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Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure Australian Tour Plus WIN a Family Pass Worth $196! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Just about everyone is familiar with the ever-popular Ice Age movies. Remember the endearing herd of ice age characters we've all grown to love? There's Manny, Peaches, Diego, Ellie, Sid and Scrat. (The adorable saber-toothed squirrel on his perpetual acorn adventure.)

Well, Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure is a stage show spectacular that's coming to Australia this March as part of a 5 year, world-wide tour that's taking the hit show to over 30 countries on 5 continents.

It's a mammoth production in every possible way and one every family member will love. Absolutely not to be missed!

In a nutshell, the Ice Age phenomenon tells the story of an unlikely herd of animals who live together as one big family.

In Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure, the grasslands of the Ice Age world are receding. Loveable Sid the sloth and Crash and Eddie the possums soon venture into forbidden territory where the grass is greener. They quickly discover however, that the new habitat is ruled by an evil bird called Shadow...

As an act of revenge, Shadow steals into the herd's camp at nightfall and kidnaps Peaches the baby mammoth and the two possums.

In order to save them all, brave Manny, Diego and Sid embark on an epic adventure. It's one that sees them cross paths with Buck as they make their way through the Enchanted Garden. (While Scrat finds himself with more on his plate than his ever-important acorn.)

This exciting new show sees all the Ice Age excitement come to life with ice skating, aerial arts, puppetry and film and is directed by some of the biggest names in the industry responsible for the amazing Cirque Du Soleil. Witness the incredible 3.6 metre tall figures on a brand new adventure based on the first three movies from one of the top-grossing international animated film franchises of all time!

Expect to be thrilled!
Visit the Ice Age Live website to learn more.

Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure Australian Dates
Newcastle                25th March – 27th March               Newcastle Entertainment Centre
Brisbane                   1st April – 3rd April                       Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Melbourne                8th April – 10th April                     Hisense Arena
Sydney                     15th April – 17th April                   Allphones Arena
Perth                        22st April – 24th April                    Perth Arena
For full details and ticket purchases, visit Ticketek.
Six Little Hearts in conjunction with TEG Live,
are giving one lucky reader and their family, the chance to see
Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure in Malbourne
with a family pass giveaway valued at $196!
Please Note: The family tickets on offer are valid for Melbourne Hisense Arena
Saturday the 9th of April 2016, 2pm performance.
Please ensure you are able to attend on this day and date prior to entering.
Tickets offered as a prize are unable to be exchanged for a different day or session!
A family pass consists of four individual tickets and these will be posted to the winner.
Total prize pool $196.
To Enter:

Follow Ice Age Live! on Facebook for tour information
Please fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below.
Game of skill. You must leave a comment and your name within the comment box. Comments without names are unable to be matched and are disqualified.
Know another Melbourne family who would love to attend this show?
Please share this giveaway with your family and friends!
Good luck!
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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts received tickets to this event in exchange for its promotion here.
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  1. Sid, clumsy, annoying, slow moving, fast-talking,funny sloth with a cute lisp. He really ent-ice-s you to want to watch and its fun for all "age-s" making you feel "a-live".
    Kristy Ferrari

  2. I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my second, and I've no doubt Manny the Mammoth is more graceful than I (on skates or not!). Would love to see the show before the next young man arrives. Claire Dwyer

    1. Congratulations Claire - you are on your way to see Ice Age next weekend. You have been sent an email to confirm your win and your tickets will be in the post tomorrow. :D
      Thanks to everyone for entering. x

  3. Teresa Clark: Love Sid the sloth, he's hilarious without even meaning to be, always getting into mischief and hardly seems to realise.

  4. Lyndall Crisp -Manny The Mammoth - big and hairy and a little bit scary!!!!

  5. Our favourite character is Sid the Sloth. He's annoying and gets his foot stuck in his mouth all the time (metaphorically and literally - he's so unco!) so is of course the character I most identify with!
    Thanks for hosting the comp.

  6. Sid is my favourite character. A loveable, cuddly little sloth that just doesn’t get it but, his heart is in the right place. Dont we all have someone in the family like this. Yes please our family would really appreciate and enjoy this. Renata Marchionna as Re Nata or Coccinella Eco 

  7. This is amazing. I can't believe what talent is out there and how amazing shows like this are... Especially the gorgeous Sid

  8. It looks like a fabulous production! Good luck to everyone, awesome prize!

  9. Scrat!! Hes definitely a little bit nutty, just like me :D

  10. Sid he is hilarious ! Everyone needs someone in their life like Sid - Laura power

  11. He is slow on his feet, and can be in your face too, but SID is our favourite because he makes us laugh til we're silly. TRUE! Scott Crumlin

  12. Jessica Ashbrooke, I love Sid the sloth he's so funny

  13. I too am under the delusion I'm so much smaller than I am! Ellie, the woolly mammoth, believes she is a possum - Jo Barry

  14. Lisa Thomson.
    Crash and eddie I do love, the opossums twins doing crazy stunts
    catapulting from trees singing 'I believe I can fly'
    Mammonth stunts for such little guys.

  15. scrat cause through all of the movies he never gives up on what he wants no matter how hard it seems

  16. From Lisa Abejja.

    Sid - A huge heart and ready to adopt any abandoned or lonely child. That's me, forever the mother hen and happy to mother anyone hahaha

  17. Sid! ...of course :) My son is just like him, clumsy, silly, always falling over his own feet, but carries the biggest heart that makes everyone fall in love with him just by looking into his eyes! :) Katgerine Bamford

    1. Woops! Spelt my name wrong! Meant to write Katherine Bamford :)

  18. Sid the Sloth! Who doesn't love a Sloth! Such a beautiful big heart all people need to have a little bit of Sid in them to make this world a happier place!

    Kylie Bowers

  19. Sid the Sloth. He has the kindest heart, and always means well. Although he often fumbles and falls, we love him wholeheartedly. He adds warmth to our hearts!

  20. I love Roshan (Pinky), through persistence and love even with limited communication skills he brings the animals together

  21. mannnie, the saber tooth thats all bark a nd no bite. Hes the best friend everyone needs

  22. Sid is my favourite little critter, he's funny, cute and lively, I could watch him all day, he makes me smiley!
    Eva Kiraly

  23. Scrat, because he prompts my cat to chase the screen when he tries to hold a nut through the snow in Ice Age 1

  24. Sid The Sloth, the one member that keeps the team together

  25. I'm nuts about Scrat. He's one cool creature that never fails to crack me up as he always seems to be skating on thin ice!
    Monika Martens

  26. Shelly, the cute little T-Rex deserves PREYS! Her bravery is JAWesome and she will defend people she loves, to BITES!

  27. Sid. So friendly and has such a kind heart.
    Alicia Bardsley

  28. I love Sloth. He is a team player.



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