Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Managing the Home...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Inspection Manager.

We consider ourselves a family who are very lucky to be in our own home. Having spent a good deal of this year battling a serious illness, nothing soothed our souls more during this time, than knowing we were comfortable and secure for the time being, within the safety of our own house.

It was a first for us really, to feel this way - that our home finally felt 'sweet' as the saying goes. We had been plotting a move back to the inner burbs of Melbourne almost since we arrived on its outskirts several years back. During that time, we've never managed to make our current home feel like our pivotal point or our 'forever' place. (At least not in the same heart-felt way our former home felt to us.) The longing is still very much there, to find a homely area for our family to thrive in.

Slowly though, this year has seen that feeling ebb a little. This place of ours right now, finally seems just a bit more 'ours,' and not just because our mortgage has reduced over the five or so years since we've lived here. (In truth, our mortgage has not really shifted an inch, but that's a whole other story entirely.)

Now that things are moving forward for us again, and the year is drawing to another close, we feel this familiar desire to move on, stirring within ourselves all over.

That's a position that's laced with lots of doubts for us, as you can well imagine. We've kids to station in new schools and a new place to seek as a home. It's an enormous venture and taking a single step in the right any direction is stupidly-difficult. Especially when there are so many family members involved and individual factors to orchestrate.

Our latest discussions as a family have centred on retaining our current home and potentially renting it out to tenants for the time-being. We could then realise our dream - live inner with the freedom of renting while our kids are young. Our first investment home would then become our financial anchor for our future. It's a step that would allow us a bit of breathing-space, plus we'd be well out of the way, should we decide to sell at a later time.

Of course this opens up so many new avenues to think on, like how do we start a rental arrangement with an agent? What about land lord home insurance? How do we ensure we get good tenants who want to remain in our property for a decent term to make this a viable option? And of course, will tenants maintain our home and keep it in top shape with the same level of care as ourselves?

One great thing we've been introduced to, is Inspection Manager. This service provides a streamlined and convenient way to keep tabs on property inspections, if you're lucky enough to be a home owner in this position.

Inspection Manager offers home and property management software which can make the job of maintaining a property, that much easier. It's a place to record and store all of your property details, such as tenant names, room layouts and essential data relating to your investment. For example - you can snap and tag images of things such as damage or areas of concern and in need of repair. The software even allows users to make voice recordings as they inspect a property and will take all the pain out typing, by providing a voice-to-text capability.

Inspection Manager works in conjunction with an app and will sync itself seamlessly between devices so that users are never lacking any essential information required to keep their property in top-form.

In the meantime, while we do the nutting-out of our next big financial move, Inspection Manager is potentially an ideal way for us to stay on top of our own home maintenance. (It's a good way for me to share the repairs and issues with the man about the house!)

There's so much to do around our home at this stage whether we sell-up or rent it out. If you are in our same situation, you may wish to try Inspection Manager on a free, 30 day trial.

Are you 'at home' in your home?
Do you own an investment property? How do you manage your maintenance?


  1. I'm most certainly at home in my own home, but I had to move to make that happen. I recently sold a place I'd bought 4yrs earlier and moved because it didn't feel like home.

  2. It's so important to be in a home that feels like home! We've been in our house a year to the day and it felt like home from day one. We'd been in the house before for five years, but it never quite felt like home, weirdly. Hope you find yourself settled soon. xxx

  3. We've been in our home for almost 14 years so I really feel at home, even though I'd like it to be a bit bigger ideally, but I do still love it

  4. Right now I'm renting an apartment, but my fiance and I have started looking for a house. It's a scary move, but one I look forward to at the same time! Good luck with you move!

  5. I've never felt more at home than in my Willunga home. It's a very special feeling that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience.

    Happy to have found you via Open Slather!


    Louise @

  6. This place I am in now, is most defintely my home. You'd have to put a pretty big bomb under me to get me to move.
    IM sounds like a great way to keep on top of a property.

  7. Now, that's an interesting piece of software! We bought our home 8 years ago and now it's time to start to look to upgrade. But we also have maintenance issues to work on before even thinking about seling. The thing about mortages and property is that things are forever changing. Sometimes it's a little challenging to keep up with those changes.

  8. It's always great to re-asess things in order to move forwards. #weekendblogshare


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