Thursday, 20 October 2016

FlipaZoo Toy Review... #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Christmas is fast approaching. Here we are mid-October already. My kids are writing (and re-writing) their wish lists weekly. The stores are loaded with decorations even though it all seems far too soon. It's only a matter of days until the blessed Christmas music begins to play in the supermarket aisles and that alone (for me), marks the moment where most of us parents really begin to feel the stress of the chaotic season!

Try not to stress too hard though. In the coming weeks here on Six Little Hearts, we have plenty of reviews lined-up and many with amazing giveaways too, to help you plan for the merriest of celebrations this December. There will be lots of great gift ideas and plenty of toy reviews which I am very excited to share.

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Let's kick off the end-of-year fun with a toy that is as cute as it is purposeful!

FlipaZoo offers an adorable range of toys which hide a surprise that will excite kiddos immensely. These cute pillow pals are big, cozy, comfortable and abundantly happy, softie friends for children of all ages.

Instant snuggly love!

FlipaZoo is exciting because they're a two-in-one toy! There are six Flipazoo toys to collect in the range, yet with one quick maneuver of each, twelve gorgeous characters are revealed!

My daughter was all over Persephone the Unicorn (pictured) from the moment she laid eyes upon her. She is plump and pretty. The pillow is extremely well made and very plush. She's even firm enough to sit upon.

The excitement level rose again when I pointed out that Persephone had a secret friend underneath her tummy!

In one quick move, Celeste unveiled herself her second new play buddy - Imogen the Dragon!

FlipaZoo made this kid very happy!
The FlipaZoo characters include a Giraffe to Hippo, Tiger to Elephant, Hedgehog to Turtle, Bee to Ladybug and Husky to Polar Bear. Each play pillow pal is a huge 40cms and can withstand all sorts of kid love. They are safe to play with and fully washable too. FlipaZoo pets make great pillows and playthings in one, making these toys ideal for travelling kids.

The FlipaZoo character range are available exclusively at Big W for RRP $29.99 each.
For more information, please visit the FlipaZoo website.
'You'll flip for them. They'll flip for you!'


  1. Forget the kids, I want one of these! They're adorably cute. Have a great weekend #weekendblogshare x

  2. I have a friend who just had a baby 5 months ago. He would love one of these! So cute!

  3. Oh that's lovely and I've not actually seen these before. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare. Sorry my commenting is late but please read the rules and link to your home page, Not and individual post

  4. These are really cute. I have not seen them before.


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