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Childsmart Review - The Brio® Countryside Horse Set...

Six Little Hearts is a Brand Rep for Childsmart.

Living here in the fringe of Melbourne's eastern suburbs means we're surrounded by stunning scenery. There are beautiful views of mountains and wineries every-which-way. Cottage industries flourish here, as well as countless hobby farms.

Horses in particular, are a hugely popular feature dotted about this landscape. Selecting this month's charming play item from Childsmart, to share with you here on Six Little Hearts, was simply a no-brainer.

As I browsed the chocked-full Childsmart website for fun stuff by reputable toy company Brio®, I just knew as soon as I stumbled upon this Brio® Countryside Horse Set, that we were onto a BIG winner!

That smile says it all!

In all my time parenting, we've never actually owned a Brio® playset! (No - never!) My younger kids have been missing out too.

Our eldest children have certainly played, (and played well), with an extensive collection of this sensational toy at our local playgroup during their early years. Many of us parents will have fond memories of fiddling about with this brand in the classrooms of our youth.

You might not know it, but Brio® are a toy line that have been around since the end of the 1800's!

It's certainly true that quality and timelessness combined, build a forever plaything. Brio® as a company have totally nailed childhood in a multi-generational way.

My younger kids are besotted with this Brio® Countryside Horse Set. And who wouldn't be? It features a charming and relatable theme and is fully equipped with the many little details that prompt play mileage. They keep coming back to this set. It has so many little intrigues!

Brio's® coupling of the best of both wooden toys, plastic and even battery features, adds a dimension unmatched in the play world. This is a set, (like all Brio® products) that 'has it all,' and correspondingly, inspires unfaltering play and enjoyment for long periods of time.
You can't ask for more in a toy.

The set contains everything needed to build a complete country property. There's a stable, wooden railway tracks, railway gate, two-piece train engine and carriage, rocky hills (for supporting the train tracks, or just adding realistic charm), as well as fences, trees and a rider and her horse.

Kids can build the set to their liking, or copy the suggested image on the box.

With Brio®, the fun lies in the little details. Ride the horse with the little figure - they slot together for adventures. Hose the horse down in the stable area. (It comes complete with a little plug hole and small hose which fits into the figure's hand!) For feeding time, lead the horse into the stable for some realistic-looking hay to munch. Gates open and close and everything slots together for seamless play.

The train has the option of using its battery feature to operate on its own within your child's games. Imagine the thrill of seeing the train roll by, while your child grooms their own horse! The motorised carriage is equipped to transport the horse around the scene too. It even has a ramp for the horse to climb in and out.
Just some of the cute details that make Brio® a winner with generations of children.

Quality plastic and wood features compliment one another in the Brio® Countryside Horse Set.
Your child will neither be disappointed or limited with Brio®, as you can add to, and build upon, any Brio® set. Go as large or small as you wish.

The Brio® Countryside Horse Set retails for $99.95 and is available at Childsmart. If you love this line of toys like we do, take a look at the other fabulous Brio® sets available at Childsmart too. With Christmas not too far away, this would make a gorgeous little gift for someone special, to discover beneath your tree this year.

Have you tried Brio® toys?
Do you remember this brand in your own childhood?
*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured item in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. We spent hours and hours making elaborate the wooden railway sets.

  2. Oh what a great set! I agree it would be perfect as a gift. My boys love anything that moves, so their wooden toy trains and cars and track are the most played with toys! :)

  3. My youngest would love this, and the biggest would get a kick out of the motorised train, she LOVES her Pop's miniature scale trains.

  4. I remember Brio trains when I was a kid. They're so fun, they never get old !

  5. I used to love Brio as a kid although we've yet to get any for the girls. I think they'd love something like this though - I can see how it could provide hours of fun imaginative play. Love the motorised train too! :-) #twinklytuesday

  6. My brothers and I shared a Brio train set when we were little and we loved it so much, my mum kept it and now the grandchildren play with it! I love the horsey-additions in this set! #TwinklyTuesday

  7. This certainly looks like lots of fun. My eldest has discovered a love of Thomhas the Tank Engine. #weekendblogshare


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