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Vtech® Kidizoom® Smart Watch DX Review #SLHFeaturedThursdays

Modern kids are a demanding lot. No doubt they take their lead from their modern parents who are for the most part, forever pawing away at the latest gadgets. It just makes sense doesn't it?:

Mum and dad have a mobile phone - they want a mobile phone too.
Tablet PC? All kids want one of those!
Got a smart watch? Then chances are, your kids are probably pencilling in one of these on their Christmas lists this year as well!

Cha-ching people!

While we adults collectively shudder at the thought of just what might appear on those looming Christmas wish lists this year, (especially the costs involved!), Vtech have swooped in with the impressive Kidizoom Smart Watch DX to allay our financial fears.

My own kids are an especially tech-focussed lot. I have personally always been a devoted, hands-on 'fiddler' with such things. I put that down to my own background in the media industry. (Film making, editing and photography - genes get passed along!) Not surprisingly, tech-based 'stuff and things,' form the bulk of my kids' requests when it comes to gift time, year round.

Ruben was bursting to get his hands on this latest Vtech gadget! He's ten years old, and feeling all those age appropriate, gadget-related peer pressures with great force. (Which he in turn, regularly passes along, vibe-wise, to his weary parents!) I am therefore relieved happy to report that he is positively giddy with praise for his fancy new Vtech watch.

Who could blame him either? This is a gadget for kids aged from 4 plus, that does it all. There is so much techy-goodness crammed into this one kid-sized device. This just might satisfy the bulk of that earlier list, all-in-one. (Everything that is, except for the mobile phone component!)

To start with, the Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX has a built in camera with a 256MB internal memory. This gives kids loads of creative space to capture up to 1600 photos! Alternatively, kids can record and store around eleven, one minute videos. The watch comes with its own Micro USB cable for battery charging and file transfers.

Ordinary photos will rarely do when it comes to children. Vtech have incorporated lots of fun photo effects to really spruce-up their photography skills. Kids can add frames and filters to their images within their smart watch, prior to uploading them to a PC to share. It even features an easy to use touch screen!

Did I even mention it's a watch too?! Sorry, I've been a bit busy thinking about all the whizz-bang features that make me kinda, wanna pinch it from my boy! Stuff like a voice recorder, motion games and eight built-in games to play, plus the ability to download even more fun from the Learning Lodge® make me think I might like to borrow this one once in a while, purely for my own enjoyment.

I want to chat about the motion games though. These are fun! Fun for your kids to play and fun to watch kids enjoy. There are three exciting motion games inside the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX.

I had a giggle watching my son boogie while testing himself!

And the pedometer feature is brilliant for getting kids active.

Ruben regularly races against his timer to try and out-do himself, over and over again, indoors and out!

Run Ruben! Run!

Oh yeah! It's a watch too! Did you know?!

Kids can learn to tell the time with a selection of over 50 digital and analogue clock-face displays in full, 3D colour. In addition, there is also a stop watch, alarm, timer, calculator and calendar. The watch offers different watch faces to impress both boys and girls at all levels of maturity. Kids can even customise their very own if they wish.

The Fun Time Master can assist kids to read the time using verbal cues to match the display.

The watch runs on one Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and it's sensibly, sweat and splash proof. The RRP is $89.95. This watch also comes in Pink. Find the Vtech® Kidizoom® Smart Watch DX at Target stores and all good retailers. Find more from Vtech here.

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured item in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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  1. That is a smart piece of kit! I love the fact it has a camera feature! VTech really have come on leaps and bounds with ever changing technology and I love the fact that kids can have what adults have too! Sim xx #weekendblogshare

  2. Oh my goodness! That is so cool! My son wants a watch, but I don't think he dreamed it was possible to get one quite this fancy :-)

  3. Very clever. I can imagine this one being a huge hit for Christmas!

  4. Wow, that looks incredible. I love that it's got a camera as well. My son would adore this for Christmas. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare

  5. I've seen these at my store. I didn't know that they did so many different things! What a great gift idea! :)


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