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A Special Mother's Day Event with Holden and Kids Business Communications at Oakridge Winery - Review

It's not every day that us busy mamas have the opportunity to be swept away from the drudgery of our child-filled lives and taken somewhere completely out of the ordinary and 'adult-like' for a true pampering. It happens so rarely in fact, (for me at least) that I was beside myself with excitement (adult-like excitement), when an opportunity to do just this, arrived in my inbox from Kids Business Communications.

It was an invite for myself (and a handful of other Melbourne bloggers), to join Kids Business along with the Holden team, at the beautiful Oakridge Winery in the spectacular Yarra Valley.

A Mother's Day special drive and luncheon, at a winery? You're speaking my language entirely!

Naturally, I was there. (And would have been come rain, hail or shine.) Anything to escape my mothering responsibilities and just prior to Mother's Day too, is a welcome change in my daily routine. Thankfully on this particular day, the weather for visiting such a stunning location was glorious. It was warm, sunny, (albeit a little windy) and filled with some amazing views of mountains and sloping vineyards, twinkling invitingly in the autumn sunlight. Just glorious.

Oakridge Winery is located at 864 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream VIC. 3770. T 61 3 9738 9900.

To make a pampering event for mums even more special, (especially for those of us normally driving an array of less-amazing parenting vans), Holden kindly offered up several of their latest model vehicles for us to try out on the day.
The journey began for most, in Port Melbourne. An entourage of new Holden vehicles undertook a drive of just over an hour to the picturesque vineyards of the Yarra Valley. Conveniently for myself, I live only a short distance from Oakridge Winery and so, skipped the exciting opportunity to road-test a brand-spanking new Holden model on this occasion. (Stay tuned however - I will be doing a Holden road test shortly and reporting all about my experiences here.)
The setting for our event was incredible at Oakridge Winery. We were seated for our luncheon in front of extraordinary views and soaked-in the warm autumn sun through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Fresh bouquets graced our crisp, white linen-covered tables which were set to perfection. The food was stunning and the company of the other mum bloggers was warm and friendly. So lovely!

A room full of wine barrels... one could easily get lost in here...
Our day kicked-off at Oakridge, with a pickling class led by Oakridge Winery's Executive Chef, Matt Stone. Matt's special interest when it comes to the preparation of fine food, is originality and sustainability. Much of Oakridge Winery's gourmet menu requirements are grown on-site. The dishes we were subsequently served were finely flavoured and tasted amazing, filled with these abundant locally-grown goodies from their very own gardens.

Matt introduced us to the simple-to-create Asian meal accompaniment known as 'Kim Chi.' We had a fun group demonstration which resulted in us each proudly producing a jar of Kim Chi all of our own. Matt shared other great recipe ideas too, such as simple pickled vegetables and an easy to make fermented chilli paste. I will definitely be making some of these gourmet delights in my own time thanks to Matt's presentation.

Following our class with Matt, a delicious gourmet lunch was served. The extraordinary flavours and presentation amidst the stunning setting was divine. I can't rate the food here highly enough. (Or the views for that matter.) The food was simple in presentation on the plate, but filled with plenty of the right combinations; both punchy and delicate flavours.

Rainbow trout, skordilia, BBQ lemon puree and Warragul greens.
Kids Business and Holden took great care of the scattering of littlies in attendance. Cinderella (a children's entertainer) was employed to keep the young ones entertained with games and face painting while us mums enjoyed the company of one another and lunch. Oakridge Winery served a popular children's menu that for the most part, kept little bottoms firmly on their seats and gave us mums a bit of a well-deserved breather.

All the cuteness.
After lunch it was all about those cars!

The opportunity to pop outside in the sunshine and explore the array of new Holden models on the lawn at Oakridge was so much fun. I immediately took to this hottie - the Holden Captiva. So compact, (compared to our family car) and shiny, black and sleek.

I have to admit that I have never actually driven a Holden before or even considered owning one, but after this opportunity to get up-close, I am definitely keen to learn more about them. The newer look of the range is very appealing and the size of this vehicle in particular, impressed me.

These days I don't always have all six of my kids in my family car at all times, so the thought does sometimes crop up that one day I might dare to downsize to a regular car. A vehicle just for myself and a few kids that's fuel efficient and zippy, is a very attractive option when you currently drive a family van. (I do love my current biggie however!)

The toddler and I on an outing together in a Holden Captiva? Yes, I can see that!

Inside the Captiva, (my first-ever peek inside a Holden!) I liked what I saw. It was both spacious and compact. It didn't look overwhelming to drive. I could be very happy with this vehicle.

Keyless entry and start, rear-view camera, Mylink Infotainment System with a 7 inch colour touch-screen.
Six airbags plus 5 star ANCAP.

Then there were the cars of your dreams, such as this Holden Cascada. Perhaps not what I actually need at this stage in my parenting life, but that certainly doesn't stop the fantasies from bubbling away. I can really picture myself feeling free and happy in one of these!

Maybe when my youngest is a little older...

*Disclosure: With special thanks to Kids Business Communications, Holden and Oakridge Winery for the opportunity to attend this fantastic Mother's Day event and for the generous gifts we received on the day.
Six Little Hearts has been gifted a petrol voucher and the opportunity to loan a Holden vehicle for a week in exchange for this feature. All opinions expressed are my own and genuine.
SLHFeaturedThursdays returns next week.
Are you currently driving the car of your dreams?
Or are you dreaming about driving the car of your dreams one day?!
Have you visited a winery lately?


  1. I love your write up Jody. You described everything so well and it really put me back into the event even if I wasn't there I would have felt a part of the day.

    You have a really gorgeous descriptive writing sense.
    I'm so thankful to have spent the day with you and gorgeous Celeste. Can't wait to see you both again soon xx

    1. Thank you so kindly Nikita, so sweet of you. X
      It was great to catch up with you and your little gal. Pretty soon our little ones will enjoy playing together too!

  2. What a lucky mama you are- sounds amazing. I'm so jelly :)

  3. Oops - my comments just disappeared mid sentence.
    What I think I said was:
    What a great day out.
    Love the flower photos, They are gorgeous!

    1. The flowers were so special. We were gifted bunches of flowers too and they lasted 2 weeks. :)

  4. How fab! I got driven around Hawaii (just to pick up something for the team) in a convertable - I felt like a million bucks!

    1. Hawaii - lucky you. Convertable - extra lucky you! I can see how that would have made you feel amazing.

  5. What an amazing day! I love the look of the Holdens! I've never driven one before either but will consider one next time we upgrade our family car.

    1. They're really nice aren't they? I would now consider one too. I keep thinking about them now...

  6. Looks like a great day out! I can't drive but I'll settle for the wine and good times! The team at Kids Business sure know how to put on fun events - love their work!

    1. Did you never bother with your license or was there a different reason? I didn't bother getting my license until I was 26. Yes, it was a fab event.

  7. Am I driving the car of my dreams? No and to be honest, I don't drive much and am just happy with a reliable car that gets me from A to B. Ask my husband though and he'll give you a completely different answer! He's currently looking for a car to race! OMG. I haven't been to a winery in a long time and it will most certainly be on the top of my to-do list after baby comes! I have been having serious wine withdrawals!

    1. A race car?!!! Whoa! I would be freaked too Eva!
      I need to visit wineries more too, and drink more wine full stop!

  8. So very envious. Looks like a fabulous day.

    1. It was a fab day. We all felt very special. :)

  9. What a great day away! Looks like you had the best weather too! I love kimchi. So yummy and great for the digestive system :)

    1. My kimchi is in the fridge now, waiting for my next Asian inspired cook-up.

  10. Hey,it's just an amazing place. It's really great to have some leisure time from the busy life and have some time with kids. This winery is really beautiful to spend some time there. I'm little confused about the cars, there are 3 different cars in the photos. Glad to know about the Oakridge Winery. I like the part describing about your family cars. These are quite luxurious and you can have your all six kids together in these cars. Smart Car maintenance Myrtle Beach SC.

  11. In 1968 a most ambitious 'new generation' series of motor vehicle production commenced at GM-Holden in Australia, with the release of the 'Kingswood' series of Holden Cars.


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