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Buckle® Jr. 1922 - Handcrafted Australian Made Accessories for Boys and A Giveaway! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

A common complaint shared by all mums of boys, focusses on the lack of fashion choices available to their sons. (Compared to that which is available for girls.)

A stroll through any department store's children's section reveals just how stark this contrast can be. For girls, there are typically two-to-three times more fashion and accessory items on offer than the boys' department, and all of it is gloriously different and up to the minute - so unlike the boys wear section.

For parents of boys, shopping for clothing and accessories can be a thoroughly bland experience. Choosing between the scruffy graffiti tees, ghastly colour combos and sea of black, navy and khaki can really become tiring.

There's little available these days, that's plain, traditional and quality-made for young males. It's a bit of sad point for us boy mums, who want our little men to look like proper little men!

If you're after something specific to make your son stand-out on the fashion-front everyday, or something elegant to make him look different or dressy for a special occasion, it can be a really hard task to find exactly what you need.

We've been introduced to a gorgeous way to get around the noticeable lack of offerings for our boys.

Buckle 1922 are an Australian owned and run business that have been producing hand-crafted quality men's accessories here in Australia since 1922. More recently, Buckle 1922 have branched out into beautiful attire for boys in the 3-10 year age group. It's called Buckle Jr. 1922, and it's really special stuff for those of us who struggle to find elegant children's wear.

Bow Tie Tartan Jr. Brown

We were sent some adorable items to dress-up our boys' outfits in the form of traditional bow ties and braces.

Now I have to admit that initially I was unsure how these items would go down with my 7 and 9 year olds sons. I needn't have been concerned though, as these accessories have been a MAJOR hit! (Thanks to the BBC's Doctor Who!)

The Buckle Jr. 1922 quality is stand-out and so is the beauty and individualism that these little items have given to my boys' outfits on a daily basis.

Each bow tie arrives with a matching handkerchief for decorating the top pocket of any shirt whether it's dressy or plain. The bow ties adjust easily and fasten via a simple clip. All children's bow ties are priced at $24 each and they are just so adorable on!

The Polka Jr. Bow Tie, Sky
Even more loved by my boys than the bow ties themselves, are the braces!

Buckle Jr's braces are actually made to order right here in Australia using quality elastic and fittings sourced from Belgium. On the back of each box is the maker's own name and you can visit their website to learn more about the individual who produced your very own item. A lovely personal touch.

My youngest son adores his braces so much that he has actually asked if he can sleep in them! He tells me they are really comfortable. (I think they would have to be for that level of commitment.)

There are 17 colours (colours!) available in the Buckle Jr 1922 braces range for juniors. Braces are a hot item at the moment and they are so practical for boys too. All Buckle Jr's braces are priced at $29 and they're ideal for making your son look like a little gentleman. I absolutely love the look of these on my boys!

There are many other hand-crafted accessories available on the Buckle 1922 website like belts, wallets and cufflinks. These items are great quality and well-priced and make the business of dressing our boys, on-par with the girls for a refreshing change.

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  1. What a cute way to dress up a little boy for a wedding!

  2. I would love to win this for my little man who is the coolest hipster (without a beard) going around!

  3. These are adorable! And such a great idea for little dudes that need some accessorising!

  4. my little guy is very stylish, he would love these accessories

  5. Adorable! My step son would have loved these when he was small!

  6. About time for boys to have some stylish fashionable accessories too!

  7. Very cute! Not sure if my boys could keep a bow tie on for very long but it would certainly look gorgeous on them.

  8. I would love my boys to wear these to an upcoming wedding we've been invited to

  9. These are adorable and my little grandson's dad dresses in suspenders and bowties, they would be matching! Just precious

  10. How cute. Having had four boys I totally agree. A future Dr Who you have there, I think!

  11. Bow ties and braces, it doesn't get much cuter than that!

  12. Oh my. How adorable! I love how your little guy wants to sleep in the braces. Too cute. Xx

  13. These accessories just add a little bit a cuteness for that special event.

  14. How cute! It's funny that Dr Who can be a fashion influencer! :)

  15. Those bowties are super cute! It's nice for boys to have cute accessories too.

  16. Adorable! One of the cutest accessory lines i've ever seen. I hope this trend can become more prominent!
    - Max Stanley

  17. wonderful to accessorise littlemen!!

  18. I love the simplicity of a simple clip, and the cuteness of matching bows & hankys. The buckle Jr 1922 range is unique and affordable, fun and quirky! A great way to add some adorable class to an outfit.
    - sarah ellwood

  19. this is very amazing and fun and cute and convinent love it Julie ford

  20. The style of the bow ties and buckles take me straight back to the stylish days of the fifties...and I wasn't even born then! :) I love this hip and trendy look and so does my nearly 10 year old who loves to dress up in his suit when we have special occasions to go too, even on inside rainy days he loves to play dress up in it :) Katherine Bamford

  21. I love that not only does it bring a bit of cuteness but also handsomeness. A cute little gentleman with a tie on, just like in the olden days. I love that fashion.

  22. Such a cute classic - a great thing for getting a little fancy on a night out with the family!

  23. i reckon that my son would look adorably cute! it would be cool to see him dressed up like a little gentleman :)

  24. I like the fact that the products are such good quality, different ans so cute!

  25. my grand son is full of style
    this prize would have him with the widest smile
    And Id be his favorite Grandma by a mile

  26. I love how they make any young man look so grown up and handsome! Julia Mason

  27. My son loves bow ties because he is a huge fan of Dr Who and as Dr Who says "Bow ties are cool!".

  28. My friends husband use bow ties and looks so fabulous.When i saw you post, i decided to buy bow tie for myself and i purchased accessories from Target promo code because it provides best deals on all latest fashionable clothes and accessories.


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