Thursday, 1 September 2016

How Safe Is Your Family Car? The Importance of Regular Tyre Maintenance and Win, Plus September Aussie Giveaway Linkup

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As parents, we've unwittingly signed-up to spend a good deal of our lives within the confines of our vehicles, as we ferry our children from one event to another, year after year. Those inevitable driving duties are an integral part of our parental role when it comes to raising our children.

Yet getting caught-up in our daily to-do's with our families, can so often result in us overlooking the importance of greater things, such as vehicle safety. Remembering to maintain your car beyond the annual scheduled service is a must and there's no better place to begin, than from the ground up.

I am first to admit that for myself at least, the term 'car maintenance' generally equates to me making sure that I have petrol at all times and a clean vehicle interior! While both will get me from A to B in relative convenience and comfort, where actual safety on the road is concerned, these considerations are of little to no significance at all. Safety is paramount as the saying goes, and never more so than when we're driving. It's something we all can and should, lend a little extra thought and time to, despite our busy lives.

Have you considered just how important your tyres are lately, to your family's safety on the road?

Tyre maintenance doesn't have to be complicated, time-consuming or even terribly costly, and by investing just a small amount of time and effort into this essential area on a regular basis, you can potentially save lives too. If you've ever experienced the unfortunate situation of a car accident, you will know only too well, just how important having good tyres beneath you can be.

A random tyre check assessment of 16,904 cars was conducted by Continental Tyres across Australia recently, at over 10 suburban car parks in March of this year. The study revealed some unnerving statistics:

Only 68 percent of Australian cars have a tyre tread depth which is sufficient for safe driving. Twenty-seven percent of cars had tyres needing replacement within the following three to six months and 5 percent of vehicles were actually not deemed roadworthy at all, due to the poor state of their tyres.

So what can you do to ensure the safety of your own family vehicle?

Know and check your tyre tread depth regularly. This means, measuring the gap between the channels at the 'base' of your tyre and the top of the tread that touches the road. The legal minimum depth in Australia is 1.6mm. Continental Tyres suggest a 3mm depth as more appropriate for safe driving however.

Research conducted by Continental Tyres in warm weather conditions, found a tread of 3mm compared to the recommended 1.6mm, made a significant 20 metre difference when brakes were applied from 100km to 60km per hour to avoid an impact.

Check your tyre pressures regularly. A tyre that is inflated incorrectly (either over-inflated or under) will reduce its ability to respond to the road. This equates to an increase in the likelihood of a car accident. Tyres will naturally deflate over time from use and so require fairly constant monitoring. Check your tyre pressures at least monthly. Plan to do it at the start of each month (when you fill up with fuel for example), so that you are not likely to forget.

Set your inflation pressures as per your tyre placard or your vehicle handbook and always check your pressures when the tyre is cold.

Check and fit new valves on your tyres. Valves are essential for keeping your tyres at the correct level of inflation. Just like the tyre itself, these too are prone to weakening with use. Check yours on each tyre at regular intervals. These are inexpensive to replace, but essential.

Have you checked your wheel alignment lately? Daily driving means regular bumping into curbs and driving over pot holes. Over time this can throw your steering out of alignment and cause wear to your tyres in an uneven pattern. This wear not only shortens the life of your tyres, but can cause them to underperform on the road.

An easy way to check if your wheels are out of alignment, is to feel for any slight  'pull' on the steering wheel (to either the left or the right) as you are driving. Have any issues seen to, as soon as possible.

Rotate your tyres. A sure way to even out your tyre wear, is to rotate the tyres on your vehicle. Have a professional do this for you, such as the experts at Continental Tyres. Front wheels tend to wear out faster than rear wheels for example, so switching these around can help improve your safety significantly.

Regularly check your tyres. On top of these points is another important add-on: make sure you inspect your tyres frequently for general damage. Check for nails and notable issues such as bulging, cracks, tears, baldness and so on. Tyres that are in a faulty state need urgent seeing-to. Make it a habit to look at your wheels every time you get in your car. It takes no time at all and could potentially save your life and the lives of others.

With nearly one third of Australian cars at risk or failing in tyre safety, make checking yours a priority. For more information on tyres and tyre safety, visit the Continental Tyres website.

When did you last check your tyres?
Have you ever been involved in a vehicle accident?

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  1. Oops, trigger fingers this morning.....clicked too quick & forgot the question (DOH!!!). I did a car maintenance course for girls in high school and the best thing I learned was changing a tyre. I'm lucky enough not to be married anymore, so live with my girls and I'll be teaching them all the "hubby chores" for the car.

  2. Urgh. We just updated our tyres. We have two daughters learning to drive and it was important to me that the car and tyres were up to scratch. Of course I'm a complete nervous wreck when it comes to them driving, even with new tyres.

  3. Oh this couldn't come at a better time! We need some new tyers before we set off on holiday with our two little ones!

  4. I'd love to win because we're currently deciding between new tyres and new car. And I LOATHE car shopping, so new tyres would get me out of it!

  5. Our car could do with some new tyres....something with tread!

  6. I'm horrible at checking my tires. When I lived at home, my Dad took care of it for me. I need to start being more responsible about this!

  7. Great advice! I am awful at keeping my tyres pumped up and it wears them out so quickly

  8. I had no idea it was so common. Will get ours checked ASAP!

  9. This timing is perfection as I know that I am driving around on tyres that are not! I keep putting off buying new ones due to the expense. Karin O'Grady

  10. This is where I am so lucky to have Luke! He is just amazing at looking after my car and I know it will be even more important to him once the little one arrives!

  11. Thanks for linking up…The Ultimate Rabbit Hole Guest Host – Shari from GoodFoodWeek xox

  12. My car is in bad need of a wheel alignment. I really should get on to that. I once heard that you should fit a match head (the red part) in your tread, if it is below that you need new tyres!

  13. Having bought lemons in the past, we now check the tyres regularly on our family car. Especially as we go on so many road trips to visit my folks 300 kms away.

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  15. Tyres are one thing we always take careful consideration when buying.
    Safety is far too important to skimp on.
    Thanks for linking up to #MummyMondays.

  16. The wheels on my car go.......clunk clunk clunk!

  17. My husband truck is due new tyres, peace of mind when you are on the road is priceless.

  18. We drove to Brisbane last year and I felt something was amiss, when I got there and checked the tyres, one tyre was flat, 7% air, we were so lucky it didn't explode, I worry about it a lot now!
    Eva Kiraly

  19. id love to win as it would be a perfect gift for hubby

  20. We always check the tyres before big trips but often forget during the little trips. I will be adding the regular tyre check to the list! Lyndall


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