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Introducing GroupTogether - A Better Way to Say Thank You

This post is brought to you in collaboration with GroupTogether.

This family has just finished dealing with the big, bi-annual primary school production.

Boy, what a hectic time that was!

Getting our three boys prepared for their exciting school performance was a long and extensive process for all involved, both at home and school. (Thank goodness it's not annual!)

While the teachers and the entire school community worked tirelessly on rehearsals daily for around six weeks, my job on the home front, was paltry by comparison. I merely needed to run about buying the necessary clothing and props that we didn't have on hand for our sons. No doubt you know the ropes if you are a parent to a school-aged child.

With three of our kids involved in this year's production, you can imagine there was quite a bit to do.

After dealing with our own over-tired, moaning boys who were, in the end, dead-against the whole ordeal, including the final straw - the makeup requirements on the production day itself, I was beyond drained. By the time I took these photos of our young cast members, ready to head off to perform, I was at the end of my proverbial tether.

I couldn't help but wonder how their teachers must feel, dealing daily with a classroom loaded with the same wearying attitudes... for an entire school year!

In the end, the production was amazing and our kids enjoyed themselves immensely
despite their six long weeks of tiresome complaints, lengthy days and late nights.

I seriously don't know how teachers manage to do their jobs. (If you're an educator yourself, or anyone who deals with a large group of kids, you deserve a medal!)

Now that term four is almost upon us, for all parents, it's time to start the process of winding up the year. With the approach of Christmas, the atmosphere from here on 'snowballs' into one big to-do list. With the spirit of the coming season being all about giving thanks, that quite naturally means that teachers, coaches, kindergarten educators and so-on, all come under our radar as special recipients of merit.

For those of you who put yourselves forward at this time, to ensure a teacher or coach is rewarded for their efforts by way of a thank you gift, you will be so relieved to learn about a new helpful service called GroupTogether.

GroupTogether was founded by two Aussie mums from Sydney, (Ali and Julie) who wanted to streamline a gift giving service that worked easily and effortlessly for all. This is a special fundraising platform that encourages people to 'group together' to fund a unique thank you gift, and that can also take all the nitty-gritty ground work out of the group collection process.

People rarely need more stuff. GroupTogether aims to reduce the waste involved in the gift giving process by providing a means of gathering funds to help out a special recipient in a way that is purposeful to them. Using this service means that people, (such as teachers) don't receive a deluge of useless or unwanted gifts. Just a quick set-up on the GroupTogether website can take care of the entire process from start to finish, fairly and easily for all.

There are five basic steps to making a collection using GroupTogether. The website is easy to navigate too. I had a go at a mock-up and it was so simple.

All you need to do to make your next fundraiser or event seamless, is enter the details of who and what the collection is for and the amount you would like people to contribute. (Alternatively they can nominate their own amount.) You then choose from a set of stylish templates and enter the email addresses of your recipients. (You can also collect RSVP's for an event if this is your thing.) There's a Group Card option too, so that everyone involved can send a personal message to the recipient. (A nice touch.)
GroupTogether takes the headache out of fundraising by keeping track of everyone, including sending reminders automatically and notifying you of contributions. Once the collection has closed, GroupTogether will then transfer the funds to your nominated Australian bank account. From here you can go forward and organise your special gift or event. So easy!

GroupTogether is free to setup. For each transaction there's a tiny fee charged. (Between 3-5% depending on the chosen payment method.) It all works out to much less than the cost of an average card to accompany your gift. You can even opt-in to donating a portion of your collection to a charity.

Best of all though, GroupTogether is fair. You won't come up short or find yourself in any uncomfortable situations when scouting for promised funds. If you're in charge of making a gift or event happen at any stage, you can't go wrong using GroupTogether to make it happen. Why not set up a reminder now for yourself on the GroupTogether website, to prompt you into action prior to your next fundraiser?

Have you ever been in charge of organising a group collection or event for a special teacher or coach? How did you find the process?


  1. Sounds like a fantastic idea!

  2. That is such an awesome idea - so simple but so useful because it's usually SO HARD to find a suitable gift for teachers, etc.

  3. I have certainly never envied the life of a teacher! Such a fantastic idea to give something back! Sim x #WeekendBlogShare

  4. This is such a great idea and giving back is a great act of karma, V cute kids, I miss the cute little performances now that my daughters are at Senior school! #weekendblogshare

  5. Great kids. Do they have a job yet?

  6. I got an email about this the other day and thought it was a great idea. We haven't ventured into that territory yet but I've no doubt the day is soon!

  7. Glad the production went well! :) We are a few years away from that thankfully, haha!

    Group together sounds pretty cool, I remember once trying to get money together to surprise a friend, it was a hassle trying to get all the money in one place to buy a gift! She loved it and the hassle was worth it in the end, but would have been nicer to have a streamlined process!

  8. I appreciate the thanks for the educators!! I like this idea for gathering for gifts. However, a wee note of caution for those teachers in NSW Public Schools there is a code of conduct requirement for teachers to declare gifts of over a certain amount. I don't know what it is any more...but I do know that parents in classes often 'band together' for gifts.

  9. Thank you for joining the link up today J.

  10. This would be an awesome way to raise funds, especially for a large group. I like the group card idea too with all the personal messages.

  11. That's an awesome idea! Some of the school mums and I were just talking about what we were going to get for our teachers at the end of the year. Doing it through Group Together would be perfect and easy. Great to hear the production went well! I can just imagine how hectic it was for you!

  12. What a brilliant idea! I hate the pressure of buying a gift and wondering if they ever actually use or like what we've bought the teachers. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare


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