Monday, 17 October 2016

A Spring Skin Care Guide...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Jurlique.

Spring is a time to re-energise our lives in so many positive ways. Getting outdoors and getting some much needed sunshine is not only refreshing, but motivating for us all.  

While we all tend to tidy up on the home front, (are you spring cleaning yet?), it's also a time of year where you might like to take a look at additional organising tasks, like sorting your wardrobe, cosmetics and skin care.

I personally love a good seasonal swap-around every three months, in-line with the weather. Just as it's no good wearing your winter boots in summer for the obvious reasons, your skin will thank you for the right care to match the climate changes year-round.

Bearing this in mind, some things you may like to consider during a skin care spring clean, include checking the best before dates on your existing skin care products. Old cosmetics and creams can harbour bacteria and further, oxidisation can cause products to become ineffective over time. A worn out cosmetic product is in need of replacement so be brutal and toss whatever you have that you've held onto for too long.

It's not all that bad however. It's a case of out with the old and in with the new. A chance to shop is never a dull move!

Thick, wintery creams, potions and cosmetics won't cut it in the warmer, sunny months either. Once you factor in air conditioning, hot weather, sweat and bright sunlight, you can imagine how what looked great last season, could leave you looking heavy and wilted in the coming one. Choose quality natural products where possible, such as those by Jurlique, that will leave you feeling light and refreshed, as well as hydrated.

Exfoliate! Scrub off the dead skin cells which have been clinging to your body all-over during the colder months. This is an essential step for achieving a polished and healthy look. It's also a vital one for maximising the effectiveness of any skin care products you invest in. Don't let a dead skin layer block your beauty regime's effectiveness and the results you desire.

Finally, the warmer weather means shedding the overcoat and bulk of our clothing. Why not cull your beauty essentials right back too, to reflect the coming season? Try choosing just one or two appropriate products that are natural, light and bring out the best on your skin? Look for naturalness combined with effectiveness, scents that please and those that are priced to suit your budget, as well as a beauty routine which suits your lifestyle.

Some products which I am currently enjoying at present, as a result of my own recent beauty regime spring clean, are pictured below. The following are my absolute faves and I am truly enjoying the benefits and effects of all of these this spring.

V10 Plus is a newbie Japanese brand I have recently come across and I am head-over-heels in love with this water based peeling exfoliant.

This is a two to three times a week, must for me. Just apply the gel to a clean face, allow the product to sit for a few seconds and then massage with small circular movements. The rice bran and seaweed extracts go to work immediately.

It's quite incredible what comes off my skin each time I use this product and it is never left feeling tight or dry.

Ego Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish SPF 50 Plus. This one's an essential for everyone this spring and summer. It has a tint, but it is designed to be invisible, so there's no white effect on your face after application. This is a budget priced product and has great benefits. You can apply it beneath foundation but in the warmer months, I personally prefer BB creams for a light, natural coverage.

Gerard Cosmetics are a new discovery and I have to say - I adore this range. They have so many innovative cosmetics and their colour range is the height of stunning. (Amazing lipsticks!)

This BB Plus Illumination is a truly-wow product. It has an ultra-fine golden shimmer, so one to use lightly. I actually mix a small dab of this in my palm, with the Ego Daily Face. These combined, look quite striking and I have made these two items my 'foundation' for the summer months this year.

If you want to glow, this product comes highly recommended.

For keeping everything in place on the face, I prefer Pasarella Powder Foundation by Napoleon Perdis. This finely milled pressed powder is very light on the skin feel-wise. I dab a small amount of this to 'set' my BB and sunscreen in place for the day. It helps eye makeup and blush stay-put and it's invisible to the eye. The compact is great to tote about when summer gets serious too.

Napoleon Perdis Set Pasarella Powder Foundation. Pictured is Set 1.
Lastly, Weleda's Skin Food is an incredible fix for dry and rough skin. I have an addiction to this one! One small tube goes a very long way. I primarily use this on my hands and I swear, this cream takes 10 years off my skin every time I use it. Being a natural product, the scent is blissful too. This is ideal for the drying months ahead.

So how about you? Do you spring clean your skin care?
Have you any new skin or cosmetic discoveries to share?


  1. Love a good skincare post! It's always fun to see what people are using. I like the skin food from Weleda, their stuff smells so nice!! Jackie - Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins

  2. Lovely review hon - these all look so good, especially that Skin Food, which is now top of my list xxx

  3. Veggie lovers and vegetarians regularly keep running into dry skin issues as an aftereffect of not expending enough creature fats in their eating routine. A vitamin B12 inadequacy will bring about your oil organs (sebaceous organs) to work shamefully, by and large prompting to skin inflammation. Dermatend


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