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Sodastream Power Review Plus WIN a Sodastream Power Worth $249! - Two to Be Won #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Every time I collect my kids from school during the warmer months, they begin bleating about the treats they hope to consume immediately, just as soon as they spot me. We're talking about the bought kind here. Forget about 'hello mum' or 'how are you?!' My hungry kids rarely care. They're more apt to ask if I brought my wallet along with me, so that they can benefit from its pathetic contents. 

Magic that!

My own kids generally view me as a walking pantry, café and overall, money tree and I know it's pretty much the same for all parents, especially mums. I usually don't give in to their tactless demands, but on those occasions when I do, a trip to our local store on the way home from school can easily cost upwards of $20 a hit. That's ice creams, chips and drinks for six - ouch!

By the time we arrive home, there's always a whole load of rubbish strewn about my car and nobody but good-ol'-me bothers to tidy it. In fact, I can usually forget about having any sort of co-operation from this point on in my day. You see, by the time we've hit home, those wonderful store-bought treats are already forgotten and the familiar cruddy afternoon behaviour sets in.

When will I learn?!

Actually, I have made some decent progress (in leaps and bounds really) when it comes to saving my cash in these instances and getting some much needed help from my kids in the after school hours. It's all thanks to Sodastream.


Sodastream is drinks system that makes sparkling beverages in your own home from plain tap water. It's easy, environmentally friendly, tasty and convenient and over time, it can save you big bucks when it comes to treating your family in instances such as the after school period!

We have been using a Sodastream in our home for several years now and have found it to be a highly useful appliance. We've produced beverages for everything from birthday parties to the heatwaves of summer, picnics, car journeys and of course, just for the sake of it. Our kids love it and we're big fans too.

When Sodastream recently offered us the opportunity to try out their newest Sodastream Power unit, we were super-keen. Our former Sodastream unit was a manually operated one. The Sodastream Power unit is a plug-in appliance that makes home beverage production a very professional affair with very little effort. The results are a perfectly uniform beverage every time, at the push of a button.

The Sodastream Power comes with everything you need to get started. Along with the unit itself, there's also a 50 litre exchangeable C02 gas cylinder and an included reusable BPA-free soda water bottle. At this point in particular, the Sodastream system really begins to shine above the store-bought, commercial beverage equivalent.

With a Sodastream in your home, you no longer need to purchase soft drinks or soda water in wasteful plastic bottles that wind up in landfill. Just a couple of Sodastream bottles will keep you going - for years. You can continue to use, wash and re-use the bottles time and time again. At the end of their life, these bottles themselves are fully recyclable too.

Sodastream also produce a huge range of natural flavours to add to your soda water. The benefit of the do-it-yourself nature of this system, is that you can control the amount of bubbles and intensity of the flavour of each and every bottle you make.

All of Sodastream's flavours (RRP $6.95) are naturally sourced and contain no artificial colours or preservatives. The taste is fabulous too! One bottle of flavour can make up to 9 litres of sparkling flavoured water. Best of all though for me, I can get a whole load of co-operation from my kiddos after school with a bottle or two of Sodastream! These days I offer it as a reward in exchange for some assistance on the home front, and displays of good manners. It's helping me yield me some great results!

The Sodastream Power is basic to use and I am going to show you just how easy it is to make your own sparkling waters at home.

After inserting the included gas cylinder into the unit (which is very simple to do - instructions are included), plug in the power adaptor and it's ready to go. Grab your soda bottle and fill it with tap water to the fill line indicated on the bottle.

Attach the bottle of water to the Sodastream Power by pushing it into the bottle holder.

The lights on the unit will flash on to prompt you to choose your level of carbonation.

We like our drinks ultra-fizzy, so always choose the third setting for industrial-strength carbonation!

Watch in amazement as the Sodastream Power does all the carbonating work for you!

Add a dash of your chosen flavour and enjoy.

The unit is seriously simple to use and we really like the fact that the Power does such a terrific job at making the beverage carbonation uniform. (With our former manual model, getting the carbonation accurate was fairly hit and miss for me.) The Power machine is easy enough for kids to use on their own with supervision.

Our kids love the flavours which include all the regular soft drink favourites as well as a natural range with less sugar and more fruit. There are also sugar-free varieties available.

Bubble and fizz! Sodastream Waters Fruits Orange and Mango - very delicious.
Serving suggestion: Try freezing strawberry or fruit pieces and use these as healthy ice cubes.

I personally can't fault the Sodastream system. We were so glad when we purchased one several years back. The new Sodastream Power appliance is a brilliant improvement on our old favourite however, and an absolute winner in our household! This is so convenient to use and a cost-effective method for families when it comes to flavoured waters. Even plain sparkling water with no flavour added at all is a pleasure to drink. (I love plain soda and mineral waters and having the means to produce these at home when I want it, is a huge plus for me.)

The new Sodastream Power is priced at $249 and in my opinion, it's worth every cent. The appliance is available in black or white and has a stainless feature to match the décor of most modern kitchens. You can purchase this particular model (and others), including the full flavour range and order gas refills on the Sodastream website. It's also available at Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman and JB Home. Conveniently you can purchase flavours and exchange cylinders at Target stores Australia-wide.

If you've been sitting on the fence about purchasing a Sodastream for some time now, I would jump at this particular model! Like us, you won't be disappointed with the convenience, flavours and on-going savings you will reap, well into the future. Just love it!

WIN one of two Sodastream Power appliances valued at $249 each, with thanks to Sodastream!
Total prize pool $498.

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  1. I've never tried Soda Stream but would love to, it looks amazingly refreshing.

    Christina L

  2. FUN, FIZZ, FLAVOUR and Hilarity. SO many choices of who gets to press the buttons in a soda party.
    Happy smiles all round and GUZZLING drinks so fine.
    I'd LOVE to have this Sodastream at home, our own Soda Fountain ALL THE TIME! :) Scott Crumlin

  3. No more driving for half an hour into the closest town just to get my soft drink fix!

  4. No more driving for half an hour into the closest town just to get my soft drink fix!

  5. I'd love to bring some healthier bubbles to my family's drink menu! My husband is a sucker for bubbly drinks (it would be great to reduce the plastic waste) , my little girls would love to enjoy a special bubbly treat that they can help to make and I'll love the fact I can say yes to bubbles more often without the guilt or worry! Amanda Giffard

  6. Bubble, Pop, Fizz
    Homemade sodas, a dream it is
    So many flavours, sweet and yum
    Created by a thirsty mum

  7. Press a button to get some bubbles
    Great soft drinks without any troubles
    Let me win this Sodastrem
    Then I will be a mum supreme!

  8. Such a great prize with summer coming!

  9. Love water but sometimes it just doesn't cut it, would love a soda stream to give abit of fizz and tang to my water and quench the thirst in summer..

  10. Nothing satisfies more than a cold drink, especially when you get to make it yourself.

  11. Coming into warmer weather a soda stream would make summer more bearable and i'll feel lucky to have fizzy drinks made my own way!

  12. I haven't used a Sodastream since the 90's and they sure look a whole lot fancier now. My kids don't have much fizz at home, so would love this prize!!

  13. Shannon discombe I'd love this to put some bubbling bounce back into our family we drink a lot of soda water so this would be great and just in time for those summer refreshing concoctions would be bubbling amazing

  14. Just add some lime and mint to sparkling water. Yum.

  15. The last time I used a Sodastream was way back in the early 90's, I still recall mum calling us in on a ht summer day and serving us refreshing soft drink. Now that I have a family of my own I can share some amazing memories with them as well as create some delicious drinks. Jade O

  16. Love to win this as I'm a mum of teenager who struggles with drinking water so this would help drink it more with the yummy flavours in it!! Rebecca Costa

  17. bubbles and fizz tickle our senses with a new Soda Stream we will be laughing all day long.

  18. I love my fizzy water. I could drink a bottle in one sitting. I became addicted to this since I got pregnant with my first child and I can't stop..and it's burning a hole in my pocket!
    Karina Lee

  19. Now this takes me back to my childhood and I thought it was pure magic! I would love a Soda Stream in our house so I can share the fruity bubble magic!
    Alison Weidman

  20. I love soda and winning the soda stream would be amazing because I'd get to enjoy the fizzy goodness I crave in a healthier way!
    Corinne Turner

  21. name is Anna and I'm a Pepsi Max addict. I love me a bit of fizz, but know that breakfast pops is BAD...especially when I am hiding it in a mug so the kids can't see. Whilst I know this is a great option for the little ones (& so many healthier sugar free options than the glory days of my teenage summers with the old style sodastream), I would love to give this a spin to help break my naughty cycle. I reckon it would be a real 'bottler'. Cheers Six Little Hearts and Sodastream.

  22. This summer it would be a dream,
    To have our very own Soda Stream,
    We'd save some bucks, experience different tastes,
    And reduce our plastic bottle waste!

  23. We love our sodastream - we don't even flavour our water. The bubbles are enough excitement for my three year old and my two year old! We recently got a power sodastream and I love it even more then the original - it seriously makes the water fizzier, if that is possible? LOVE!

  24. Oh em geeeeee! I've been dying to get a Sodastream for *years*. My husband has always looks at me like I'm mad, because what could possibly be as good as a fresh opened bottle of Coca Cola? I tell you what! How about a healthy alternative to all the rubbish that's in those branded soft drinks? I almost bought a Soda Stream when I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy, but couldn't justify the cost - we're in stealth saving mode because we're about to build a new house. I have pretty much lived off sparkling mineral water since. And with the Dr telling me to limit sugar intake to keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay, healthy alternatives to treats like soft drink are on my wish list. The new Sodastream Power looks so impressively schmick! Would love to give it a whirl, especially with summer coming along. I didn't realise 1 bottle of flavour makes up to 9L - that's AWESOME value! Think of all the money and waste each household would save if everyone just invested in this?! Great and informative review, as always. Hope you enjoy the new toy 😜

    1. Congratulations Joy! You are winner number one and your Power will be sent to you shortly. I hope you enjoy it. Actually, I KNOW you will enjoy it! :D Will be in touch shortly...

  25. The drinks looks delicious! :) I've never thought about purchasing one, but I do love my soda, or pop as we call it in Tennessee, so maybe I should think about it! :)

  26. As a health conscious mum steering clear of store bought fizzy drinks and juices, i like to find healthy alternative refreshments for my boys. After them having many dental problems over the years, i try to offer them drinks that will not affect their teeth and cause more unnecessary visits to the dentist.

    This option sounds perfect for us because not only can they have alternatives to boring old plain water with this soda stream but they can also get their thirst quenched so much quicker in the summer months and enjoy the taste of fruit flavored water with the fun of bubbles. I could also see my boys being a lot more enthusiastic about drinking water when they get to make the flavor by themselves which would also encourage the healthy 8 glass minimum per day intake. Thanks for a great review six little hearts.

    1. Such a great comment. Sadly you have not left your name inside your comment box so I cannot identify you! :(

  27. Better for You,Better Value,Convenient.
    Eco Friendly,healthier choice, I consent!
    Delicious flavours, drinks on hand,
    every day use and parties, grand!
    Sodastream, a great invention
    Please pick me, I cant stand the suspension :)
    Jody buhagiar

  28. I have a son who wants a Sodastream and if I won this prize, it would make him beam. Vanda Bacich

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. We have a manual SodaStream which will be getting wheeled out for summer very shortly but I love the idea of an automated one to get that industrial strength carbonation action happening! Like you, I'm a bit hit and miss with my pushes! Love it with ginger mixer or brown lime as well! Beth Ruge.

  31. We love our fizzy in this household, so not only would we be making healthier choices to stay hydrated, we would be saving money too! The range of flavours are incredible, so we would be spoilt for choice.
    Sarah ellwood

  32. I love our soda stream - it's such a good system!

  33. I had a friend who had a soda stream when I was a kid, it was a treat to go to their house and have a soda stream drink! Hubby has mentioned before he's thought about getting one, but I
    I've been concerned with the sugar content of the flavours, without really looking into it. The sugar free range sounds great for us. Always wondered if I could make champers out of white wine too ;)

  34. I loved my soda stream although it did get inconvenient to go out dragging the kids with me everytime it ran out. I am addicted to sparkling water and drink it alllll day. I really liked adding a bit of fresh oj to the soda water.

  35. After quitting alcohol; it would be great to have a bit of bubbles back in the house! Kids would love the occasional fizzy treat too. I still remember the one we had from the 80's when I was a kid; brown and tan in colour and it was glass bottles back then. No kid ever forgets the iconic soda stream noise: Brrrrrpppppp Brrrrrppp and being told by Mum 'That's enough! Stop!' after you push to button for ages.

    1. Congrats Sacha - winner number two!
      I also remember those brown devices - what was it about the '70's and early '80's and the brown?
      Thank you to everyone who entered. There are some great responses and I am so sorry I cannot respond to you all. xx

  36. Sparkling,
    Add flavours,
    Make fresh.

  37. Would love to win a SodaStream, home made sodas in so many flavours will keep everyone satisfied.

  38. S: Sparkling water
    O: Oh it's great!
    D: Definitely better than soda
    A: A fact we can appreciate!
    S: So much less sugar
    T: That's healthy for the family
    R: Really convenient and
    E: Especially easy!
    A: And with so many flavours
    M: My whole family will love and savour!

  39. Growing up I always eyed off the Soda Stream machines and begged mum and dad to buy one endlessly. They never did buy one for us and lately my own children have begun asking for one. I'd love to win this so that they don't have to look at them from afar like I did as a girl lol Although i'll eventually buy one if I don't win anyway but winning will be faster than me being able to buy hahahaha

    From Lisa Abejja

  40. Fizzy water slows down my migraines, this would be so useful!

  41. He fills our lives with bubbles of happy, bubbles of sad, bubbles of funny and bubbles of glad. He's bubbly on the inside and effervescent on the outside. He's totally sweet and so full of fizz, we'd love this for dad our handyman wizz.

  42. I was always so jealous of all the kids that had sodastreams when I was a kid!

  43. I've always eyed off the Sodastream machines and thought each time to myself 'one day I'll get one'. As someone who has switched from regular soft drink to soda water I appreciate the versatility of Sodastream; that you can have it plain or flavoured and I love the flavour options of sugar free, regular and also flavours that have no nasties added which makes them perfect for mums and dad's as well as smaller members of the family. One day, one WILL be mine, and after reading the blog from six little hearts I think it will be much sooner!

    Leah Latham

  44. I've always wanted to try one of these! I am jealous. One day!!

  45. It will encourage me - and all the family - to drink more healthy water - if it is fizzy it is fun!
    Nicola Pengilly

  46. This would be amazing for my family, especially with summer fast approaching!

  47. My kids are always pleading for fizzy drinks,
    'Please, Mummy, PLEASE...?!'
    How fantastic to have a healthy option,
    Fizz and fun without the calories...!

  48. To make refreshing drinks in the coming summer months without having store bought soft drink. This would definitely give me a better alternative. Aoife w

  49. I would love to win so that my little man can enjoy the magic and excitement of creating his own soft drink. Also I like that it is a lot healthier than the soft drinks sold in the shops.
    Samara McRae

  50. I would love to win so that my little man can enjoy the magic and excitement of creating his own soft drink. Also I like that it is a lot healthier than the soft drinks sold in the shops.
    Samara McRae

  51. I grow up with Soda Stream but as i got old i lost it & would love to introduce it to my young family now as that special treat

  52. My kids dream
    to own a soda stream
    create their own drinks
    working as a team

  53. It would be revolutionary to have one of these in my household - I drink sparkling water every day to help with chronic stomach issues and I was worrying just this morning about the number of plastic bottles I'm going through (not to mention the cost). I've started using them to sprout seeds for my herb garden, but I'm still accumulating more bottles than I can use - a Sodastream would totally cut out my need to get buying them!

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. I love Soda Stream's wonderful range with Stevia instead of sugar. Christy van Heerden

  56. Kids are always changing their mind on their favourite flavour. SodaStream will let me keep lots of different flavours and we can make whatever we fancy on the day. :) - Irene Pelow

  57. A SodaStream having so many flavours my family will never get bored, this will keep them happy throughout Summer and keeping their fluids up on hot days. Kerrie freame

  58. I love that you can make a Pina Colada and also just sparkling water with lime. There is something for everyone.

  59. My kids would love to own one of these

  60. I still have an ancient model - I would very much like to upgrade!

  61. There are no limitations to our creations,
    Summer, winter, autumn and spring,
    there's nothing more we will love drinking!

  62. Wendy Sutcliffe
    This would be awesome, maybe the teens would stop drinking all the milk!

  63. I've always wanted a Soda Stream, to be able to make refreshing fizzy drinks whenever you feel like it would be amazing! The kids would love being able to choose and invent their own flavours and I bet it's a lot cheaper than buying bottles of soft drink! - Shannon Wotton

  64. I have yet to see these machines in action
    making cola yourself would be cheaper, by a fraction.
    With different flavours to try,
    a thirst will be quenched as summer goes by.
    Ashley Beech

  65. I need ALL THE BUBBLES! But I don't wanna go shopping ;)
    Have heard great things about these contraptions and your review just reinforces it.
    Thanks for the opportunity and good luck all :)

    Alison Lee

  66. Big smiles, wide eyes,tongues sneaking out and licking their lips,
    Three little granddaughters under 5....clinging to my hips,
    Push the button, hear the fizz, "such fun" they say,
    Soda Stream brings us together and makes it a happy day!!
    Monica Scurlock -

  67. Ohhh Soda Stream... I need you tonight... because I need to increase my water intake and I'm guessing by spritzing things up and adding a little flavour kick, it just might go a long way in helping me do that.

  68. My son's favourite 'treat' is soda water with lime juice. He thinks he's having soft drink like his older cousins, but I love that his is good for him! I'd also love to trial the natural range too. It's a perfect 'treat' for a 5 year old, and one that can even get him tidying up without complaining. What more could a Mum want?


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