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Getting to Know Me...

So many of you have been following Six Little Hearts for some time now - a heartfelt thank you to you. I love having regular readers along for the ride so go you! It's also true that new readers to this space come along each and every day and that means, it's high-time we had a getting to know me post!
My 'About Me' page here on the blog gets many views and each day, this website of ours is visited by hundreds, (on a great day - a thousand or more will scroll through this space.) Welcome if this is you. I hope you enjoy it here!
I realise that I am not always a feature on my own website however, so today I am taking the challenge put forward to me by Hello Mamas (a social website for women where I am an Influencer), and throwing myself  'out there' for a bit of a natter... about myself - why I blog, my family life and such.   
So in case you've ever wondered, here's a bit more about me, myself and I...
How did you first get into blogging?

I have been blogging for almost 3 years now. Prior to becoming a blogger, I had little knowledge of what blogs actually were, or that there were even such things as bloggers. Truly, before becoming a blogger, I had not even heard of the blogging industry at all!

I became a blogger entirely by accident. When I was at home with my 6th child, (just an infant), I was killing-time on the internet while she napped one day, when I stumbled upon an American mum blog. The experience of browsing her site and simultaneously becoming aware of the entire universe of blogging was, in an instant, an attractive prospect to me. Here was an outlet for my busy mind over the drudgery of my hectic family life. In terms of finding what I was seeking to fill the personal void motherhood undoubtedly holds for many, it was my own perfect forte.

I didn't truly understand the purpose of blogs and blogging for quite some time however. As my interest blossomed into a passion, I began to search and seek out more information from actual blogs and discovered this wonderful place existed on the internet, where my prior career skills could marry my never-ending motherhood role.

Pretty quickly, I bought some books on blogging, chose my domain name and simply began Six Little Hearts. My blog is, three years later, a place to share my knowledge of motherhood, my love of food and my love of family life and parenting as well as photography too.

Entering the blogging world was one of the best personal decisions I have ever made.

Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

I would say my readers. You form a real and genuine following of readers as a blogger and your life experiences and posts can really cause a reaction and touch people in so many unfathomable ways.

I have received emails from many grateful readers all over the world regarding my post about my ectopic pregnancy for example. My own ectopic experience had a truly wonderful outcome with four further babies, all conceived first-go and with only one fallopian tube. This personal story has inspired so many women on their fertility journey, who have reached out and relayed their own tales of loss to me. It's precisely this two-way inspiration factor that keeps myself addicted as a blogger.

Describe a day in your household.

Whoa! Exhausting, busy, filled, rushed and sometimes delightfully lazy too! I am a mum to six children aged from 3 to 15 years. I adore being a large family mum and large family life in general. I love the fact that being a mum to so many leaves so little time to dwell on myself. In an even more perfect world, I would have had a much larger family (8-10 kids would have been ideal for me - seriously!). I am not sure why, but I really thrive on the noise, mess and blur of my crazy-busy family life. It makes me feel blessed, loved and electrified in the best of ways.

On any typical day my routine begins at 6.30am with two hectic sets of school-runs for both high school kids and primary kids. There's lots of stair-climbs to navigate to get kids motivated and controlled and there's lots of mess, often tears and sometimes tantrums. After this many years, it's 'water off a duck's back' to me and I am rarely even affected by excessive noise these days, as I have become so immune to it!

On school days, there is some peace while I tidy and play with my toddler daughter and blog. (One kid at home is utterly golden!) The cleaning around here is never-ending and it takes up hours of my day. (You wouldn't know it though if you took a glance inside my home!) Then, at the strike of 3.30pm, the race begins all over again and doesn't let-up until I fall into bed exhausted!

What's the weirdest food you craved during pregnancy?

I have had a total of 7 pregnancies resulting in 6 children. (One was sadly, an ectopic.) Many of my pregnancy cravings fell into the exact same pattern each time I was expecting although oddly, I was usually able to determine the differences between girl pregnancies and boy pregnancies based on food choices and mood alone.

I am not sure if any of my pregnancy food cravings could be classified as weird. I would say that I definitely downed entire farms of avocados with each baby and I had a thing for tamarind-roasted seeds. English muffins were a daily lunch and I loved anything healthy. Asian-inspired food and stir-fries were a winner. Blueberries were huge when I was expecting my girls and my addiction almost sent us broke! (My girls love blueberries still.)

What's your signature dish that your family loves?

I wish I could say there was one! Usually dinner is left uneaten by my ridiculously fussy brood and gulped-down with glee by us grown-ups. The rare exception is when I have made something specifically for the kids, like macaroni cheese. I guess my spinach and ricotta cannelloni is a generally popular one. Must make it again soon...

When you have those 'crazy' days, what do you do to relax?

I feel over-the-top saying this, but for large families everywhere, EVERY SINGLE DAY IS CRAZY! There are no exceptions to this - ever. The only comparison I can make to truly demonstrate this fact to regular-sized families, is to picture the stress of hosting a large family Christmas at your own home, each and every day of the year. It's all about preparation, rushing, managing but also lots of laughter, love and happiness too. Point being - always crazy!

To relax, I nap. I typically fall-asleep on the sofa while a DVD entertains the kids or if dad's home, I sneak off for some time-out. That might be blogging, shopping or just watching TV in our bedroom, minus kids.

What would be your ultimate family holiday?

Oh I love this question, where to begin?! If I were seriously rich, I would holiday in the UK. There would be trips to castles, age-old buildings, fabulous eateries and shopping and sightseeing galore in all the best British places. I would finally meet my UK relatives, (my father was English) and rediscover my English ancestry while planting some of that heritage in my kids.

Realistically, our best bet is a trip to Queensland to a resort. It's been a long while since we had one of those resort-style getaways with pools, theme parks and beach adventures.

I will settle happily for either!

What advice can you give to mums about staying social?

It's important to make mum connections from the moment you become a mother, especially if you're a first-time mum navigating a new world. Grab as many opportunities as you can to attend mum-filled functions, groups and places where your children can socialise while you benefit too. All of my long-standing relationships I enjoy today, were cemented with my first and even second children.

There will always be opportunities to connect with other women as a mother. It quite naturally comes with the parenting territory. If you're socially isolated, then reach out to others online in a safe place such as Hello Mamas. Never underestimate the power and support you will glean from your women friends who are also mums.

What would your kids say they love most about you?

I just love this question and I am also terrified of asking my kids this one for fear of their hilarious responses!

Personally, I hope my kids know and feel always, the deep love I have for them as their mum. My love for them will never fade, only grow. I would like them to remember me for my care and my example. I frequently embarrass them with my 'be the change you want to see in the world' approach to life. Realistically, I truly hope they make lifelong and deeply fulfilling in-roads into every dream and passion they pursue.

And now for the kids' responses!:

My 15 year old daughter: "What? You give me chips." (Eats my crisps, nonchalantly) "I don't know. Everything."

My 13 year old son: "What? I don't know!" (Embarrassed tone.)

My 11 year old son: "I love you because you're loving." (Winner!)

My 9 year old son: "Because you're a hot-looking mama and you fall for all my tricks!" (Gulp - speechless!)

My 7 year old son: "Because you're so careful and never yell. You're a good mummy." (Awwww!)

My 3 year old daughter: "I love you." (Another winner!)

What's the most rewarding thing about being a mum for you?

The happiness; the whole soul-sourced, completely encompassing and endless happiness of it all.

To end, I think children's author and illustrator Holly Hobbie says it best: Happiness is having someone to care for. I couldn't agree more.
So how about you? I would love to know more about YOU!
Please feel free to pick one of the above questions and answer it in the comments section below!

This post has been written for and published on the Hello Mamas website where I am an Influencer.
Hello Mamas is a unique social website just for mums where you can meet other mums, socialise and find support.
It's free to join and make new friends!
Visit the Hello Mamas website and connect with Hello Mamas on Facebook to learn more.
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  1. Lovely to get to know you a little better :)

    1. Cheers Amy! It takes a bit of courage to write about yourself!

  2. Lovely to learn a bit more about you and your everyday family life!

    1. It was fun to write my responses so I am glad they've been well-received. ;)

  3. You are obviously a very caring lady who puts everyone else first! So nice to know a bit more about you :-) (Nat, Sophisticated Mumma)

    1. Naw thanks hun! I don't get much choice with this many - not unless I lock myself in the bathroom for some peace!

  4. I loved reading this and getting to know you better. It is a beautiful testament to your love of and for your whole family. They are blessed! Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. Thank you Denyse. I too, am blessed. So in love with my lil' fam. X

  5. Thanks Jody for horsing a little about your crazy life.

  6. It's lovely to get to know you a bit better! I think for me the best part of being a mum is getting to watch them grow into their own little person. It's truly amazing.

    1. That is wonderful! You never know what you're going to get. It's fascinating with this many, to spot the similarities and vast differences in each child.

  7. Awww! I love what your kids said you hot little mamma lol. Seriously, great to get to know more about you, Jody. I can't believe you wanted 8 - 10 kids though. That is very very crazy indeed :)

    1. Gee, you picked the cheeky one easily! I think that particular one is destined to be a comedian or an actor. He's a naturally funny one who regularly has us in fits! Yes, lots of kids suits this mamma. Eventually when my kids have grown, I would like to Foster too.

  8. So lovely getting to know you a little better. Great post!

  9. I always love these get to know you posts :) thanks for sharing

  10. A lovely post Jody. A house with 6 children must be chaotic but so filled with love. I only have 2 but agree that being home with just 1 is bliss! I love blogging too for my down time. I love connecting with other bloggers :)

  11. It was so nice to find out more about you - I don't know how you do it, I can just keep up with just the two of us, I can't imagine cooking for 8 every day! I love that you love being a mum and that your kids clearly love you back! High five to you!

  12. Oh my gosh, I love those answers from your kids. LOL Great finding out more about you.

  13. What a lovely 'getting to know you' post! I adore your kids answers, so sweet.

  14. Such cute answers from your kids... Hats off to you to do what you do with 6, I find my two a complete handful! Nice getting to know a little more about you & your story too FYI I asked Mr 4 that question about me & his response " I love that you're not tidy"

  15. So nice to get to know you better! It sounds like the reason for us starting blogging is exactly the same and almost at the same time!

  16. Thanks for sharing about yourself! It can be hard as blogger to actually share who we are to our audience. I am stopping over from the Weekend Blog Share group - it's my first time over here!

    I'm excited to stop over again in the future. Also, I wanted to extend the offer of joining my weekly link share, if you ever want to - it runs Thursdays through Sundays (so you could stop by now...). But I understand how busy life can be.

    Here's this week's link if you are interested: The Cozy Reading Spot

    Thanks again for sharing!


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