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Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Super Hero Flight City Review and Giveaway Worth $300!

With four boys under our roof, it's safe to say we're extremely well acquainted with the Imaginext range of toys. We've been buying this line for years, and these high quality playthings are still very much a big deal in our younger boys' lives.

In fact, the very first 'big kid toy' I purchased for my eldest son when he was just a toddler, was from the Imaginext range. I remember this well, because it was he who selected it all by himself at the store. We still have it too, only it's now part of a super collection that we've built on over the years.

That's what I've always liked most about the Imaginext range; it has all the hallmarks of a multi-generational toy. These are quality toys that you can build on year after year, child after child. 
We're planning on keeping the lot for our own kids' kids!

If you're a fan of Imaginext, or yet to discover the appeal of this range, stay tuned for an informative review coupled with a super giveaway at the end of this post!

Oh boy our Taity was crazy-excited when I told him he was to receive this fantastic Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City for review from our friends at Warner Bros. Consumer Products
A big title yes, and a whopping big toy!

Taite aged 8 almost hidden by the sheer size of DC Super Friends, Super Hero Flight City.
First box ticked - it's impressively sized!

After unboxing and setting-up DC Super Friends, Super Hero Flight City, (available at Target), the fun began immediately. (There's a small bit of adult assembly to undertake with a screwdriver and some batteries required, but overall, a cinch.)

Taite got started straight away with the set's two included popular action heroes - Batman and Superman.

There was some friendly sparring on top of the Daily Planet tower...

...Followed by some serious discovery and adventure to be had within this humongous playset's action-packed features!

There are an enormous array of things to do in DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City, to keep kids entertained and using their imaginations - forever! 

DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City is actually two playsets in one - Gotham City and Metropolis. Both are connected by a thrilling Flight Tower which does some very fancy stuff. (More on that one in a minute.)

For fighting Super Villains, Metropolis, (where Clark Kent - Superman, works diligently at the Daily Planet), is kitted-out with appealing features to repel evil intruders. There's even a jail for baddies like Lex Luther.

When Superman spins on his roof-top Power Pad, he reveals the repelling LexCorp launcher. (Lex Luther is sold separately.)

Da, Da, Da, Daaaaah!

The LexCorp launcher
At the first sign of trouble, one press of the kiddo's trigger-finger and... Whoosh!
Out spits a lethal dart!

Metropolis WILL survive another day.

To make the action even more riveting for young kids, this play set comes with a Flight Tower.

The Flight Tower is both a platform to connect the two cities, and a fantastic adventure feature in itself.

Clip either Batman or Superman into the flight pack and he can monitor the levels of peace below - or combat crime with an aerial advantage. This kid-cool component offers an exciting 360 degree Super Hero flight around the playset! It works like a remote, with your child having the ability to determine how fast, slow, high or low the Super Hero on duty actually flies. (Note that we didn't have the batteries fitted at the time these pictures were taken, so my son is shown manually operating this feature.)

Next stop, Batman's Gotham City.

Notice how Batman's Bat-Signal lights up, complete with power sounds? So much fun!

Gotham City is also suitably armed for action against unfriendly invaders.
On this side of town, kids can fire discs at opponents. (Batman and The Joker can 'have it out' here. Note that The Joker is sold separately.)

Turn the Power Pad to transform Wayne Tower and shoot discs.

Both parts of the Flight City playset have fun features to offer inside as well. There are ladders, trapdoors that work in conjunction with the Flight Tower, prisons, moveable doors, elevators and crime-fighting essentials like Batman's computer.

Mountains of adventures are just waiting to unfold in DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City.

Our ten and eight year old sons think this is the best toy ever! (Taite also thinks this might be the biggest toy he's ever owned too.)

Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City is available at Target stores Australia-wide and retails for $149.99. The recommended age range for this toy is three to eight year olds. This set offers kids fabulous quality and it's one of those special toys that you can continue to add-on to over the years, providing a great deal of joy long into the future.

So with Christmas fast approaching, head to Target to check out DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City for your kids.

WIN one of two
Imaginext DC Super Friends,
Super Hero Flight City playsets
valued at $149.99 each!
Total prize pool $300
Giveaway ends 7th November, 2016.

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Tell us why your kids would love to play with the
 Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City playset in the comments below and fill out the entry form.

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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured item in exchange for this review,
by Warner Bros. Consumer Products.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. Since our last holiday (and Master Two's first flight) Ben has been obsessed with planes. Living next to the beach, we always have helicopters flying overhead so the little man is straight to the door each time he hears one

  2. My son would benefit greatly from this Imaginext DC Superhero Flight City Playset. He is 4.5 years old and this is right up his alley. He is a story teller and loves to make up scenes.

    Thankyou for the chance. Tanya Clarke.

  3. DC Marvels are a big thing in this house, whether it involves a movie or tv show, or playstation game. This would be the perfect gift for Christmas to allow the kids to enjoy their Marvels out in the summer air!

  4. Great giveaway! I won't enter as we are swimming in toys my son never plays with and need to de-clutter instead of adding to it but good luck to all entrants. #OpenSlather linky :)

  5. No story that is sad, or life that is bad, but playing a super hero always makes them glad! TESS HOWARD

  6. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. What an awesome prize to be won! My son and daughters are crazy for imaginext, the Dc range are their favourites to play with. I know they would be so delighted to win this giveaway as would mummy. Thank you! Tamika Courage, VIC.

  9. My son loves superheroes, and this would keep him entertained for hours!
    (Stacey Shailer)

  10. uMy two year old would love to play with this set! It would be a wonderful start to his Imaginext collection and give him some new pretend play to get involved with! His current favourites are "making cakes" and "busses", superheros would be a breath of fresh air!
    (Mica Teh)

  11. What a fantastic giveaway. My son is batman mad and this would be the best way to brighten his day!

  12. Master 5 would love this - he is obsessed with bad guys and villains and spends a lot of time in some very loud imaginative play. So perhaps I wouldn't love it quite so much!

  13. Which kid wouldnt love this DC prize pack??

  14. My girls would love this, with my youngest being a superhero fan. Mind you, I think some of their dolls, or even a Little Pony would find their into this playset! I can imagine them getting lots of imaginative play with it.

  15. My son would love to play with the Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City playset as he loves super heros and it would be a great addition to the Imaginext sets he currently plays with which were handed down to him from his now 18 year old cousin. Vanessa Ahern

  16. It would be a great bonding play session between daddy and son..because not only does my son love all things superhero related, but so does my geek husband.

  17. How cool is this? I just want to get in and play with it. Okay, I'd probably let my son join me. It looks like so much fun and there's so much you can do with it. My son has been growing out of a lot of his toys and I've been wracking my brain working out what to get him for Christmas that will last awhile, won't break and he won't get bored with in a couple of months. He would absolutely love this and I can see him getting so much use out of it. I especially love how you can add on to it. That's Christmas and birthdays sorted for the next few years!
    Candice Milner

  18. I will ALWAYS encourage playing with LEGO toys
    As growing up it bought me so much joy!
    I think a Lego DC play set
    is the ideal outlet
    For an active imagination
    that needs SUPER stimulation!

  19. Three little super heros in our house,
    They would love this, I find there are plenty of dolls houses around for little girls but nothing around like this, boys like to play with figurinesin little places too. Mine love to play with their cousins doll house....with their spiderman figurines...I know they would love this!

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  21. I love how creative a kids imagination can be. My son is a bit of late bloomer when it comes to imagination but he is now just getting the hang of it and this set would encourage even more role-play.

  22. My boy wore a Superman t-shirt complete with cape for 287 days in his second year. We made a special trip to Movieworld to buy the next size up as we couldn't find exactly the same one anywhere else. He found his tribe and they are all in capes! :) Karin O'Grady

  23. My nephew has an ever so slight fixation with two things- moving contraptions and capes. This would seem to be the perfect fit.

    Ben T

  24. Miss 4 is gazing over my shoulder in delight and asking if Santa can bring this for her- she's a superhero fan with her own Supergirl cape, Batman shirt and Wonder Woman doll! Her best friend has lots of superhero stuff, so when they get together, it's Spiderman and BatGirl, off to save the backyard! (Amy Wakley)

  25. We are well past this stage but I just wanted to say how much I have always loved fisher price toys. My Mum kept all my brothers fisher price stuff and 35odd years later it is still all going strong! I always saved up and bought the Fisher Price because I knew it would last and was value for money. So we have a roof space full of toys that I am not getting rid of!

    1. It sounds like our house! We are holding on to these toys too. Wonderful quality. Thank you for sharing. :D

  26. What a great giveaway... Batman AND Superman, that's twice as nice!

  27. My children would love to play with
    Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero
    Flight City playset........because,

    4 Power Pads get the action started.
    Superheros taking flight, for crimes uncharted.
    Doubling their fun, combining Gotham City
    and Metropolis in one.
    3 levels of play, trap doors, jails
    and a working elevator, fun!
    Landing pads, projectile launchers, COOL!!
    Look out villians, get ready to drool :)
    Lex Luthor is on the loose,
    My kids, with this,
    Heros!! introduced :)

  28. My little girl loves "rescuing" people/toys/pets, this would be perfect because she would have actual superheroes to help her out instead of relying on Mummy and Daddy - Belinda Moxey

  29. superheros reign supreme in our house and superhero games bring so much joy and fun and entertainment - noises and words constantly emerge from my children's mouths from "psssssshhhh", "whoosh", "got ya", "you cant stop me i am a superhero", "look out here i come", "i will get the baddies", "na na na na na markyman", "i will save you mummy", "look out behind you" and i could go on and on all night. needless to say, this toy would bring even more entertainment (and some peace lol) for this mummy :) - sharyn w.

    1. Congratulations Sharyn - you are our first winner! We will be in touch shortly. I hope your kids love it! :D

  30. My partner has been obsessed with superheroes since he was a child and he has passed on the passion and love to our children. They would love to spend time creating adventures, fighting villains and helping keep the world safe! I think my partner would be the most excited big kid of all.
    Sarah ellwood

  31. My little man is just starting to get into superheroes. He has long been a fan of Underpants Wonderpants and many cape-wearing, helpful animals, but with his fourth birthday fast approaching, the human superheroes are beckoning. He'd love this! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. (Emily Hawker)

  32. Oh very cool! My boys would love this for Christmas! They're loving all things Super heroes at the moment - especially DC.

  33. My soon to be 7 year old son has this on his Santa's wish list I'd love to surprise him with it for his Birthday on the 17th he loves anything Super Hero

    Karen Edwards

  34. Because Emmet & Wild Style have too much time on their hands without the " Master Builders " (especially Batman) for excitement and adventure.

  35. My three little granddaughters would love to explore new toys/ideas of play..i like to encourage them in their imagination..Monica Scurlock

  36. My kids love making up their own story lines and adventures for their superheroes.

  37. Our 5 year old is starting school next year and is very excited, but also quite anxious. Since his orientation day a couple of weeks ago he has made some poor choices at daycare and hasn't been as kind as usual. For example, he laughed when someone got hurt. This is so out of character for him and has taken his daycare educators by surprise. I've been racking my brains of fun ways to discuss other people's feelings, and I think this prize might be perfect. The Imaginext DC Super Friends Super hero flight city play set would provide lots of opportunities for us to 'play' together and discuss the character's feelings as we have fun. Perfect! (Cathy Russell)

    1. Congratulations Cathy - winner number two. We hope this toy helps smooth the transition. He will love this! Will be in touch shortly.
      Thank you to everyone who entered. More fantastic giveaways are coming shortly.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. My three little superheroes would love this. Perfect for their little imaginations and looks like it would be fun
    Alicia Bardsley

  40. Wow, this looks fantastic! I find it hard to choose toys for my son that are quality, engaging and that he can play with his big sister & enjoy together. This Imaginext set ticks all the boxes for imaginative play and endless hours of fun!

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. We have had Imaginext toys in the past and they have given my kids many hours of enjoyment! This interactive DC Super heroes set is sure to provide my kids with many more hours of fun as they create new super powered adventures for all their favourite DC heroes!
    Shannon Wotton

  43. My son just loves superman at the moment and everything is superman this or that. He would so love to be able to play with this amazing set! Would definitely give hours of fun play and imagination! (Kylie Sneddon)

  44. My son just loves superman at the moment and everything is superman this or that. He would so love to be able to play with this amazing set! Would definitely give hours of fun play and imagination! (Kylie Sneddon)

  45. Batman loving they'd have Super fun,
    imagining, creating, enjoying the sun!
    Whirring and whizzing, with things that go 'click",
    for Christmas this year this would sure do the trick!

    With LONG holidays ahead,
    they'd be occupied,
    while this Mum could relax
    with a book by my side!

    Kylie Embury (sorry, forgot my name the first time :) )

  46. My son would be able to create his own adventures and magical world, and I would be able to see his face light up and his beautiful smile while he plays.

  47. We are already fans of imaginext our 3 boys (4,5,7) have quite a collection coming together and this set would be amazing to add for them to share! As a parent I love the durability of the imaginext range they are built to last and withstand even the most epic Superhero Vs Villian battle and this house they can get pretty wild!!
    Jodi Gordon

  48. My son loves anything super heroes! I love the imaginext range, and love that it encourages imaginative play. Melissa Edwards

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. My son Ziggy would love to befriend the superheroes from this set, share his home and friends with them, teach them some of his superboy tricks and maybe teach them some Portuguese which he learns at home. Jody Smith

  51. Letting the kids play with Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City playset is cheaper than therapy ;)

  52. Name - sapna sharma

    My kids would love to play with the Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City playset because it will allow them to use their imagination & i believe imagination give them wings to think without boundaries. The best part is that they will be occupied & stay happy for hours without a screen & with their favourite superheroes.

  53. What an amazing playset,
    My son would love it, I bet!
    Batman, Superman, they are his faves,
    He admires them for being so brave.
    Winning this prize would make him one happy boy,
    I can imagine it would be his new favourite toy!


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