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Tassal Quick and Healthy Tasmanian Salmon Review - Meals On The Go

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Well, here we are again at the very beginning of yet another brand new year.

Just about everywhere you look right now, there are new year's resolutions plastered proudly. They're on billboards, social media and spouting from nearly every acquaintance you meet. Personally, I am waiting patiently for it all to die-down so that I can ease myself into another normal year without the insane pressure of something to strive for, beyond just getting through the everyday!

I tend to steer clear of resolutions altogether.

Rather than make huge promises to myself each January, I prefer to keep my head level and just do what I can. Maybe it's the mum of six in me that's talking here, but as I said, it's happy-land for me to live in the now. That's not about to change for this mama, no matter what the month!

That said, one common and admirable goal people share at this time of year, is the desire to be fit and healthy. This is definitely an aim that I see extending way beyond a resolution and I will fully own up to desiring this one at any time of year too. Who wouldn't?

Just prior to the start of the school holidays, I hit the work-out routine big-time, walking an impressive 5kms a day to get the body back in shape. I was feeling great! As can be expected, the walks have been few and far between since the kids have been home full-time, but that's not to say that I have been slack with my health kick in other ways.

It was excellent timing to receive a fab fitness pack from Tassal Tasmanian Salmon at around the same time that I embarked on my new fitness regime. Everything inside is just perfect for my new program to health.

One of the best discoveries though, were the Tassal meals which were included in my pack.

I am all for convenience when it comes to foods for myself. I get tired of making endless snacks for my kids just like any parent and all too often, I tend to skip when it comes to making food for me. It's just plain fatigue (plus a bit of forgetfulness thrown in), but I know you'll know this feeling well too, if you're also a parent: Just. Can't. Be. Bothered! (Pass the chips!)

Tassal's 100% Australian salmon meal kits are compact, healthy and convenient. They are take-anywhere power snacks which you can rely on, 'on-the-go,' meaning us busy grownups don't have to miss out on valuable energy and nutrients when we're otherwise too busy to care.

Each pack in the Tassal range is rich in salmon and blended with a choice of grains or legumes such as quinoa, rice or beans making these a brilliant go-to for hunger without compromising on quality and nutrition.

Tassal's meals are so easy to consume and satisfying too. Inside the box is a ring-pull tin and a plastic fork. Just pop the lid and tuck-in. They're natural tasting and quite filling. I have taken these along in my handbag on various day-trips and I am really liking the convenience and health benefits. There's no need to heat them and the packaging is fully recyclable too.

Tassal is the only brand supplying Australian supermarkets with 100% Australian grown and canned salmon. Tassal provides responsibly and sustainably sourced salmon - and the taste is naturally great!

There are three meal kits to try in the Tassal range: Tassal Salmon and Beans, Tassal Salmon and Quinoa and Tassal Salmon and Rice. Each are a good sized 185 grams and are chocked full of fibre and the good stuff, like Omega 3. You really can't go wrong with these.

You can find the Tassal range at Coles supermarkets with a RRP of $4.29. These are definitely worth a try, especially if you've made yourself some healthy promises for 2016. They're economical too and will save you dollars when you're busy, over expensive and inferior meal alternatives.

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  1. Love the look of that Good Times book! I need one of those ...
    Thanks for the review. Will give Tassal a try!

  2. I think these options are great for people like me who do shift work but want to avoid the lure of takeaway :)

  3. I had wondered what these meals were like. I think they're perfect for those nights where you just can't be bothered cooking, but you still want something healthy to eat.

  4. These meals sound so convenient and healthy. I'll have to buy a couple to pop into my drawer at work for those days I just don't leave my desk!

  5. I'm guilty of forgetting to eat myself all the time. I spend so much time preparing healthy meals for bub, yet often don't make them for myself. I really should start buying convenience meals so I have something quick and easy for myself #teamIBOT

  6. Ooh the quinoa one sounds good. I have found some of my food choices have been more relaxed since the holidays. Have to get back into making the time to prepare ME something healthy.

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