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Introducing Swisse Kids - Nutritional Supplements For Busy Kids and WIN!

Now that spring is finally here, it's easy to assume that the winter lurgies have moved on. On the health front, we've managed to get through the colder months relatively unscathed this year and it was a fist-pumping win for this mum. Then the cold, wet Melbourne weather hung on a little longer, and a few bright warm days collided to breed some unfortunate illnesses about our home.

For the past fortnight, the dreaded gastro bug has been making the rounds in the Six Little Hearts household. It's been slow to develop thankfully, but it has so far visited just about every family member to some degree; everyone except me that is - Whoop! I take vitamins daily and always have. I like to think that I have given myself some extra protection in doing so. Fingers crossed...

Kids though... how we worry as parents! They're constantly snacking and usually on all the wrong things. They've little, immature immune systems and fairly average, (possibly non-existent) hygiene skills. It's fair to wonder, 'Are they getting all they need nutritionally?'

We can all worry a little less now, as Swisse have very recently introduced a new range of sugar-free, tooth-friendly supplements especially for the 2-12 years age group. (That's two-thirds of our household covered right there!)

The brand new supplement range for children is proudly endorsed by Swisse Ambassador and celebrity chef, Karen Martini. Karen is also a mum to two girls and knows only too well, how busy kids' lives can be.

The Swisse Kids range consists of chewable tablets which come in popular flavours all kids will enjoy, without artificial flavours. The range is also gluten free and peanut free with no added lactose, yeast or egg products, making them suitable for children with special dietary considerations too.

Naturally, the Six Little Hearts household have been trying out the goods, with thanks to a hamper gifted to us by Swisse.

Like all parents, I can get a little iffy about the idea of purchasing children's supplements. Kids' nutritional support can be costly and parents can be somewhat apprehensive when it comes to purchasing these for picky eaters especially. (Even though these kiddos in particular are precisely the type of children who would benefit from taking supplements in the first place!) No-one wants to shell-out for the one-taste-wonder types, who screw up their little faces and refuse to 'go there' ever again.

So I welcome you to observe my own kids' reactions to the Swisse range in the following images! First though, a little more about each supplement in the range we were sent.

For developing bones and teeth, choose Swisse Kids Calcium plus D3. This tablet is naturally derived and flavoured with a tasty Natural Berry Flavour that your kids will love. RRP $24.99.

One tablet of Swisse Kids Probiotic contains up to six billion good-gut bacteria. These are ideal for supporting young immune and digestive systems, including post-gastro bouts! RRP $24.99.

Swisse Kids Fish Oil is tropical flavoured and contains all the good stuff - omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain and eye function. These capsules are not swallowed so much as pierced and sprinkled into water, juice or on cereal. (Alternatively, in the 6-12 year age group, kids can chew the capsule if they wish.) RRP $24.99.

Swisse Kids Multi provides 22 ingredients to help support general health and wellbeing in little bodies and are presented in a tasty Natural Berry Flavour.

So what did our youngest kids think of the new Swisse range?

They liked the colour of the bottle of Kids Multi and opted into trying these ones out first. The opening verdict: The colour, shape and size of the tablet - all kid approved!

Some intense, silent moments as they allowed those flavours to develop!

The pint-sized taste test continued...

Next in line, the Swisse Kids Probiotic. These are a larger tablet in comparison to the others, however they are chewable and naturally flavoured.

The air was thick with the kids' silent consideration as they each chowed-down on their various healthy chews.

The younger kids looked to the elder brother for his reaction to the flavours and textures. (A crucial, breath-holding moment!)

...and success!

The kids all agreed that they enjoyed the flavours overall and they especially liked the Swisse Kids Multi. (In fact they immediately asked for seconds!) The Swisse range has been well and truly kid-approved in our household which means you may find them a success in your own home too!

You can find out more about Swisse products or purchase the range online from the Swisse website.
Swisse products are available at pharmacies and supermarkets Australia-wide.

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  1. These look great. Glad your kids loved them. I've tried unsuccessfully to get my boys to take vitamins but they're very fussy!

  2. I keep my kids healthy my going on a daily walk and trying to keep them living a stress free life!

  3. Our son was recently diagnosed with caeliac disease; not only keeping him on track with his diet but making sure he gets all the nutrients he needs to thrive is imperative.

  4. I try and keep my kids healthy by making sure that they eat healthy and take a daily multivitamin so they get extra nutrients.

  5. I'd love to win these for my little vegie avoiders!!

  6. I make sure that there's healthy food within reach so she can help herself in the fridge and the bad food up high

  7. We've recently been trying to reduce sugar - the difference in the kids' behaviour is amazing!

  8. These look great! We love cooking together so we know exactly what is going into our delicious food

    1. My full name is Jade Williams - I am not sure if that was a condition of entry :)

  9. I love my Swisse vitamins and have stocked up for my trip to Bali tomorrow.

  10. I try to keep my kids healthy by limiting foods that aren't nutritious. There's not much option in my household other than healthy fruits, yoghurt cheese etc! Treats happen on occasion when we go out so they don't overindulge. My mum thinks I'm too strict but I'm pretty happy with how readily my kids will eat healthy foods.

  11. Having after school activities is very important. My daughter does dance classes.

  12. Good personal hygiene is so important to teach from a young age as it really does help prevent colds and sickness more often than not. We try to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables to keep ourselves healthy and favour honey and lemon for soothing coughs and sore throats.
    Sarah ellwood

  13. I try to give them a nutritional diet, and I get them to wash their hands frequently, especially before eating. I really think that this has helped a lot with their health, and I recommend getting kids into the habit of washing their hands often.

  14. We limit screen time during the week to zero, unless it is homework related. They all participate in Karate, and go twice a week. That encourages them to get off the couch, make new friends, discipline, and a well balanced life style.

  15. My daughter hates taking any kind of tablet, hopefully she'll like these

  16. These look great. My boys are fussy little eaters and i have always given them a multi-vitamin with breakfast. I have my eldest son on a probiotic each morning now due to health reasons and his health has improved ten fold. I would love to try this Swisse brand that you have blogged about here. Thanks for the chance.

  17. We get out every Sunday,
    Treat it like a mini holiday!
    Outdoors playing together,
    No matter the weather!

  18. The kids love eating fruit,
    even more with yoghurt,
    they play outside,
    and get exercise.

  19. Breakfast-starting the right way,
    Walk to school every day,
    every meal with fruit and veg,
    healthy habits I encourage!

  20. I'm the mum who has to disguise the veggies, sneak the fruit into smoothies and if need be shove it down their faces to get my little cherubs to eat properly! The fussy eaters could do with some Swisse vitamins to give me peace of mind :-D
    Debbie Dye

  21. I like to have fruit in the fridge ready to eat so that's an easy option!
    Wendy Sutcliffe

  22. I keep the fridge and pantry chocked up with fresh healthy foods so I can give my kids the best possible start in life, that all begins with how we treat ourselves on a daily level! Healthy body = healthy life!
    Eva Kiraly

  23. I try to lead by example and snack on fruit or something healthy which amazingly inspires them to follow suit!
    Kelly Ryan

  24. Love getting my kids outside, we walk the dog around the local park and the kids play on the playground. -Michelle


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