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Dreambaby® Ladybug Night Light Review Plus Win a Dreambaby® Prize Pack #SLHFeaturedThursdays

So often little ones are afraid at night times. It's a universal experience during childhood and it can be difficult to sway, especially when you too, are tired at the end of an exhausting day. There's no reasoning with a young child when it comes to quashing their fears. Parents are left to act to prevent the inevitable meltdowns in the small hours when these sensitivities arise. Good luck with that!

When it comes to night terrors, a simple night light can provide an immediate solution, with benefits that extend well into the long-term - and it needn't cost you the earth.

Dreambaby® have an adorable night light on the market for kids that's well-priced at $32.95. The Dreambaby Ladybug Battery Operated Night Light® offers children with night fears, a soothing alternative to their worries and the total household disruption they can cause.

There's no need for anyone to suffer the tantrums with this nifty little alternative.

The Dreambaby Ladybug Night Light® is a true cutie for kids and offers an easy-to-use and robust design. He is an appealing little character crafted in bright, fun colours and his light gives off a steady, warm glow that conveniently shuts itself off after 30 minutes of continuous use.

This light won't blind you in the dark or overstimulate your child. It emits just the right amount of light to illuminate a small area - enough to provide comfort and security to your child before gently lulling them back to sleep.

We've been trying our Dreambaby Ladybug® for a few weeks now and to date, we're really happy with it. We have several fantastic night lights already, but most of them require myself to operate them, which can be a bit of a catch when you just want to go back to sleep with no light at all!

For a toddler, this one is great. We keep ours next to our daughter's bedside and when she feels worried by the dark during the night, she can easily press her bug on (or off) all by herself. No disruption to Mama's sleep and no more wailing!

This would make an ideal travel night light. Slip this into your child's bag or suitcase and take it along anywhere for a guaranteed great night's sleep for all. The Dreambaby Ladybug Battery Operated Night Light® is recommended for children from the age of 12 months and requires three, AA batteries to operate. This item is excellent value and a well designed product.

Dreambaby® have a fabulous range of goods for making 'dream babies' in all circumstances.

For pram-bound kiddos, there's a couple of great items to assist with comfort, safety and security that you may like to know about.

For keeping babies and toddlers protected from insects and sun-glare year round, there's the Dreambaby Travel System Insect Netting®. These are a universal fit for most buggies and strollers. The Value Pack contains one stroller / play-yard net as well as one car carrier netting. These come highly recommended for getting about comfortably and worry-free. I would never be without one of these under the pram. RRP $19.95.

After having six kids of my own, I have only recently become acquainted with the concept of pram clips!

These are the Dreambaby Strollerbuddy® clips (pictured below in a delightful shade of pink). There's a whole load of fun colours available to match any pram. You can use these fab little inventions to clip essentials onto your pram like hats, jumpers and so on. Even better, securely hang a shade cloth or baby blanket on your pram to eliminate that annoying 'blanket under the pram wheel' scenario. These are small and mighty and from here on, will be an essential item in my own nappy bag. (Much better than tying knots with things. I'm still a newbie mama after all it seems.)

Strollerbuddy Stroller Clips® are available in packs of four, for RRP $12.95.

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  1. Night time routines are very important to ensure a relaxed, content and sleepy baby. Warm bath, nurse and book and quite time in the dimmed light……… sleep.

  2. Oh I love this ladybug! Such a cute one and I have to say those night terrors are crazy! We are up and down at the moment (what is sleep?) and after reading this, great idea to get a night light!

  3. I'd love to win this for my 20 month old grandson who regularly wakes up at 4am...this could be a lifesaver for my daughter :)

  4. I whack a dummy in her mouth, give her her bear and she's all good to go for a good nights sleep!

  5. I remember anything their going through they will grow out of. My sons night terrors I set up a camp stretcher and slept next to him holding his hand. My daughter likes her safety spray that keeps the naughties away... it's eucalypt scented water. I think it helps her breath clearer and sleep better.

  6. My baby has a bath just before bed, his bottle and a little cuddle. I then give him his comforter and his dummy and he sleeps like a dream baby.
    Also the fact that we have be strict on bedtime routine since birth, even when he was in hospital! Took me 3 babies to learn the trick ;)

  7. What a cute night light! My kids used to have night terrors and all we had was the boring standard night lights. #justanotherlinky

  8. snuggle up and cuddle the kiddies however you may go to sleep first
    claire evans

  9. These stroller clips are a great idea. I always used to use pegs but they just don't cut it!

  10. Routine seems to be key. Getting into the habit of sleep is such an important thing for everyone in the household, and it's worth it.

  11. That looks so adorable! My girls would love it
    Thank you for linking up to Just Another Linky x

  12. I would love to be able to get my nephew to sleep and feel calm and peaceful knowing he has some light and feels at ease. Great for taking it wherever he goes.

  13. I believe that children who spend time outside everyday sleep better at night. I also ensure we have some type of "outside time" everyday!

  14. My son has never been a good sleeper, no matter what I tried. I finally get him sleeping all night, and a few months later, something else disrupts him and we have months and months of troubled sleep. At the moment, he thinks there are ghosts in his room and wouldn't sleep in the dark. Luckily, we are almost past it now and he is starting to sleep again, so something we tried must have worked. Next bubs is due in June and I can only hope she is a much better sleeper than my son. Candice Milner

    1. Sounds like you need this prize Candice. Congratulations - this will be forwarded to you in the post shortly. Thank you to all who entered. :D

  15. We have a nighttime routine, so my son knows when it's time to go to sleep. We have bath, pj's, story time, hugs, and then tuck-in for the night. He does nike to have a nightlight and his favorite stuffed animal.

  16. My best tip is to establish a bedtime routine. Jessica Miller

  17. Lots of fresh air late afternoon, warm bath, story time, big cuddles and send them to sleep with a smile :)

  18. I would love to win this for my gorgeous new niece, who in time giver her parents lots of headaches because she wont sleep. It's hard to prepare a new Mum and Dad on the life adjustments of sleepless nights. But with the help of the Lady Bug nightlight and a bit of fun from sixlittlehearts, life may be a little easier.

  19. Don't put them to be early and don't let them get over tired, it's a fine line between pleasure and sleeping in!
    Eva Kiraly


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