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Dremel Review and Giveaway. Gift Ideas and Projects for Crafty Mums

Mother's Day is almost here. (Yippee!) I adore this day of all days. Those kiddy smiles peeping out behind their gifts and that infectious, loving excitement. I bathe in that!

My own Mother's Day gifts are all taken care of, thanks to my exceptional personal shopping skills. They're either currently in the post, or have already arrived. I save my family so much trouble! (You're welcome guys.)

Tell me, do you buy your own Mother's Day gifts too? It's okay to 'fess up.

If not, then maybe your loved ones are having a degree of difficulty sourcing something that you'd like? Or perhaps you are looking for something for your own special mum?

If they're the crafty type, you're in luck with Dremel.

We've featured Dremel a number of times on Six Little Hearts now, and when it comes to cool tools, these are the ones to go for. These are not the beefy, house-building, scary-type tools we're talking about. These Dremel's are for the arty, crafty and craftsman types.

Personally, I love my collection of Dremel items. They're so handy about the place and versatile too. From repairs to projects, Dremel takes care of it all.

So yay to my latest Dremel additions in my growing arsenal.

Let's start with the ultra-cool Dremel Glue Gun 930. It sits nice and small in the hand. It's electrically powered with two heat settings (105 degrees and 165 degree settings) and wow - coloured glue sticks. Oh the fun!

These days I will admit to not finding the time to craft. When I do get the chance to work some making-magic, I want everything done yesterday. I am an impatient, 'I must conquer it right now type.' That means my projects and my tools have to keep up with me. I don't want excessive instructions or long waiting times when I craft.

So thumbs-up to the Dremel Glue Gun.

I have a rather extensive collection of vintage sewing notions, including buttons, and I have always intended on making some wow items with my buttons but, you know, time...

So today I took the plunge and made some nifty, pretty little pegs that can take care of all manner of things about my home.

I had some little wooden craft pegs I purchased a while back, as well as some washi tapes. Armed with my simple-to-use glue gun and an idea, I was in a making mood!

Plug it in, switch it on, choose your temperature and squeeze the trigger to operate.

I whipped together these attractive and versatile pegs in around 15 minutes. (See below.)

First, I cut the washi tape to fit over each peg's side and also left some pegs plain in order for their quaint, wood-grain effect to shine through. (If you intend to make these, you could also paint your pegs prior to decorating if you wish.)

Once the pegs were prepped and the gun was hot, (a wait of only a minute or so), I set about hot-gluing a dot onto each peg, (working one at a time with pink glue - squee!) and placed a carefully chosen vintage button onto each.

The pegs were done and dry in minutes, which is why crafters love working with hot glue in the first place. It's always precise, there's no slippage, it has strong hold and gives super-fast results.

Lastly, to seal overall, use a coating of Modge-Podge.

With the help of an adult, these are a gorgeous little inexpensive gift item for kids to craft this Mother's Day.

There are so many ways to display your vintage button creations. My toddler enjoyed helping to make a bunting to display photographs, which is a beautiful way to show your family photos or children's drawings around your home. (So perfect in a nursery or children's room too.)

Alternatively, cut small magnets and hot glue these to the backside of each peg and use the pegs as magnets on your fridge to hold photos, kids' drawings or school notices and bills.

My favourite use for my pegs though, is as book marks. They're so sweet to look at and the pegs really clamp onto your pages. These are ideal for holding your place in your cookbooks, your journal or diary.

The Dremel Hot Glue Gun 930 retails for RRP $35 and comes with 12 coloured glue sticks, 3 low temperature glue sticks and 3 high temperature glue sticks. (Plus built-in drip control.)

The Dremel Electric Engraver is our other newest Dremel to join our family. We're going to have some serious fun with this one! The engraver comes with a letter and number template and one carbide point.

Again, it's a great size for the hand and appears to be so simple to use. (Apologies but I couldn't get around to a demo in time for this post.)

This engraver can handle many materials including glass, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic and leather. It has a soft-grip body and variable stroke control which means fine lines and deep grooves are possible.

There are so many ways to use an engraver. From naming your stuff to glass etching and leather work, this is one tool that will be getting a workout around our home. The carbide engraving point (not shown), is fully replaceable too.

The Dremel Engraver Kit has a RRP of $39 and will give you years of versatile service.

Find Dremel at all good hardware stores Australia-wide or visit their website for more information.

Win a Dremel Crafter's Kit valued at $74! 
Prize is for one lucky follower of Six Little Hearts with thanks to Dremel
and consists of one of each item featured in this post.
Total prize pool: $74.
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  1. I'd love to win this! The kids have been wanting to build a fairy house (from an old water bottle and glued on pebbles) so this would be a dream come true for them

  2. This is a great set! My kids love crafts (ok so do I) and we would make so many great projects. I have girls so we would make some hair barrettes, similar to what you made with pegs but using barrettes! Thanks for the idea! Lucia Saal

  3. Mick Gillies - I love carving wood and I could make some many intricately amazing designs for everyone to enjoy

  4. I would love to win this to build art crafts for my son and also to help design things around the house! It's very useful and versatile! :) - Jacq Paraguya

  5. Wow this is seriously crafty mum stuff! I'm not sure if I would trust myself with a glue gun but I've said that about a lot of things and now being a mum I have to just suck it up and get on with it! These look like you could make some really cool things and with 2 girls they love their craft! I always need inspiration! Thank you

  6. I would love the gun to make amazing wall arts for all my four childrens walls their own creations to bring colour to their rooms.

  7. What wouldn't I glue with that gun?! So often I can be heard saying, 'oh I need a glue gun' but do you think I have gotten myself one? No. I think I could get into some jewellery making if I was equipped.

  8. The possibilities would be endless if I had a glue gun. Hair accessories, fridge magnets, I'd be blinging everything!

  9. Great! Thanks for your documents, its been very helpful. Thanks again for sharing your information. Visit blog

  10. It's like magic for crafts! Easy to use and no messy fingers! I like!

  11. I'd love to make a decorative jewelery box for my daughter, so she has a place to store all her lovely bits and pieces. The glue gun would be awesome for using felt and sparkly gems on a wooden surface. I'm certainly no tradie, but the glue gun looks simple to use which is great :)
    Sarah Ellwood

  12. I'd be prepared to start Christmas decorations this early if I had a Dremel glue gun!
    Top of the list: a 'bauble croquembouche' for a table centre-piece!
    Jennifer Bush

  13. Our creative juices would go ballistic making jewellery and stunning outfits for Barbie. Dremel means imagination.
    Sharon Markwell

  14. I would love to win to get my children into the fun of creating crafts. It's a much better thing to do than sit behind a tv screen.

  15. Giving my sons and I some creative time together, creating some great things, useful things and things to give as gifts

  16. I LOVE Dremels! I keep 'borrowing' the one from work!

  17. Craft is such an important part of developing. My son has been hesitant but I've been doing crafts around his love for cars and everyday he's learning and liking craft. Yesterday he was gluing at childcare a big step!

    I can think of many things to do with a glue gun, first off making a fire engine and fire house.

  18. I am about to have my first baby and i really want to make my own Hot Air Balloon decorations to go in the nursery!

  19. We have two very crafty kids in our household. I'd love to win as I've promised them i'll take a day off work soon and we can have a 'kid' day where they choose all the activities they want to do. (helps alleviate my working mother guilt).

  20. Would love for my kids to use their imagination. And with these tools the world is their oyster. Looks awesome. Christina L

  21. What a wonderful prize pack.
    The glue gun would be in constant use in our house, kids craft, costume making, even my craft escapades.
    The dremel engaver would be a dream! I could engrave all my daughter calisthenics medals, all our appliances with safety codes, it could even be used to name their school pencils!
    Thanks for the competition oppotunity, Nikki.

  22. We are redecorating my daughter's room and she wants to paint and decorate her cupboard and desk - this would be awesome :)

  23. Perfect to add to my little pink toolbox.
    No more getting in trouble from hubby for taking his stuff!
    Look out broken ornaments - I can fix you with coordinated glue!
    And as for all those engraving projects that hubby won't take on - they'll be done!

  24. I'd love the glue gun, for so many things, Christmas decorations, school projects, costumes, Easter bonnets the lists are never ending.

  25. Belinda moxey
    I'd love to win so I could make lots of little hair clips for my girls, they would love helping me too. We could even make cards, or cute little pegs. So m any things!

  26. I want to make burlap jars,
    To be my best friend's star!
    For her wedding day,
    I'd take her breath away!

  27. I want to make gorgeous toothpicks with bows on them for the girls birthday

  28. These would be such an asset, no more gluey fingers making a mess, trying to glue such tiny pieces you really need a micro set!
    Eva Kiraly

  29. The Dremel Engraver will stop the fights between kids saying "that's mine!"
    Kelly Ryan

  30. I would like to make hair clips for my grand daughters. Hair clips that match their clothes perfectly would be terrific.

  31. I would love to win this prize so that we can we can have lots of fun during the upcoming school holidays.Moreover this pack would be an open invitation to create things using our imagination.

    Name - sapna sharma

  32. This year's christmas cards, I have promised myself I will not leave it to the last minute! I want them to be amazing!

  33. Fan coral makes a gorgeous shelf accessory for a coastal theme home but it's super pricey to buy! I've seen fake coral made entirely from a glue gun and it's looks amazing! it's a project I'd really ADHERE to, so I'll STICK to making that! :)

  34. These spa gift idea would be a perfect well they can be put in a surprise gift boxes instead of a transparent container.

    mother day homemade gift ideas from daughter

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    raksha bandhan special gifts


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