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Euky Bear Blitz Nitz Spray and Go. Treat Headlice the Easy Way and Win...

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Euky Bear Blitz Nitz.

Like all parents, I really loathe infestations of head lice. It's not just because of the 'creep' factor either. (Though that's certainly a large part of it for me.) It's mainly all that extra treating, washing and faffing-about that sends me mad the most. Who needs or wants the extra work?

We've been counting ourselves rather lucky of late. There have been no new outbreaks of nits around here for many months. I am pretty thrilled about that!

Over time, I have observed that my own kids seem to peak in a cycle of nit outbreaks, mainly during the school holiday periods, or during the first couple of weeks of the school term. 

I reckon I'm onto something...

These cycles of head lice have proven such a common occurrence now, that I tend to ask my kids daily during these times, if anyone has an itchy head. I am forever obsessively scouting for nits, always watching like a hawk for a child to scratch their scalp just once in my presence, before I swoop on them with my arsenal of nit treatments, (and associated panic attacks).

Like many parents, I am constantly on the hunt for new and convenient ways to both detect and treat, head lice. Nit treatments are renown for being messy and inconvenient, so simple and effective methods are always preferred, as are naturally-based formulas over nasty chemicals.

If you've ever tried to locate a lice outbreak in your child's hair, you'll know just how hard it can be. It's especially so, when you include factors such as poor lighting, hair colour and thickness as well as kids who want no part at all in it. (The latter's possibly the hardest!)

While we (thankfully), have no nit outbreaks at present to actually try out this Blitz Nitz LED Head Lice Comb by Euky Bear, I just know from experience that it's going to make the process of finding nits a cinch next time we do.

The Euky Bear Head Lice Comb uses an LED light to make the exoskeleton of lice actually glow. (They become fluorescent.) This technology combined with a regular lice comb means you can spot and remove lice and their eggs easily, without the traditional messy hair conditioner method, and without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. Yay to that!

The Euky Bear Blitz Nitz LED Head Lice Comb runs on 3, AAA batteries and can provide 10,000 hours of continued use.
(Note: Comb is not using the LED light in these images.)

The other annoying fact about head lice outbreaks, (especially for parents) - your kids' tendency to always report they've itchy heads at the most inconvenient of times: think Sunday night, or a school night, right before bed, or even right before they leave for school... SCREAM!

I am 'itching' to give this product a go next time: Euky Bear Blitz Nitz Spray and Go. Forget about being majorly inconvenienced when nits next arrive in your child's hair. This formula is designed for busy parents and kids, who can't stop to faff about the old-fashioned way.

The Spray and Go formula is a simple and gentle, leave-in treatment which can be used effectively on dry or damp hair. Just cover your child's shoulders with a towel and spray and massage into the hair from the scalp to the tips once you've spotted nits. Then, get on with your day. Ideally, leave the formula in the hair for at least 5 hours or overnight. (When using overnight, you'll need to cover the pillow with a towel.)

Allow the formula to dry naturally in the hair, before washing out the next day. (You can also shampoo the formula out with Blitz Nitz Shampoo.)

Spray and Go is naturally fragranced with essential oils and contains a clinically proven formula that kills head lice: eucalyptus, argan kernel and grape seed oils. To break the life cycle of any head lice infestation, repeat the process on days seven and fourteen after this initial treatment.

You can learn more about Euky Bear's Blitz Nitz Spray and Go here. This product is available at Chemist Warehouse for just $12.69. RRP $14.95. Find Euky Bear on Facebook

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What methods have you tried to break the head lice cycle in your home?

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  1. On a plane heading interstate for my brothers wedding... I noticed my son scratching so in a fancy pants hotel with the biggest bathroom I have ever seen while helping the bride get into her gown I was dousing the three kids. VERY busy day but they had the softest most wonderful hair from all the oil for the photo's!!

  2. At the hairdressers, waiting for my turn (yes my turn I work in a kindergarten class) scratched my head and one stuck to my finger... Made up some fake emergency and left.
    Kristina S

  3. We hadn't managed to have family babysit for over 2 years; finally my parents allow us the break and we're about to drop the kids over for a few hours.... kids scratching scalps. Nooooo! Needless to say we missed our few hours respite. I'd love to win because the LED light comb would make it much easier to spot the fun ruiners!

  4. I'd gone into labour with our youngest of 3, and a friend of ours looked after our 2 eldest for us while we were in hospital. When she dropped them off, she let us know that Hamish and Belle had nits, but she'd treated them. I was horrified and embarrassed, not even realising the kids had them. But was so grateful that our friend handled it for us, as we were in hospital extra time as Hunter was born with pneumonia.

    1. Oh No! Major issues there! Congratulations - your horror nits tale has won you this prize pack.
      Thank you so much to everyone who entered. (And your yucky tales!)

  5. The teddy looks so gorgeous, as your little one!!! I am not entering as I am in the UK but fab giveaway! #twinklytuesday

  6. Ah this has made my head scratch. My daughter hasn't had them yet but I know she will one day. Urgh. #twinklytuesday

  7. I think these electric combs are the only ones that really work, though ours are now toothless!

  8. Oh it is such an issue these days and probably has been moreso as the nits become resistant to treatment. I hated being a principal and sending the notes home knowing that there would always be "one or two" families who would not do anything. That said, for some kids (I know one) they seem to adore that person and its an absolute trial to do the treatment. This sounds like a winner. Denyse #teamIBOT

  9. I decided to come back and enter. My DD needs this product in her home STAT, with a 17 yo whose head is loved by nits and a 4 yo with curly hair it is clear that NITS need to be GONE.

  10. I really don't want to jinx myself, but we've never had head lice hear. Oh my God. I'm all of a sudden itching. Thanks a lot, Jody!! I use a Moov Head Lice Defense spray on the girls' hair every day and it seems to be working. I'd love this comb though to thoroughly search for nits. It sounds fantastic with the light.

  11. I must confess, I'm scratching my head reading this post. Hoping that those days are behind us. I'm all for a product that eliminates chemicals because I'm convinced the lice get use to the chemicals for starters and would prefer not to have to use them where possible. Off to check my girls' hair. Without them realising.

  12. Thank goodness the days of shaving heads to remove lice are a thing of the past! Its almost a guarantee that each year does not pass without an outbreak to treat when the kids return to class!

  13. My daughter has had them twice – first time last year it was the hairdresser that found eggs and luckily i could get to them early so it was not that bad. Then she got them again the second week of school this year, i found them because i was tying her head back and noticed a red rash behind her ear. Lo and behold her head was full of eggs and about 15 adult nits – she had the day off school and i went through her hair bit by bit to get as many eggs as i could – it was a very long day!!!!. I try and remember to check my kids heads weekly now.

  14. I'd love to win this prize as I'm all about being prepared, and if you have kids, it's a fact of life at some stage or another they'll experience nits! I'd like to have a ready remedy on hand when I need it.

  15. ugh-i think i have tried everything on market!!

  16. With three boys, last year we had an epidemic for about 2 months. Constantly applying and combing, and felt like it went on forever!

  17. at a friends wedding omg I was mortified

  18. My 2yrd old son had his first major operation and on the day we came home my 1yr old daughter got sent home from day care with lice and discovered we all had them, then to top it off I got a sever sinus infection, it took days to get them out and was the most horrible time. The LED head lice comb is pure genius and would love one to be better prepared for next time. Alicia Tsouskas

  19. 7:15am, one of the kids says my heads itchy, check them and all FOUR have nits. I then have to cancel the boys bus and then treat them one after the other in between ringing three schools to say the kids are going to be late/not coming in. Four hours later I've finally finished, and then have to repeat ad nauseum because we just couldn't get rid of the little buggers.

  20. About 8.30pm after a really long day. Sitting up combing through conditioner on three children's heads wasn't fun.
    Alicia Bardsley

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. The worst time I found out she had nits was when my Daughter came back from a sleepover! Which led to a very awkward conversation with her friends Mother! Julia Mason

  23. On a Sunday night we were all set for Preschool and work the next day, as I tucked my daughter into bed I found one! Grrrrr!!! It was supposed to be my relax time before work. Belinda Moxey

  24. My son was invited to a birthday party from my wifes mothers group. Low and behold everyone was freaking out !! needlesss to say we have not had another invite :(
    blake haugen

  25. Nits are on the prowl again at school and this seems a much "nicer"way to combat those nasty critters without stressing everyone at home
    Mick Gillies

  26. Mr 6 has issues with his hair, it would be a nightmare for him to get nits now that he is at big school!

  27. hayley shaw- Heading off for a day of shopping when the day care lady called "you need to come back and pick up your child" went back about a 50 minute drive only to find absolutely nothing in her hair grr

  28. The morning of a wedding where my daughter was to be the flower girl, she woke up scratching! I didn't want to put anything that would smell in her hair and didn't want her scratching during the ceremony or photos, so I just went overboard with cheap conditioner for an hour before she got ready, what a nightmare! Teena L

  29. Surprisingly we have avoided nits so far with all 4 kids so I would love this pack so we are prepared for when the inevitable happens!

  30. The worst time is minutes before a haircut as the hairdresser will refuse to cut and it can take ages to get another appointment!


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