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Sleepy Beans Bean Bags Review - Beautiful Seats for Babies and Kids #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Let's talk kids and wriggling!
Little people are always on the move - no surprises there. Quite frankly it drives me crazy too, never more than when I want to flop on the sofa to relax after being busy. It seems, as soon as I sit, around they come - little wrigglers of all sizes, all vying for a prime spot next to mum. No-one has intentions of actually sitting still however and before I know it, there are little feet kicking me in the head, bodies bumping me, excessive noise and then the fighting begins.
Sometimes it's just easier to get up and go back to the housework! (Hence I always seem to be on my feet.)
Thank god for children's chairs and bean bags. Without such brilliant inventions, I don't think I'd ever get a chance to sit in peace!

While kids of all ages wriggle excessively, none are more talented at being busy than babies and toddlers. Sitting next to a child in this age group can be a real feat of patience and it's never relaxing.
I am totally enjoying the peace to be had however, since my youngest was gifted a Sleepy Beans bean bag seat to road-test!

Having a designated seat in the living room for our toddler has had many perks for the whole family. (Who'd have thought?) These days, as soon as I sit, my toddler comes rushing for her very own gorgeous bean bag and that means so much more peace in the lounge room I can tell you! (One less foot in the head too!)

Sleepy Beans are an Australian-owned family business who specialise in bean bags that are suitable from birth to toddler years and beyond. Not only are their bean bags stunning d├ęcor pieces in their own right, they also have some unique quality features that set them well-apart from other children's bean bags available on the market.

Safety is always paramount with any item designed for use with babies and young children and the Sleepy Beans bean bags are incredibly well-designed. They fully comply with Australian Safety Standards as set out by the ACCC Guidelines. (You can read more about the Sleepy Beans safety features here.)

Each Sleepy Beans bean bag is fitted with two safety zippers which prevent young kids from reaching the fill. There's an outer zipper which can only be accessed by a grown-up (using a paperclip as a pull), as well as a second inner-liner fitted with yet another safety zipper. The bags are also stitched with extra care to prevent breakages too.

The Psychedelic Butterfly Green Top Baby Bean Bag by Sleepy Beans
Each Sleepy Beans bean bag comes with everything you need to get you started with your child's seat from birth onwards.

First-up, what impressed me most about this brand, was the design of the bag and all of its inclusions which come standard. Each bag arrives in its own storage bag and with comprehensive instructions for use and care so you can keep all of its parts together. That's already a great feature for busy parents who struggle to control clutter.

For the babies, the bean bags arrive with a zip-off topper which includes a three-point safety harness. The harness is well covered and padded to prevent the smallest of hands from reaching danger and will hold your baby securely when they are awake. (Sleepy Beans bean bags are not intended as sleeping devices.) This topper is fully-washable for versatility and when your child has outgrown it, simply swap it over with the included toddler topper.

The baby three-point safety harness topper. Image courtesy of Sleepy Beans.
This older-child topper is also removable for laundering. (It just zips off.) It's a fluffy and warm fabric too which keeps the little ones very happy indeed!

Another great feature of these bags is the waterproof base and sides. This prevents mould from growing in the fill if there are any liquid spills. I can't rave about this feature enough - it just wipes down with a warm cloth. We've had many inferior children's bean bags over the years and these types of accidents have always meant certain death for every seat. Being waterproof also means your child can confidently use their bean bag outdoors too.

This is such great quality item and I think the fact that it can serve a child for at least 6 years of their life and be re-used again and again if you add to your family, makes this a real winner of a purchase. (My older kids have been enjoying resting-up on this on occasion too!)
I personally love how pretty this seat is in our home.

The bean bag pictured in this review is the Psychedelic Butterfly Green Top Baby Bean Bag and it's a very funky choice which looks great in any room. There are some truly amazing designs to choose from on the Sleepy Beans website and it's very simple to order.

The bean bag featured here retails for $95. You can choose to add on the option to have your bean bag arrive already filled for $40 and I would strongly recommend you do this for convenience. It's lovely to just open the package and use it straight away.

We think these bean bags are a fantastic product for babies and kids and highly recommend one of these if you are looking for a children's seat that is well worth the money. They also really brighten up a child's space beautifully.

If you know someone who is expecting, one of these bean bags would make a stunning and useful gift that goes well-beyond the baby months.

These are a fantastic product for young kids and this has been an instant hit with our toddler who will no doubt be using this well into her school years. She loves it!

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured item in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are my own and genuine.
Please refer to the Sleepy Beans website for full product information regarding use and safety.


  1. What an awesome idea. If only my kids were younger...

  2. These look great but a bit too small for my man baby!

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  4. We had a one of these and it was great when my bub was super young.

  5. They're gorgeous! Elliott would love one!

  6. I had one of these when my daughter was a baby. Cute patterns! Stopping by from #MummyMondays

  7. So bright and cheerful, I can imagine it would be a welcome edition to anyone's home! Gee your little girl is growing up x

  8. Oooh I've never had one of these but borrow one for a day once when we were travelling and found it helpful for our daughter when she was 6 months old. Great review and love the colours and design!

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