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Good Palm Oil IS Possible and How You Can Help... Support RSPO #GoodBadPalmOil

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with the RSPO.

Momentous shifts in our world begin with individuals and their actions.

Within each of us, exists the intrinsic capacity to take a thought and grow an idea. From focus and determination, our desires become a full-blown reality. It's a simple concept in theory that each of us naturally implements, because these fundamental steps lead to changes that are essential for our positive growth and development as humans.

This actuality is never more succinct, than when we apply this same concept to our environment.

Take recycling for example. Just decades ago, recycling on a large scale didn't occur to the degree we see now in our world. In this age, the reduce, re-use and recycle message is a practiced norm. Collectively, we've managed a level of social awareness and change that continues to positively sustain our environment for generations to come.

There's always room for further improvement and growth however, especially when it comes to preserving our precious and fragile environment.

Have a think about palm oil for just a moment: What do you really know about it?

Palm oil is an ingredient found within an enormous array of everyday items that we use and consume. You might be surprised to discover that palm oil is an ingredient in over 50 percent of supermarket goods for sale. It's in your donuts, your ice cream, your noodles and further down the chain in the non-perishables - in common household items such as your shampoos and cosmetics.

You are probably well-aware of the negatives surrounding the sourcing of palm oil too; that palm oil is rapidly destroying virgin rainforests, causing pollution, destroying ecosystems and putting an array of species at risk of extinction.

A whopping seventy percent of global household detergents and cosmetics, contain raw materials sourced from palm oil. More than seventy-four million tons of palm oil were consumed in just 2014 alone and by 2022, this figure is expected to climb to an enormous 128.20 million tons!

The biggest issue of all, is that currently a just 17 percent of palm oil is certified as being from sustainable sources. This rapidly needs to change.

Good palm oil - that is palm oil that is grown sustainably, farmed using sustainable methods (which in turn, supports local communities and ultimately preserves of the environment), is a choice and a cause that you can help to drive. At present, sustainable palm oil is not the norm, but the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) would like this to change. By pushing consumer awareness, public demand can lead to one-hundred percent sustainable palm oil (CSPO) becoming a reality in our lives.

Already thirteen countries currently have RSPO certified producers and proudly display this RSPO logo on their products.

So here's where you come in. You, as a consumer, can make a positive difference when shopping, by actively choosing products which display this RSPO trademark. Your seemingly small choices at the checkout, can positively influence the major producers of this essential ingredient, to instigate an environmental change that is urgently required.

To learn more about the importance of palm oil and how the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil body are making positive changes to the industry (since 2004), please visit the RSPO website. The RSPO is a not-for-profit association.

Please help to spread the word on this essential initiative. You can make a start by sharing this post.
The louder we shout, the greater the power of our message.
Follow the RSPO on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and share their message.

Were you aware that palm oil was as prevalent in our world as it is?
Are you too, shocked by these statistics?


  1. Jody, I think you're right about the voice thing. Years ago no one cared about palm oil - where it came from and so forth. Like so many other products, but now we're being educated and getting info which allows us to make better decisions...

  2. Should have been implemented decades ago but better late than never!

  3. I always try to read as many labels when shopping as possible. I have been buying soap that contains no palm oil for quite a while, and I stopped buying Woolworths fresh rolls as they contain it too (I think one of their rolls doesn't but the majority do). There really needs to be better labelling to ensure we can make the right choice as it is a bit confusing at the moment.

  4. Thank you for enlightening me I didn't know those stats about Palm Oil. Thanks also for sharing with YWF.

  5. Thanks for enlightening me also. I did not realise it is in EVERYTHING!

  6. Thanks for sharing this information. The more information we have, the better decisions we can make as consumers.

  7. I for one knew nothing about palm oil. It's kinda scary when you think about it, how consumers (like me) buy food and other products with absolutely no idea about what is in them, or how it is farmed or sourced. Thanks for helping to raise awareness.

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  8. I have been on the palm oil band wagon for a while now. I have the app that I use to scan products in the supermarket which tell me if it contains palm oil or not - especially now they mask it by calling it different names! I stopped using my favourite beauty brands when I found they contained palm oil - I feel good that I am making a difference! Loved reading this and learning more! :)

  9. Loving the new wave of palm oil chat as it brings it back into the minds of everyone, making people think. As it is in so many products, it should be made visible more often.

  10. I did not care too much about it but i will. This looks very much useful for me.


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