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EasiYo Mini Yoghurt Makers Review (and Biggies!) Plus Make Healthy Yoghurt Drops

Is there a food that contains more health benefits than natural, wholesome yoghurt? There may well be many foods that rival yoghurt in the health stakes, but few are quite so child-friendly and well-received. Thankfully, yoghurt is a food which most kids can't seem to get enough of.

Hooray for EasiYo!

We're big EasiYo consumers in this household. There's no need to rehash the details - I have already covered this fantastic home yoghurt making kit on Six Little Hearts. I am excited to share EasiYo's latest yoghurt maker though, which is a smaller unit for smaller households, or for those times when only a fraction of a batch of this delicious dairy food is required.

In our own home, we usually have two batches of EasiYo on the go in our 1kg EasiYo units, at all times. (We have several of these units as a family of eight.) Our kids consume EasiYo almost as soon as it is ready, which is between 8-12 hours depending on the desired consistency.

Despite having so much yoghurt available to eat, we still run out on occasion, or there are times where I require or desire a flavour that is less popular with my kids, for a recipe or a snack for myself. Hello Mini EasiYo Yogurt Maker!

The new EasiYo Mini Yogurt Maker is a gorgeous apple green in colour and makes a delicious and compact 500 grams of yoghurt. This size is ideal if you are a mini household, an infrequent yoghurt eater (less wastage), or for those times when you are making a recipe that requires just a small amount of yoghurt.

Maybe, like me and just want a small quantity of Low Fat Greek Style Yogurt to enjoy at times, without the stress of having to get creative with a massive batch of leftovers. (I am so glad I can enjoy this in smaller quantities now!)

EasiYo's newest little unit sits all cute and tidy on the benchtop. The mini sachets of healthy, acidophilus-enriched yoghurt flavours are available in convenient boxes of threes and are easy to store in your pantry with a long shelf-life. 

One of the biggest bonuses of making your own yoghurt, is that there's no juggling messy pots of yoghurt home from the shops anymore, or worrying about best before dates. The flavour is way better than the store stuff too.

If you have yet to discover the taste and convenience of making EasiYo yourself, then my advice is, you should get yourself a unit, stat! No regrets.

Making yoghurt yourself is not as scary as it sounds. Every EasiYo unit comes with its own yoghurt-making jar within, and a plastic insert which holds this jar in the correct position for the fermentation process to take place. All you need to do to make your own amazing-tasting yoghurt at home, is simply add water.

Making EasiYo is a cinch, and it's a fraction of the cost of store-bought varieties which are typically laden with artificial colours and flavours. 

Kids love to help whip this yummy stuff together with you too, which is kinda cute!

The makin' is all in the shakin'!
It's so easy to prepare EasiYo. First, just choose your desired flavour. EasiYo has so many to choose from and they are conveniently available at your local supermarket. There's always something delicious to try.

EasiYo Yogurt sachets come in a huge variety of flavours and typically cost less than the ready-made varieties.

Today, we're making EasiYo's Summer Fruits Yogurt, as chosen by my little EasiYo expert.

Simply fill your yoghurt jar halfway with fresh water and add the Yogurt flavour sachet to this. Give it a big shake, before adding more water to fill the jar and you're just about done.

Fill the EasiYo unit with boiling water, up to the line indicated on the insert, pop your jar of yoghurt inside and seal with the twist-top lid. Keep your EasiYo unit somewhere convenient and out of reach of young children on your kitchen bench. (Especially while it's hot.)

Thick and yummy!
EasiYo's new Mini Yogurt Maker retails for RRP $17.99 and a box of three EasiYo Yogurt Sachets are priced at RRP $7.99. The EasiYo range is available at Big W, Woolworths, Foodland, IGA and online via Australian Natural Care.
For a quick and easy, healthy children's snack, try these EasiYo Yogurt drops. To make, line a baking tray with baking paper. Place around a cup of freshly made EasiYo into a snap lock bag and trim a tiny corner to form a piping bag. Place dots of thick yoghurt 'buttons' onto the baking paper and put this in your freezer for a couple of hours to chill. When the yoghurt is set, remove the frozen buttons from the baking paper and place in a suitable container in your freezer for healthy and convenient snacking as required.

Kids can enjoy these refreshing calcium-filled treats at any time.

Have you tried EasiYo before?
Do you have any great kids' snack ideas to share, which are made with yoghurt?

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted EasiYo products in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are genuine.


  1. Cute! Looks like a fun activity, even ignoring the other benefits. Thanks for sharing. #teamIBOT

    1. Celeste comes running everytime I make it! She likes helping out in the kitchen. ;)

  2. I love the idea of yoghurt drops! I've never thought of that!
    My kids are funny with yoghurt. They love it, then they don't. The appeal definitely comes in waves.

    1. They are so little effort to make! A batch of these might make them instant yoghurt lovers..

  3. Ooohhh my son loves yogurt! Its so amazing how easy it is to make some! #twinklytuesday

    1. Do you make your own? EasiYo tastes incredible next to the bought lines. :)

  4. I have always wanted to do this with my kids #twinklytuesday

    1. You must! Kids adore helping out in the kitchen!

  5. My little ones absolutely LOVE yoghurt, but they make so much mess! Haha.
    My little boy literally smears it in his hair!
    So something like this would be absolutely perfect!

  6. These look fab - I love the idea of homemade yogurt and really clever to make them into drops! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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