Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Wriggling With Babylove and Hi-5! A Special Event to Remember and A Babylove Giveaway...

We were so very excited to be invited to a super-special morning recently, with children's superstars Hi-5! Babylove nappies have teamed-up with the popular children's entertainment group to form a unique partnership via an ultra-soft and comfortable nappy developed especially for little wrigglers.

From the moment this opportunity cropped up, we were positively a-buzz with excitement and anticipation. I am a long-term fan of Hi-5 and every child we've raised has been fascinated with Hi-5's energy, music and dance routines. (We may even know some of the moves and grooves very well. Make that 'I.' Wink! I am sure you other grown-ups reading might too!) 

Our youngest is not surprisingly, a mega-Hi-5 fan too!

The morning of fun took place at The Space Dance and Arts Centre, Theatre Studio in Melbourne's Prahran. We arrived right on time to experience all the fun. It was a huge bonus to discover that this event was just a small and quite exclusive gathering. There were only a handful of kiddies (and their very excited parents!), leaving plenty of time to get up close and personal with the Hi-5 girls, Tanika and Mary.

It was so refreshing to be able to approach these gorgeous gals without swarms of children attached! Mary and Tanika in real-life, are just delightful (and so pretty). Almost as soon as we'd spotted them, we walked up and were chatting away as if we knew one another well. They're both so warm, sweet, happy and very animated. True children's entertainers.

Our Celeste was a little star-struck initially. Mary's magic and well-honed skills with children worked very quickly on her though. Soon her shyness was wilting behind her obvious excitement and awe. Plus a little lesson in how to do a 'high five' the Hi-5 way, helped iron out those early apprehensions.

After some time spent chatting with Mary, it was Tanika's turn to impress this three year old. By now, Celeste knew the ropes and her temperature was rising by the minute!

The most fun of all was still to come - a personal mini-concert for the kids in attendance. Tanika and Mary sang, danced and encouraged their little crowd to get wriggling while us parents admired the overall performance. It was adorable to witness. All the kids appeared to be awestruck and mostly stuck to the spot! 

These girls have so much energy and wonderful voices too. It wasn't long before us mums were encouraged to dance along, to help those little bodies get moving. Great fun!

Getting a physical work out together to Hi-5's LOVE song. (I am seriously unfit. I was so sore the next day!)

The Babylove nappies and Hi-5 relationship is a simple one. Easy to use Babylove Nappy Pants help parents get their little wrigglers changed quickly and with ease and this helps to encourage development in little bodies. Moving children are learning and developing and Hi-5 are experts at fostering this. The connection is a clear winner.

There are all size ranges available in the Babylove Nappy Pants range, including pants for older kids who still need assistance overnight. (My younger boys are enjoying their Babylove Nappy Pants with the smaller Babylove logo placement, which doesn't put them off by bruising their pride!)

After learning a little more about the special relationship between Hi-5 and Babylove, it was time for some autographs to mark the occasion and a further chat with the girls.

...Plus a little partying with the balloons, fun foods and other kids before heading off with a huge balloon (and nappy) collection in-tow!

A massive thank you to Babylove and Hi-5 for this fun-filled morning!

New Babylove Wriggler Nappy Pants are the first and only Nappy Pants in Australia specially designed for the wriggler stage. They have an ultra-soft, 360 degree stretchy waist to help change wriggly babies on the move!

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Try out some of the delicious recipes we've shared by Hi-5 members.

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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted a variety of Babylove products and some sensational memories!
A huge thank you to Babylove and Hi-5 for a wonderful morning. We had a ball. x


  1. I'm a big fan of Baby Love nappies - great quality and a great price. Love to win these for Master 2

  2. Projectile explosion
    Midnight commotion
    Hubby awoken
    not a word spoken
    I needed a shower
    Despite the hour

    Cheers Rebecca Tompsett

  3. It would have to be the time my husband left me alone for the first time with 2 kids. My 2 year old was screaming to me that something stunk. I looked down at my 5 week old baby and there was poo coming out his onesie near his wrists. It was everywhere! My daughter was gagging while I am trying my hardest not to laugh.

  4. We switched from Huggies to Babylove long time ago because Babylove is much more comfy and gentle for babies/toddlers.We've been a big fan of Babylove.Would love to win for my little man.

  5. To change it up a bit from the usual Huggies brand! Karina lee

  6. Fun! I love watching the kidlettes faces meeting people from the TV!

  7. Gosh Hi 5 have changed a lot since my girls were into them. Looks like a fab event.

  8. A couple of years ago.
    Giving my youngest a breastfeed.
    Gurgling noises and rumblings in her nappy below.
    Decided to just leave it till after the feed...
    Until I felt an uncomfortable warmth.
    Poo runnning down the rocking chair, all over my shirt and everywhere.
    Couldn't help but laugh - had to yell out to hubby to "RUN THE BATH!"
    Never a dull moment with kids and now a memory forever :)

  9. Oh my goodness looks like fun.so love the outfit colour all bright and fun

  10. My wiggly wriggly worm loves to wiggle to Hi5!
    Babylove is the nappy we choose,
    the only one we like to use,
    Best brand at holding number ones and twos!
    Kasey Evans,

  11. I love high five too! I used to be a dance teacher and we always used to use their songs (I'm talking vintage high five about 15 years ago lol!!) looks like a special event :)

  12. This sounds like a great collaboration and a fabulous morning for you. Are the High 5's a bit like the Wiggles?! We don't have anything like either of those groups in the UK - nothing that is successful anyway and it's a shame. Your daughter looked adorable and I loved her tutu skirt. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  13. I'd love to use the money ive saved, stocking up on nappies, to treat my little ones to day of exploring and adventuring! Sarah ellwood

  14. How cute Celeste looks giving the high fives! :) What a great day!

  15. I remember using baby love with my first- they were well priced but still great quality!

  16. I have not heard of these , but I'm sure as my daughter grows up I may come across them #weekendblogshare

  17. So much fun! I've only heard great things about Baby Love nappies. How awesome are Hi-5? Unfortunately, my boys never got into them, I don't know why. They're all such groovers!

  18. I remember the original Hi 5 ers as my now teen grandkids were into them. They were fun and an energetic group for sure. This looks like it was a lovely visit! Kids get a bit shy though dont they?

  19. My husband changing his sons nappy for the first time........feeling a bit squeemish, he thought ok got through that one, almost instantly he pooped again...wiped...pooped...wiped pooped....looking at me, a bit green around the gills, he said its like pushing a button except its a bumhole...then he vomited all over me and his son....my son then pooped again!!! omg I wish I had videod it, I could not stop laughing :)

  20. Wonderful post and brilliant giveaway Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky please come back next week

  21. I'd never used nappy pants before the next door neighbours kid was playing here and he'd pood his. My sister was here and I was saying, "How am I going to remove this without getting poo everywhere. Of course she filled me in to rip the sides. My kids are out of nappies now, but Baby Love was my favourite brand of pull up :)

  22. Sharon Markwell - Our little boy peed right into my husband's mouth while he was changing his nappy. Well done! I still haven't stopped laughing.

  23. Despite being the primary care giver I have never had my little boy pee on me. He does it to Dad happily!

  24. I would love to give some Mummy and BabyLove to my daughter for her son as having a partner in the army she is practically a single mum 9 months of the year and it can get quite hard for her. Managing work and a baby she does an awesome job, but I'm sure a gift like this would be greatly appreciated.

  25. What a wonderful event, looks like SO much fun!
    We were using Huggies exclusively until I got a sample of Babylove, I switched immediately and my little boy has had far fewer number 3's since!! :D
    Trish Welsh

  26. I'd love to win this for my 2 very busy little girls!

  27. Love to win as chloe is 2 on the 12th these would be perfect for toilet training Thankyou

  28. Never tried Baby love nappies would love to give them a try on my two boys, heard some great reviews on their products

  29. I know a certain little girl who would love wearing these big girl pants.


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