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Steggles Chicken Tempura Dino Snacks - Exciting Ways to Serve Chicken for Kids Plus a Free Recipe E-Book Download

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Steggles.
Chicken is a great addition to any diet. Being naturally lean and high in protein, while also being low in saturated fats, gives this food a great child-friendly taste that kids love. It's a highly versatile meat and economical too. The Steggles chicken range has the added benefit of being 100% Australian grown, 100% free of hormones and steroids, plus all the goodness of grain fed and barn-raised produce.

It could be said that children and chicken snacks are a match made in heaven. Steggles have taken that match a notch higher with their Chicken Tempura Dino Snacks. These delicious and fun-filled snacks are available in 1kg catering packs and they're a hit with all ages!

Each dino shaped chicken snack is cut to perfection with fun at its core and topped with a light coating of delicious tempura batter.

Steggles Chicken Tempura Dino Snacks make an excellent serving choice for school caterers. By combining simple, easy to prepare chicken snacks with basic whole foods, kids can reap the all the rewards of great nutrition combined with fun.

Steggles Easy Dino Kabobs

All portions are based on one, 1kg bag of Steggles Chicken Tempura Dino Snacks which yields approximately 17 completed skewer serves per pack. (Three Dino Snacks per kabob.)
Use portions listed below to calculate an increased yield.
Cooking time 12-15 minutes (depending on method). Preparation time: 10 - 15 minutes.

1kg packet of Steggles Chicken Tempura Dino Snacks.
1/4 cantaloupe peeled, seeded and sliced into chunky triangles.
1 punnet of cherry tomatoes. (Halve larger cherry tomatoes to make them bite-sized for kids if they're on the larger side.)
1 iceberg lettuce.
1 cucumber peeled and sliced into bite-sized chunks.
1 packet of bamboo skewers approx. 20cms length. (Skewers come in larger catering-sized packs and will cover several batches of this recipe.)

Cook the Steggles Chicken Tempura Dino Snacks as per packet directions. (Dino Snacks are easy and fast to prepare at 180 degrees in any conventional oven at just 12-15 minutes. Full details are on the pack.)

Wash, dry and prepare all fresh ingredients as per above while the Dino Snacks warm.

To prepare, roll a leaf of lettuce into a parcel shape and thread this onto a skewer, pushing it to within a few centimetres from the end of the skewer. (This will form a good base for balancing each skewer's ingredients and prevent any liquids from spilling down the sticks.)

Next slide a chunk of cantaloupe onto the skewer, followed by a Dino Snack, cherry tomato, Dino Snack, cucumber, Dino Snack and so on. Top the skewer with a dinosaur to complete and continue until all skewers are prepared. Each completed skewer should have three Dino Snacks.

Serve wrapped in greaseproof-lined bags with a serviette and let the kids enjoy the fun!

Extra tips: Use seasonal produce to form the kabobs for maximum nutrition. Try these alternatives too: Watermelon or rockmelon chunks and pineapple pieces. Chicken is versatile and goes well with so many options when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables. Don't be afraid to experiment!

This recipe has been produced by Six Little Hearts in association with Steggles for
Australian school tuck shops. All images appearing in this post are property of Steggles Australia.
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  1. I don't know about the cantaloupe but otherwise what a cute idea for a party food!

  2. The cantaloupe goes with chicken so well. It's a great combo. Yes, these would be fab for a party too. (I didn't even think of that!)

  3. My kids love chicken nuggets but have probably grown out of the stage of wanting them to be dinosaur shapes but I'll be buying these and making them for my nephew when I next mind him!

    1. I was thinking my three teens might be too old to for dinosaur shapes. Having said that my eldest has her 18th next week. It might be fun to bring these out for the party.

  4. They look delicious too. I am sure they will be a hit in many families! Denyse #teamIBOT

  5. That's a great idea for a kid's birthday party!

  6. Oh my girls would love these! I'll have to look out for them at the supermarket.

  7. Great idea. Kids seem to love food on sticks don't they. The dinos are cute! Thanks so much for linking up to YWF too.


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