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Smash 'Love Mum Collection' A Mother's Day Gift Guide #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Mother's Day is without contest when it comes to my favourite celebrations of the year. For one thing, it doesn't have the horrendous consumer push of Christmas, or the calories of Easter. (That's two things actually.) What Mother's Day does have, is a quieter and more personal appreciation and heart-felt love - in bucket-loads.

Mother's Day is certainly super-special. We all adore our mums while being excessively proud of being mums ourselves. It's a celebration worth its weight, so make sure you appreciate your mum (and yourself) in whatever way that is meaningful to you and yours this Mother's Day.

Dreamy moment: My own kids are so sticky-sweet on this day! They usually make something heartfelt, or buy me little gifts from the school stall. They get so excited while they wrap their treasures in their room in the days prior. It's a scene bursting with cuteness and one that is unique to this special day. Those are some warm and fuzzy moments for this mummy...

While I love to browse the catalogues and online stores at this time of year for gifts I would like to receive for Mother's Day (who can help that?), I also appreciate these smaller gifts from my children immensely. The useful, everyday items that are very much more affordable - ideal gifts for kids to gift. These often turn out to be some of my long-term favourites.

Smash Enterprises have gift-givers and receivers of all ages covered this Mother's Day with a fab limited edition collection of useful items for women. It's called the Love Mum Collection.

The range includes practical items for your work or leisure and it's all designed small enough to go within your handbag or be toted along on your daily errands. Best of all, it's priced for gifting for even the tiniest of budgets. (Such as the small change your kids might have within their reach.)

I was sent some of these great items to review and these are definitely mother-approved gifts.

Smash are known widely for their lunchboxes and drink bottles, so no surprises that the Love Mum Collection includes a special funky pink canvas lunch tote within the range. (Pictured above at rear.) This is great quality and large enough to fill with all of your food needs on-the-go. It's also lined with a special lining to prevent mould and odours while keeping foods fresh. (Blue IQ Smart Lining.)

Just a tip: these lunch totes make excellent toiletry carryalls too - far better than many that are purpose-built on the market. (I currently use a Smash lunch tote as a cosmetics bag. It makes a fantastic one!) They really fill and the wipe-able lining means they are easy to maintain when there are spills. Consider one of these for this purpose, if toting lunches is not your thing!

The ladies lunch bag is available in two styles (the Wayra and the Nyla) and these are RRP $12 and $15 each.

There's a shopping bag and umbrella gift set for your daily needs priced at $12. This is compact and comes in its own clear case (which itself is perfect for cosmetics, especially brushes!). These items are ideal for keeping in your handbag this winter, plus you'll always be helping the environment with the little clip and carry reusable bag on your person.

The Smash cosmetic bag (RRP $10) is one of my favourites from the range. It's a great little size for carrying about and its hard-frame opening really allows you to stuff it with all your small essentials and makeup items. I can fit loads in this! (I am high-maintenance.) There are gorgeous bright colours to choose from and interior pockets. There will be no losing anything inside your handbag with this one in your possession. Mwaah! Little cosmetics bag...

Pretty, pretty!

Finally, the Gym Bag priced at $15 is ideal for toting your essentials about. This is a lightweight drawstring backpack which features a zippered side pocket for your phone and keys. Inside there are twin compartments with a water-resistant divider to keep your gear separate. It's bright and pink with 'Live, Play, Love' emblazoned on its exterior. Perfect for the sporty type or for quick trips to the store.

Or just use this to tote your Love Mum Collection about with you when you're off to work. Be the matchy, matchy envy of your workplace.

The Smash Love Mum Collection is available exclusively at selected Coles supermarkets from April 25th, 2016. Send a subtle hint to dad and the kids by sharing this post.
(Or gift them to yourself next time you are at the shops!)
Mother's Day is on Sunday 8th of May, 2016.
Stay tuned for some great Mother's Day giveaways coming to Six Little Hearts!

So tell me: Do you buy your own Mother's Day gifts?
Do you send out big fat 'hints' to your family about certain things you'd like?
What would you like to receive for Mother's Day this year?
(It doesn't have to be an actual thing either. Maybe you'd like some quality family time?)

*Disclosure: Items featured in this post were gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own and genuine.


  1. I had no idea that Smash did things other then lunch bags - what a smart and practical range of products!

  2. Oh these are gorgeous and I love the cosmetic bag! What a great idea for mothers and yes, it is the best day of the year!!

  3. What a great collection. I had no idea Smash had this range. Thanks for sharing.

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