Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Jurassic World the Exhibition, Melbourne Museum - Review

Looking for something utterly sensational to entertain the kids and yourself these school holidays? Then look no further than the extraordinary Jurassic World: The Exhibition, currently showing at the Melbourne Museum.

We're all familiar with the Jurassic Park / Jurassic World movies. Jurassic World the movie, the most recent in the long running Jurassic franchise, ranked as one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history upon its release in 2015. It's not hard to see why. The movies have everything cinema-goers seek: adventure, thrills and suspense (plus dinosaurs) as well as a breathtaking level of imagination which tinkers ingeniously and seamlessly, with scientific reality.

Now just imagine being immersed in that incredible movie magic, in person.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition allows visitors to experience the wonders of the Jurassic franchise up close. This is easily one of the most realistic depictions of these magnificent creatures ever produced. Don't be fooled by the museum venue; this is certainly not your average museum exhibition. There are no history lessons and no dusty relics - just great thrills and excitement! Think Universal Studios movie magic, combined with world-class animatronics, together lifted to a level unseen before now.

If you've ever imagined walking amongst the dinosaurs, then this is your ultimate opportunity to do just that!

We were lucky enough to be invited to attend the Global Premiere Opening of the Jurassic World: The Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum recently. It was a glitzy red carpet event attended by some big names in the Jurassic empire.

Special guests included Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins, who played brothers Zach and Gray in the Jurassic World movie. Also in attendance, Dr Jack Horner, one of the biggest names in the world of paleontology. Dr Horner was the inspiration behind character Dr Alan Grant, (played by Sam Neill) in Jurassic Park.

While the lavish event was sensational, it was the exhibition itself that really shone. Quite simply - it blew our minds!

Here, you will leave the drudgery of reality behind and be immersed in something truly incredible. Walk with the dinosaurs. Feel the fear and the awe. This exhibition is an example of escapism at its very best.

Guests to this exhibit travel as VIPs via 'boat,' to the famed Isla Nublar. Your boat ride (depicted via realistic movie projections in a white-washed waiting room) is an exciting introduction to the world of the movies. Many will recognise the projected scenes and references from the tour's virtual host Diedre, as she guides you both here, and throughout the tour.

Your virtual park guide - Diedre

Guests visit the Hammond Creation Lab. There's hands-on opportunities for kids and adults alike in here. Peer into microscopes, read-up on the science behind DNA collection, catch a glimpse of newly hatched (moving and breathing) dinosaurs in incubators, and view samples of precious amber containing the prehistoric DNA at the very core of the Jurassic World empire.

The true highlight of this exhibition are its living, breathing dinosaurs and their expansive surrounds which were created here in Melbourne by the Creature Technology Company.
Founded in 2006, the Creature Technology Company are behind some of the most spectacular stage shows and arena events in the world. The exhibition's life-sized animatronic dinosaurs do not disappoint.
Images alone do not do this exhibition justice and I have purposely left these photos a little wanting - you simply must witness this exhibition yourself! It's certainly the most amazing depiction of the prehistoric era we've ever seen. There's nothing to compare this to. We were thrilled, amazed and left in awe - for days!
What really stamped this event as amazing in our eyes, were the sheer number of enthralled adults who became 'like children' as they experienced this exhibit. It's huge, it's believable and it's entirely captivating. These things are so real - expect to be a kid again!
Be warned that very young kids may find this exhibition a little terrifying. Try to plan your visit so that you are prepared for this if you are attending with littlies. Also, we recommend you take your time to totally absorb each section of the exhibit.
In terms of size, the exhibition is not a lengthy one, but it is wholly-absorbing. (Perhaps time just passed quickly.) The temptation will be there to rush through in your excitement. Slow down and enjoy it. Watch each section several times. (You will want to.) Bear in mind that you can't return to earlier sections of the exhibition once you enter the T-Rex area. Enjoy it all!
Melbourne will be the only city in Australia to host this incredible event before it departs in October 2016 on its global tour. If you're planning a visit to Melbourne, make sure you include a trip to this experience. Likewise, it's definitely worth considering a special stopover in Melbourne just to see this. Don't miss it. Jurassic World: The Exhibition is unforgettable, thrilling, exciting and fun. Just incredible!
Jurassic World: The Exhibition is currently showing at the Melbourne Museum until October 9, 2016.
Tours commence every 30 minutes from 10am-4pm daily.
Tickets range in price from $16 - $90. (Children under 3, free.)
View ticket packages and purchase tickets here.
Jurassic World: The Exhibition, Touring Hall, Melbourne Museum,
Nicholson Street, Carlton Victoria, 3053.
A huge thank you to Melbourne Museum for inviting Six Little Hearts to the Global Premiere of this exciting event.


  1. Wow. That looks absolutely fantastic. We went to a dinosaur exhibition in Brisbane last year and I was taken aback by how life-like the dinosaur display was. They certainly went all out recreating the jurassic world. #teamIBOT

    1. This is an incredible event. If you are heading to Melbourne before October 9 this year, make sure you get tickets.

  2. This looks pretty cool Jody. My boys (well probably only one boy now) would love this so might be a special outing just for the 2 of us.

    1. Seriously Natalie, you will ALL love this. Make sure you all go! Can't rate this highly enough.

  3. My boy would love this. Too bad we won't be in Melbourne any time soon to see it. :(

  4. This makes me wish we lived in Melbourne! I will definitely be sharing this with all my Melbourne mates

  5. My dino-made son would LOVE this, shame it's not up my way!

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  7. We went this morning! What an amazing exhibition. The premiere would have been fab.

  8. Lucky Melbourne! I can imagine this would be very popular. Not sure how my two would go though, not really into dinosaurs, but hubby would love it!

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