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Click Clack Toys Review and Giveaway. Learning Through Play Naturally...

I think every parent has a preference for choosing wooden toys when it comes to selecting quality play things. Children seem to understand this endearment and reverence for natural materials too. Wooden toys have an interest factor all of their own don't they? They're weighty, attractive, quaint and basic. Wooden play things will last, often through several children in the same family, and then go on to entertain several generations from there. If you're planning on keeping treasured hand-me-downs to commemorate your children's younger years, then wooden toys are the ideal items to invest in.

We've so many wooden (and tin) play things which we've collected since our first child arrived. Along with our penchant for Lego and Imaginext, it's our wooden toy collection that continues to weave its magic over our entire household still, inviting quiet and co-operative play whenever it makes an appearance.

We were so happy to connect with Click Clack Toys recently. It's a brand I have heard of, yet never tried out on my younger kids. We were readily impressed from the moment our package arrived. (The kids especially!) These are delightful play things that invite children to build from the outset, uniquely offering kids even more fun when it comes to wooden play ware.

A huge strong point for this brand - their Australian designed toys are created from Earth friendly sources. Sustainably managed plantation timber forests supply the beautiful beechwoods that form the basis of the entire range. In addition, the toys are handmade and beautifully detailed in water-based paints. There are no toxic dyes or glues. As if that's not impressive enough, all Click Clack toys arrive packaged in 100 percent recycled cardboard packages. Sweet!

So why choose Click Clack Toys for your youngster? Well, add the buildable dimension in each piece and you have a toy that not only looks great, but also aids the development of your child's fine motor skills.

Each individual play item we received invited some kind of tweaking activity. The police car slots together. The helicopter needed stabilisers added. My youngest son really took a real interest in the building and engineering of each item which he built from scratch.

Cute little Click Clack Toys' bugs and animals!
The Critters' heads slot on and off. Kids can interchange them to build their very own creatures.

Taite truly enjoyed assembling the Police Station set as you can observe. (I wasn't allowed to assist with this build at all, sadly!) It probably took him around 10-15 minutes to set up on his own. For kids who cannot read, there are diagrams on the reverse of the box to visually cue placement of the parts. It's simple but also strategic.

Knowing my son, he probably avoided using his reading skills altogether when approaching this build, and topped this piece from start to finish on the visuals alone. It's all educational and fun regardless of the method kids employ. (I was just happy that he was entertained and honing-in on any vital learning skills.) Tactile activities and play are so valuable to a child's development at any age.

While her brother concentrated on the Click Clack Police Station, my youngest tottered off to play with her gorgeous Critters. The Critters consist of not only interchangeable parts, they also feature a fun pull-back mechanism that thoroughly entertains. These little cuties really zoom away!

All done! With the Police Station up and running, Taite was able to engage with the fruits of his labour. The Police Station features a drive through garage with double doors that operate manually.

All kids will enjoy driving the police car through the station endlessly. There's even a helipad to contain the set's matching helicopter. (Note that all items are sold individually.)

Lastly, kids can register their vehicles online to obtain a driver's license and registration!
The items featured here are priced at $21.95 for the Police Station and $12.95 each for the Police Car and Helicopter. Click Clack Toys quality range for children would make ideal and cherished gifts for kids this Christmas.

Learn more about the exciting range of Click Clack Toys here.
Find Click Clack Toys on Facebook and Instagram.

Click Clack Toys have generously offered
readers of Six Little Hearts,
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Prize consists of the Click Clack Toys Police Station, Police Car and Helicopter.
Total prize pool: $47.85.
Ends December 2nd, 2016.

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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured items in exchange for this review.
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  1. How cute are those pull back toys? The perfect stocking filler for xmas!

  2. My 2 year old grandson would love these....especially the ladybird as he is a huge nature fan

  3. I love, love, love toys made from natural materials and especially wood. These look wonderful. The fact that they have no toxic glues or ingredients in them is also terrific. Great pics!!!

  4. I love toys that lets them use their imagination and to have hours of fun at the same time

  5. I love toys that lets them use their imagination and to have hours of fun at the same time

  6. With click clack toys, my 3 little rug rats can play together and let their imagination run wild!

    Ashley Beech

  7. Perfect gift for our youngest grandson. Long lasting , practical toys that don't require batteries!!

  8. I have 2 adorable grandsons that i would love to win this for. i love wooden toys and toys that kids get to use their imaginations.

  9. My eldest had a wooden airport that lasted years and all three still use it and love it. It turns into so many things from fairy castles to racing car pits. It's amazing to see their imagination when they can just sit and think. Way cool they get to build and even change bits around. My son would be so proud of himself for building something they could play with.

  10. wooden toys last forever and can get handed down generations which is the perfect toy i say. I love these are safe, wooden, eco, earth friendly, and imagination friendly whereby children can spend hours using their imagination to play :)

    1. sharyn williams is my name (woops forgot) :)

  11. My son was given some Click Clack trucks and diggers and absolutely loves them! Durable, hard wearing and so much fun they keep him busy for ages!

    Kylie Embury

  12. Wow, I have never seen these and what awesome fun toys to help develop fine motor skills! My son would LOVE this, they will keep him happy for hours!

    Kylie Bowers

  13. These will make a perfect stuffing filler for my little one!

  14. I would love to win this as my son would absolutely love these. We're huge fans of wooden toys so these would be a great addition to the growing collection. (Alex)

  15. Click Clack get little hands making things and reading instructions, instead of just opening a box and not using their minds or imaginations. Scott Crumlin

  16. Those little critters are adorable, and I love the building aspect of these toys. Well priced too.

  17. Colourful, great grip and old fashion fun lets my son's imagination run wild with these inspiring toys. Jody Smith

  18. They get kids being creative and using their imaginations! They're also great for little hands!

  19. These are cute!
    So are your daughter's winter woolens. Gorgeous!

  20. Those little critters look like loads of fun! My girls would love them #teamIBOT

  21. I love these wooden toys - years of fun to be had by all!

  22. I've stopped buying my son toys...I've gotten so tired of consuming useless garbage that eats away at our Earth. These toys look like they've been created with integrity. I'm intrigued.
    Lana Doyle

  23. We have had one of the police cars since my nearly 4 year old was born. It has withstood all the normal play and rough and tumble that preschoolers can throw at it! It's still in great nick and I love that this is an Australian company. The kids still love playing with it too!

  24. We're huge fans of wooden toys here, in fact I'm slowly replacing all the old plastic toys with wooden equivalents. We've been lucky enough to try out some Click Clack toys too, they're so awesome. I definitely want to get more in the future.

  25. I'd love to win because my little girl loves pulling things apart and putting them back together. I thought she was a crazy destructive little thing but now I know she is just inquisitive so these would be perfect for her - Belinda Moxey

  26. I love these Click Clack wooden toys,
    Perfect for both my girls and boy,
    My little man loves construction,
    Putting toys together will provide endless fun,
    And great to play 'police' when construction is done!
    My girls will absolutely love the Critters,
    The toys seriously couldn't be sweeter,
    They'd add their critters to their fairy kingdom,
    For hours they will play full of imagination!

  27. Clickity Clack,
    Front and Back
    Love that kids get to build,
    Problem solving, imagination play,
    The sky is the limit,
    Afternoons will be fun filled

  28. Perfect to encourage little imaginations!!

  29. I love that the kids get to 'build' the toys themselves - a great confidence booster. The critters are very cute. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  30. Name - Sapna Sharma

    I love the fact that the wooden toys last for a very long time ,have a great quality & they give full value of the money that we spend on them.

    The main thing i love about Click Clack Toys is that the toys are handmade and water-based paints are used to colour them.

  31. Classic toys that are built to last,
    They won't go in the bin fast!
    Passed along to many to enjoy,
    I'd love them for my boys!

    Laura Scriven

  32. They look like quality wooden toys and so well designed!

  33. Fabulous to keep little fingers and brains active.

  34. Click Clack Toys use sustainable timber which is such an important quality to have, these toys are teaching our children through interaction and imagination whilst also caring for the environment that surrounds them, therefore their futures too.

  35. I love that Click Clack toys are so creative to let the kids register online to recieve their own license in the mail! That's beyond awesome and i know my little one would think it was very cool too! I struggle finding unique gifts but Click Clack toys provide so many fun ideas.

  36. The critters are super cute and having interchangeable parts is pretty amazing and unique. We can all have fun with them!
    Sharon Markwell

  37. Look like great quality that will last and last. Try to stay away from plastic as much as we can in our house. Some great real life role models for kids to look up to instead of made up ones.

  38. Perfect for little hands and growing minds

  39. I would love to win the Click Clack Toys packs as I adore wooden toys and, at age 6, feel my son is ready to play with toys where he has the opportunity to follow instructions and create. Vanessa Ahern

  40. I love wooden toys!! Natural look and feel and fantastic quality that will be enjoyed by many generations. Melissa Edwards

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Great fun and imaginative toys for kids play - perfect presents under the tree this Christmas! (Jonnine Boreham)

  43. These toys look like,
    great honest fun.
    Not plastic junk that breaks,
    when it meets my son! ;)
    - Peta Newsome

  44. Hardy materials that can stand the test of time!


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