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Childsmart Worlds Apart Disney Toy Box Review. Toy Storage Solutions...

*Six Little Hearts is a brand rep for Childsmart.

Have you noticed that hints of Christmas have started to appear about the place? I know - Spring has only just sprung but already, catalogues and television commercials are mentioning the big day, despite it being months away. I am feeling the fear I can tell you, so much so that I have just begun to pick up a few bits and pieces here and there as I shop. I'm also collecting useful links online with unique gift suggestions for when things get really serious.

At the very centre of my fears surrounding the upcoming Festive season, is my stress about the mess and clutter we will be drowning in this December, if we don't get on top of controlling the playthings our children already own!

Year round at our home filled with six kids, you can count on there being mess about the place, daily. No amount of cleaning (or tossing out) seems to improve things either.

Our latest household addition has definitely helped us to positively improve our organising efforts though. This beautiful Disney Princess toy box by Worlds Apart is available at Childsmart and has really helped to sort, store and provide an attractive play station for our youngest.

Experienced parents know that young children need their toys to be arranged in such a way as to keep their parts together at all times.

Unlike older kids, littlies don't have the capacity to remember where misplaced items are located about the house. Toys such as blocks for example, are fairly useless without the sum of their parts. This means that us grown-ups need to intervene regularly and sort their playthings in order for there to be continued enjoyment. In doing so, we provide our young kids with the best possible opportunity for them to experience play that is also of educational value. (With the least amount of frustration too!)

Our daughter's newest toy box is doing a super job at keeping everything centralised and available to her. It's also made our lives that much easier by keeping a lid on the clutter.

The Worlds Apart Disney Princess Toy Box is sturdily built from strong MDF and it holds loads. This is all-over a great quality piece and will keep you covered for years when it comes to cleaning up and storing those new and existing playthings your child accumulates as they grow.  

The exterior of this toy box is every little girl's dream and will easily fit tidily within a young child's bedroom or play space. The box is a stunning shade of girly pink and it has three of Disney's most divine princesses gracing its facing panel: Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. The side and rear panels are plain, which can perfectly extend the life of the unit beyond the early years. (Later on, just turn the picture to the wall and grab several more years of life out of your purchase!)

The Disney Princess play box measures a huge 60cms width and 39.5cms height and depth. There are safe, smooth edges and large handles on each side to help to move the box about as required.

The lid on this play box lifts clean-off to reveal a spacious interior that's pink throughout. We've filled our daughter's box with her favorite books and smaller tubs of toys. When play beckons, it's all here waiting for her and easy enough to control too, when it comes to packing it all up afterwards.

We especially appreciate the dual functionality that this piece of furniture offers.

The fully removable lid makes this is a very safe toy box to use. There are no hinges or hazardous angles that can threaten your child's safety. With the lid on, the toy box becomes a welcoming surface for children to play at, even sit upon. Either standing or sitting, it makes a perfect child-sized table with convenient storage beneath the lid. (This also doubles as a fab coffee table when the kids are in bed!)

Take the lid off and you have an ideal back-board to do art, play dough, paint and build upon, no matter where your child wishes to set themselves up.

The Worlds Apart Disney Princess Toy Box is priced at $99 and is available from the Childsmart website. The box arrives flat-packed and is very quick and simple to assemble with the included screws.

A toy box is an essential addition to any child's play room and we highly recommend the standout quality of this one in particular. You can build on this beautiful themed range too. Read our earlier review of the matching Worlds Apart Disney Princess Desk here.

For more toy storage solution ideas (especially in the lead-up to Christmas), check out this gorgeous Minnie Mouse shelving unit, which is available from Childsmart.

How do you stay on top of your children's playthings?
Do you own a good toy box?

*Disclosure: The featured item was gifted to Six Little Hearts in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. What a gorgeous toy storage solution!

  2. Great size toy box! I have some Mocka felt baskets which look great and fit heaps in them. We have a wooden one like this but the boys were too rough and broke it. They thought it was the box itself that was the toy! #TeamIBOT

  3. Hey that looks terrific. It's a fantastic height for using the top as a play space, and I love the idea of the entire lid coming off. It's always the hinges that give out at our place so no hinges and worry is great. Loads of ways to play imaginatively with the box too.

  4. This is super cute! I can appreciate any bit of furniture that has a dual purpose - especially if one of them is storage (because with kids owning a million things, you can never get enough!). We have several IKEA Expedit (now Kallax) shelves and use the big black Drona inserts to keep by son's stuff organised (you can see that in action here http://j.mp/2ceJJFc). Love that this toy box doubles as a desk though - it's practical, a space saver, and it'd be perfect for storing and moving all his colouring in and craft stuff in and out of his room!

  5. Having just returned from Disneyland Paris with our Frozen-obsessed daughter, this looks like exactly the sort of thing she would love. #twinklytuesday

  6. This looks brilliant! I've been on the lookout for unique storage ideas - my baby is due very soon and I'm trying to make the most of any space I have! This seems like such a good option! :) #weekendblogshare

  7. A toy box would come in very handy in my house. There's just toys everywhere at the moment, need to get organised :)

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