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CRU Camps - Exciting Holiday and Day Camps for Kids and Teens

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Taking care of your kids over the school holidays can be a big undertaking. Things so often get off to a great start, but it can seem within 48 hours, the moaning begins. No matter what year they're in at school, you're sure to find they can't seem to keep themselves entertained for too long during school breaks. Inevitably, they miss their friends, they want endless ideas (all derived from you), to get them motivated, and they want expensive outings, frequently. That all adds up quickly, to exhausted parents!

Have you ever thought about sending your child or children off to a camp before?

CRU Camps - (The Crusaders Union) were founded way back in 1930 and offer school-aged kids, plenty of fun and exciting camp opportunities they will never forget.

Kids and teens can enjoy themselves in a safe and caring environment, run by trained and friendly Christian leaders, and make loads of new friends. CRU Camps run a staggering 70 camps a year and specialise in all the exciting activities us parents could rarely dream-up, let alone provide!

Kids can try out their skills in abseiling, dirt biking, rock climbing, craft, sailing, snowboarding, swimming, treasure hunts, gaming, water fights, laser skirmish, paint wars, canoeing and so much more.

Kids are well-cared for with over 900 volunteer camp leaders, hand-picked as great role models for your child. Each camp team is run by a director, who is supported by senior leaders and staff. There are two First Aid Officers in attendance at each camp and trained medical professionals on-call throughout the camp season. You can rest-assured your kids are in safe hands!

For younger kids, CRU Camps offer fun day camps where kids can experience loads of great activities and meet new friends, with the comfort of knowing they can return home to mum and dad at the end of each day. There are day camps ranging from 3-5 day programs that this age group can enjoy, run from 8am to 6pm and include all meals plus a comfortable 1:5 leader to child ratio. CRU  Day Camps are a registered childcare provider too, so entitled parents are eligible for the Child Care Cash Rebate.

For year 12 students, CRU Camps even offer a Study Camp for HSC and IB students who want to spend 6 hours a day studying, but still relax and have heaps of fun. Students are offered a minimum 6 hours of study time assisted by leaders who are able to guide them through their course work.

CRU Camps are well priced, with day camps costing around $50 a day which include all meals, snacks and transport. Residential camp fees begin at $70 a day and this price includes 24 hour supervision by Christian camp leaders, all exciting activities, meals and accommodation. For families who are unable to afford the experience of camp for their child, there is even a Sponsorship Fund which you can apply for, to make it happen.

All up, the CRU Camps experience is a wonderful way to excite your child over the school break, with a huge number of themed camps to choose from in NSW, QLD and a WA Study Camp. Bookings are essential. For further information, a great selection of camp images and testimonials, and to view the enormous range of camps available for kids and teens, visit the CRU Camps website.






  1. Our eldest is in year 12 this year. As cool as it looks and sounds, I think I would struggle to get her to go to a study camp.

    1. Oh that's a shame! The camps look and sound amazing. I just wish they ran some in Melbourne too. I would love to send my kids along - and enjoy the peace while they're there!

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