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Crayola Color Alive Review - New Exciting Colouring Adventures for Children

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It's so easy to say that we're a household full of Crayola fans here. All parents are, generally speaking, well acquainted with this brand of crafting and drawing fun for kids. They're a quality pick with all things considered when it comes to children, fun, safety and the high potential for parental concern where kids, mess and art and craft is concerned.

Personally, I have always chosen Crayola items for my children because their products actually do what they profess and do it well. Time and time again, Crayola have never let us down with their striking colours, range and exciting innovations that keep kids on-task for longer. Crayola are also parent-friendly products in that they are so often washable, from both your child's skin and clothing and also your prized furnishings and walls. As a parent, you've got to admire that! (Excuse me a moment while I recall an incident involving cheap permanent markers and a very expensive white cot a few years back... Ouch!)

Very recently, I threw away a large jumble of pencils and markers that my kids had amassed that were simply not cutting it. (Have you ever bought a set of colouring pencils that just don't work? I mean, how is that possible?)

Anyway, just prior to my cull, I had a bit of an online splurge and stocked up on a huge array of exclusively Crayola products - from scissors to markers, crayons and pencils as well as Color Alive books. Since they've arrived, my youngest kids have been avidly using the items daily. (Though admittedly, I had not yet handed out the Color Alive books as I was saving them for a special occasion.) 

Since our Crayola items arrived, I have been so happy to see that my kids have been actively looking after all of their new Crayola stash and quite honestly, that's something that this mum only ever observes where the really appreciated items are concerned.

Have you seen the latest Crayola Color Alive activity books to hit the market? We were lucky enough to be sent some to share here and they're a very worthwhile purchase for kids!

Taite chose the Crayola Color Alive Mythical Creatures and Marvel Avengers packs.

As you would expect from Crayola, these items are not just your regular colouring books (though they can certainly perform this way in the very least). Each pack in the Color Alive range comes with a quality 16 page colouring book and its very own set of seven Crayola crayons - one of which makes the colouring process magical! (More on that one in a moment.)

Celeste chose the Crayola Color Alive Disney Frozen and Fairy packs.
Within minutes of receiving their packs, silence descended where there had previously been none. (Thankfully!) This is one of the joyful outcomes of colouring books on rainy days. I love any scene featuring my children that captures so much concentration and palpable enjoyment. Can you believe they're learning through play? Wonderful stuff this quiet play business!

Theme-wise, the Crayola Color Alive books are bang-on. These two are thoroughly into the topics of the books we received, so a huge tick for captivating their attention span immediately.

But back to those included crayons and the hidden element of extra fun which my kids were yet to discover...

Busy! Busy!

The Crayola Color Alive Frozen 'Frostbite' crayon which unlocks special effects when used
in conjunction with the Crayola Color Alive app. There's a magical crayon in every pack in the range.
While my kids coloured together beautifully, I set about downloading the free Crayola Color Alive app onto my iPhone. (The app is available on iOS, Windows and Android.) To activate the colouring books, I simply chose the corresponding book icon on the very user-friendly app and then it was a case of scanning any coloured image to unlock its hidden fun.

Tech savvy kids of all capabilities can manage this part themselves. Just make sure you turn the sound up because not only will their coloured images come to life in amazing 4D, but there's music and sound effects to capture their full attention too! It's worth noting that kids can use whatever colouring items they have on hand to colour their books and use the app. Even uncoloured pages can be played with.

Right before your eyes, your kids' coloured pages become full 360 degree animations (complete with your child's chosen colour schemes) and all with full and unbelievable motion and sound effects! By moving your phone or tablet about, you can see amazing details and movement which really delights. (Even I was entertained!) Children can also interact with the scenes and pose for selfies, take 'in app' pictures to save and share their experiences with their friends! Furthermore, the special crayon included in each pack unlocks magical effects such as sparkles and pixie dust.

The images can be played with endlessly and stored on the app for play at any time, even without the colouring book. You can also immediately download further colouring pages if you require more. (Just purchase via the app and print them off.) These books are so much fun and very portable too, making them ideal for travel. Crayola Color Alive books will provide loads of quality entertainment for hours and are guaranteed to keep your children totally absorbed. My kids think they're fantastic!

Crayola Color Alive packs retail for RRP $7.99 and are available at all leading retailers. There are many popular themes available in the range and each set includes a 16 page colouring book, 7 crayons and a free app download for endless play. These are an ideal choice for kids these school holidays.


*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the items featured in exchange for their promotion here.
All opinions expressed are my own and genuine.


  1. Some things never get old and Crayola is one of them! How cools is that app?!

    1. Crayola are just the best where kids are concerned. I just head straight for this brand now for my kids. Loads of fun.

  2. These look a world of fun. I might have to get some . . . for my 3 year old of course *cough*

    1. I know, I keep fiddling about with their colouring books and the app when the kids aren't around! Such a good mama!

  3. How awesome!! I feel like I need these :P

    1. Believe me when I say YOU DO! Just too much fun not to get involved.

  4. I love this product, can't believe I had never herd of it before. It will be intereting to see what they come up with next.
    It really annoys me when I buy colouring pencils and they just don't have the depth of colour. Crayola have a great colour punch in their mediums.

    1. Yes - re: pencils. I made the mistake of buying cheap pencils and never again! There was no colour at all and the kids had to press so hard that they had sore wrists and simply quit. You can't go wrong with Crayola though, they always deliver.


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