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Bunchems Review - Creative Toys for Kids! #SLHFeaturedThursdays

*This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Bunchems.

Thank goodness for toys hey!

Kids are a handful most days. Okay - all day. (At least mine are anyway.) While all little peeps are so sweet to look at and frequently fun to be around, when they're in a bored or moany mood, look out! It's downhill fast.

That intro pretty much sums-up my day so far.

Today for instance, there have been lots of tantys and tears as the toddler trailed my every move. It's been clearly noted that watching mum cook and clean is Just. Not. Fun. In fact, come to think of it, nothing at all makes a three year old 'happy' without their unreasonable and uncontrolled 'take' on it.

Then, in the heat of all that toddler 'agro-ness' I remembered...

the Bunchems!

Oh YES!! (Note that smile on my little whinger. Well, whinge no more!)

My entire brood of kids had seen these playthings recently in a television commercial and were desperately keen to try them out. (All that yelling and pointing at the screen was hard to ignore.)

Our review pack of Bunchems arrived on the weekend and thanks to a full schedule, it had been sitting quietly in its postal box, hiding in an undisclosed location, waiting to be discovered by creative young minds and busy fingers at a better time and place.

And today provided the perfect opportunity to unveil a new plaything, in a true 'phew!' moment.
(Thank you Bunchems!)

Bunchems are small plastic 'burrs,' just like the real ones that stick to your socks when you've not cut your lawn. Think same concept, except in a brightly coloured, official toy with add-ons to make the fun even more funner. (Totally invented word but we're talking play here, so roll with it.)

Bunchems are incredibly addictive to fiddle with. They're squishy, bright, very adhesive with other nearby Bunchems and they can be moulded together to fashion all kinds of creations. They're fully re-useable, crafty and creative.

Unlike many toys that kids pressure their parents to play along with, Bunchems actually provide a whole lot of mutual enjoyment! (For us grown-ups I mean.) It didn't take me long to get busy with the Bunchems alongside my daughter... and I enjoyed it immensely!

To build anything with Bunchems, simply squeeze and squish them into your build or be more refined and stick them together one by one. There's no glue, just spheres with little protrusions which provide all the binding you need.

To extend the fun even further, the Bunchems in the Mega Pack (as featured here) come with lots of little extras like legs, eyes, feet, hats and shapes. These bits and pieces adhere to any Bunchems via little connector 'holes' which are built into each sphere. They're additions that really make your kids' creations come to life.

Kids can dream-up just about anything, create it and then play with it using Bunchems.

The Bunchems Mega Pack comes with instructions to make some really exciting builds, many of which are pictured on the box. At this stage, my kids have attempted none of them - they're too busy building their own little creatures to play with.

Bunchems are a pretty brilliant plaything. The only potential downside is that you must keep them away from your child's head as they can become tangled in hair. They are removable, but it is best to avoid this scenario entirely by making sure that you tell your children about this fact.

Initially I was fearful for my own sanity when I read on the box that there were 400 plus pieces! Most parents interpret excessive parts as extra cleaning up. Don't fear with the Bunchems though. These little sticky bits tidy very quickly and easily - a huge surprise to me. It's one more factor that will ensure these playthings in particular, will be kept out on the dining table for regular enjoyment.

Bunchems are loads of fun, creative and different. We give these a big thumbs-up.

Bunchems are recommended for ages 4 plus. The Bunchems Mega Pack featured is RRP $39.99.

*Disclosure: The items featured were gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are my own and genuine.


  1. Wow, the concept of these is really quite simple and easy for kidlets to create something and play. I like them!

    1. They are very unique and lots of fun. I can't get enough of them. My kids fiddle with them often. We won't be packing this one up for a while I think.

  2. What a great creative toy! This gamee could keep children occupied for hours quietly creating

    1. These are a very worthwhile purchase and a great concept.

  3. These are like sticklebricks - remember them?

    1. Ahh! Sticklebricks! I adored them when I was a kid. I played with them at school (fav toy) but sadly never owned any. Perhaps that's why I dig the Bunchems so much. Yes, I did make the association with the Stickles as soon as we opened this pack!

  4. People can knock the modern world but toys are just getting better and better.

  5. What a great toy for sensory play! I reckon I'd get addicted to playing with these :)

  6. Great concept ! Toys are getting better and keeps children engaged for hours..

  7. Brilliant for a rainy day!!

  8. Oh they are kind of cute with all the add ons.

  9. Really nice! These products attract them and help to improve their creativity. So this is attractive toy
    Toys for kids

  10. It's also important to have other pieces that fuel the innate inquisitiveness children have. But it does help shield them from the inevitable bumps and bruises life will throw around.


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