Deborah Osborne-I'd so would love this for our 5 yr old ,he had medical condition & needs lots of support,this would help him learn .

  9. carly b-

    this makes education fun and interactive and there is no doubt that kids will remember what they have learnt from using the leapfrog!

  10. The world is changing and technology is the future. Its important the children are a part of the new technology. Its also important to try and tailor it to their needs and ages. I love the educational apps and my son needs his own age appropriate device. Hands off my phone! :)

  11. I have held off giving my kids modern technology but I think I need to get with the times and let them play some educational games.

  12. I love that they teach the young little minds educational things and skills in fun learning ways other than just a pen and paper and I guess it's the way of the future so it's great for them to be confident with modern technology cause I feel old always asking the young ones how to do things haha shannon discombe

  13. It's important for kids to keep up-to-date with technology, and with tablets being so interactive and 'fun', kids learn not only the traditional skills but new ones as well.

  14. They make education fun and interactive, so it's engaging. An EPIC head start in the fast paced world we live in

    Sarah Armstrong

  15. Kids love to mimic their elders so these are perfect, educational & entertaining. I'd love to win one so my son can learn something while being entertained

  16. Definitely beneficial to us mums - sometime I just want to have some alone toilet time. This would be perfect distraction - educational is a bonus! Sam Clifton

  17. It's better than getting on the iPad and watching mind numbing cartoons. It's entertaining and educational! Karina Lee

  18. (Michelle Vamvas)
    I’d love the LeapFrog Epic pack
    For my 8-yr-old, straight from Santa’s sack!
    Placed under the tree, wrapped, and tied with a bow
    It’s the sort of thing she would just love, I know!
    After a trialling year, it would make a great distraction
    It would boost her confidence, and provide hours of satisfaction
    She loves to learn, she’s so wise
    She'd be thrilled to win such an awesome prize!
    Technology these days is all the rage
    And she'd think this is more fun than simply turning a page.

  19. For those moments when you just need a break and some peace and quiet....(hey, I can't play with them ALL the time!!)

  20. My kids grew up with leapfrog and now my grandson is the same.

  21. Kids these days are incredibly savvy when it comes to using phones/tablets and considering the world we live in is so technology focused, that's a great thing. The jobs of the future are going to be different than the jobs now, so getting a head start with knowledge in that area is needed. Learning toys such as leapfrog are paving the way in helping our kids learn in a fun way. (Sarah Ellwood)

  22. Kids learn so much from interaction these days! My husband is a primary school teacher and also comments about how much more the kids learn when they are involved in the learning process. I always said I didn't want my child to have a phone or anything but more and more I am seeing how valuable it is for children to be capable to use technologies to really participate in the world now. These are a great way we can us technology to help our children learn.

  23. Wow this looks excellent. We have been thinking of getting a tablet for our kids but to be honest haven't looked much further than apple. So glad I have read your post and it is great to see you endorse this as a great product for kids. I'll be certainly looking into this for our Xmas shopping list!

  24. Sounds like a great prize. Best of luck with the giveaway!

  25. Beck Baker

    My son has been using his brothers Ipad and we put learning games on there. It is absolutely amazing how quickly he has advanced with colours number letters ect because of these apps!

  26. I love that unlike most tablets the purpose of this isn't mindlessness it's education! That's why I'd love to win this for my family =) (Shontelle)

  27. My little nephew was delayed-educational games on the ipad have advanced him already-would love this for him.Linda Hynson

  28. What a great learning too and so much fun too! Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

  29. Making learning fun helps new things sink into my son's fast moving brain. We are both visual people so tablets work well for developing our minds. For this reason we would love to win as my son would have a new tablet and I would get my old iPad back!
    Karin O'Grady

  30. Kids love all technology and this looks like fun! As an OT I would love to give this a go with my "kids" especially using the stylus to work on pencil grip.

  31. We have a few leapfrog toys under the tree for xmas this year. They are educational, long lasting and well built.

  32. I find it beneficial that my little man starts learning technology early. This would be grea for him.

  33. I'll get my iPad back,
    And they'll be learning whenever boredom attacks!
    No playing educational games,
    This is fun and not lame!

  34. Madelaine State: This is so exciting. My bub defiantly needs her own leapfrog tablet!

  35. I think these types of learning tools are beneficial because they look like mum and dad's ipad but little do our kids know, they are in fact an educational tool (HAHAHA).
    I'd love to win one for my son because he is so inquisitive and has a thirst for learning!

  36. I think these type of dedicated child-friendly tablets are beneficial because this type of technology is a fact of life. I love the idea of a special search engine. Master 5 would be all over this - we're currently experiencing an internet outage (thanks to cables being cut) and he's now learning exactly how much of his entertainment depends on the internet. Having his own tablet would make him feel super special! (Alex Prichard)

  37. The EPIC tablet looks awesome
    because it's designed with kids in mind,
    no hasty hidden secrets,
    no bad sites for kids to find!
    (Peta Newsome)

  38. Technology - if you don't keep up, you fall behind. I'd love to start my little one learning safely and in a very fun way! Justine Liane.

  39. This would be perfect for my Pre-schooler, she would benefit so much and I lave the proactive case it comes with!
    Kylie Bowers

  40. The perfect way to keep learning fun. If they don't realise it's learning, they'll be all over it!!

  41. What a fantastic prize to win

    Amanda White

  42. Love that little photo bomber! Great comp Jody! There are so many great learning apps out there, we were just looking for something like this for our 4 yr old for Christmas, winning one would be awesome :)

  43. What a great learning tool lots of fun ways to learn perfect for my soon to be preschooler so she can be like her big sis and brother learning on their iPads and your never too young to start.
    Karen Edwards

  44. Great interactive learning that really gets kids involved , perfect for pre-schools and older children.

  45. My children have learnt some valuable early learning maths and english skills, there are some very good apps and games available, a lot of them free. So I think they are an excellent tool if used in moderation.

  46. The interactivity of the tablet and the chance to have another go rather than scribble out wrong answers is my favourite thing about the tablet. I'd love to win one for my little girl - she starts school next year and it would be great to get her used to working with screens and computers. It would also be great for her perfectionistic side - she doesn't like to do things unless she thinks she'll get it right. (Emily Hawker)

  47. I would love this tablet so my 4yr old daughter can stop harrassing me about watching youtube. She can do something that is productive instead of mind numbing!

  48. How awesome is this! What a great way to keep little minds busy and ticking away! Such a great portable and interactive way of learning!
    - Melissa Sherriff

  49. tablets help to give them an early start on learning technology and lets face it technology is the way to go today

  50. We love our Leapad but I think the iPad (unfortunately) gets more attention. :(

  51. Great at restaurants
    And keeping minds on the go
    No more being bored
    And keeps them in the know!

  52. I think learning tablets are beneficial as it would allow me to get my tablet back which i would be able to do if i won this, as my son would be able to play the leap pad epic with educational games and i would have my tablet back so i can check emails and do my work, which currently doesnt happen as my son basically hogs the tablet. I think these types of learning tablets for kids are great as they allow them to play educational games suited to their age or learning level and not rack up a huge bill in google play from downloading games all the time! (Rory James)

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. My girls want to play on my pad but I want what they do to actually be teaching them something instead of just mindlessly flicking around on games. This sounds like it fits the bill perfectly. Malinda Brown

  55. Play and imagination go hand in hand
    A Leapfrog Epic allows for fun, creative play
    Where the learning can be shared! Debkennelly

  56. Kaman Yu
    I don't normally encourage kids to spend too much time on television and tablets but I've changed my mind after this review. This will allow them to play and learn at the same time while giving me a very well deserved break. Keen to try this out now. I find that the older ones love teaching the younger ones what they've learnt and it solidifies what the older ones have learnt. This is truly a wonderful product.

  57. My Son is Autistic, he's in grade 2 but is learning at a prep level, i would love to try the Tablet, i know this could really benefit his language/verbal skills, help to teach him the alphabet, numbers, colours, hand eye coordination and have a really good time, with features that are at his skill level NatashaMcDonald

    1. Natasha, it is so hard for me to draw this giveaway as there are so many wonderful comments to choose from (as always), however I think this would benefit your son enormously and therefore, this LeapFrog Epic is coming his way this Christmas! Congratulations and enjoy. He will love it. x Thank you everyone for entering. Keep visiting as there are more great reviews with giveaways coming.

  58. Wendy Sutcliffe
    Kids will be using tablets in most schools now, so they need to know how to operate them, and there are lots of educational apps available. Tablets have more patience then I do too ;)

  59. Katrina Kruse
    Tablets are a great, safe way to introduce children to technology and fun learning tools (you know the kind that they don't even know they're learning from!)

  60. its learning thats fun, plenty of educational games and apps, Kid are keen to explore and quick to learn!

  61. I've wanted to get my son a tablet for awhile now, but was worried about him seeing things he shouldn't or finding games or sites that are inappropriate. But the LeapFrog Epic sounds like such an incredible tool to promote and encourage learning, and I love that he won't come across inappropriate content and the Parental Controls allow me access to what he can do. Best of all is that it is tailored to their age group so it keeps them learning at their own level, is suitable for them and grows with them. My son is itching to learn new things and explore new horizons and this would be extremely beneficial for him. The LeapFrog Epic is definitely Epic.
    Candice Milner


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