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A Christmas Punch Recipe and WIN a SodaStream Power Sparkling Beverage Maker Worth $249!

We already know our readers love Sodastream!

Thanks to our recent review here, it seemed so many of you took an interest in this home sparkling drinks system, that Sodastream have returned to Six Little Hearts for a repeat review and giveaway! That's great news for those of you who missed out the first time.

With summer here, owning a Sodastream can help you to save yourself the bother of carting home countless bottles of soft drink to keep the thirst at bay. Having a carbonated drinks maker on your kitchen bench is convenient, fun and makes you the absolute best parent in the eyes of your kids! It's also a system that is environmentally friendly too. Just one or two special Sodastream bottles are all you need to produce countless sparkling beverages well into the future, resulting in dollars saved at the checkout and a clearer conscience as well.

If you haven't yet acquainted yourself with this ultimate in family appliances, please check out our full review of the sensational Sodastream Power and Sodastream system which we reviewed here just recently, to come up to speed.

The Sodastream Power is a power operated, fully automated carbonated drinks maker.
One of these could be yours!

Our Sodastream Power is very much an appreciated and active member of our family. On average, our Sodastream is used every day in our home. Owning a Sodastream appliance means we are always ready for hot days, family outings, parties, picnics, relaxing weekends and unannounced guests. This Christmas, this one appliance will serve our family well for all of the above.

The whole family really enjoy the Sodastream Waters Fruits, Sparkling Water Mixes. This line are naturally flavoured and very refreshing. Compared to traditional carbonated drinks available at the stores, the taste of these is far superior with less sugary flavours that are instead, delicate and refreshing. 

With Christmas just days away, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share our family's favourite Christmas punch recipe. We make this beverage annually and it's a very refreshing drink which aids to digest all that rich Christmas fare on the big day. 

This year, we've given our original punch recipe a new twist using our Sodastream drinks maker and the results have been just as popular as ever. (Our kids downed the entire bowl in just under an hour with some enthusiastic feedback!)

If you already own a Sodastream at your place, you will be right to make this special drink with just a few additional supplies in your cupboard. If this is not you however, rest assured you will still be able to make punch without a Sodastream too - you will have to buy your beverages from the store however.

If you're not yet a dedicated Sodastreamer, please do make sure you enter the fantastic giveaway at the end of this post, to win a Sodastream Power valued at $249! Every family deserves one of these contentment makers. It's a household essential!

Refreshing Christmas Punch made easy using your Sodastream!
Makes: Approximately 4 litres in around 5 minutes.

You will need:

One punch bowl, cups and ladle.
One litre of Sodastream Ginger Ale
One litre of good quality natural pineapple juice
One tin of Golden Circle Tropical Fruit Salad, Traditional in Juice
Ice cubes
Mint sprigs to decorate and any sliced fruits to add Christmas colour to the finished punch. (Strawberries and Kiwi slices are ideal.)

Step one: Carbonate two bottles of fresh, plain tap water in your Sodastream drinks maker.

Step two: When done, add your required Sodastream flavours to each of the carbonated waters.

Step three: Now pour each ready-made Sodastream flavour into your punch bowl: the Orange and Mango, the Ginger Ale, the natural unsweetened pineapple juice and lastly, the entire tin of fruit salad including the juice. Give this concoction a gentle stir with a ladle before adding any sliced fruits, mint and ice cubes to decorate.

Your easy Christmas punch is now ready to serve!

This is an alcohol-free, family-friendly version. You can of course add sparkling wine to your punch for any grown-up festivities. (Very delicious!)

Punch makes an ideal kids' beverage. It's so refreshing to sip on a glass of this prior to your Christmas dinner and in-between courses. If you're well prepared, you can stock up on this recipe's requirements and try this out on Christmas Eve, as well as throughout the holiday season. Either way, you will most likely need to top-up your punchbowl several times so be prepared with plenty of extra Sodastream flavours on hand, as well as juices, fruits and ice.

Making punch is a tasty way to expand on your Sodastream's purpose within your own home this summer.

Feel free to mix-up the flavours in this recipe too. There are many Sodastream flavours to try out. Just stick to this basic recipe and have fun experimenting with your own new tastes.

The value of owning a Sodastream drinks maker continues for years past your initial purchase. We can't recommend the benefits and flavours high enough. Visit the Sodastream website for more information and to view the range of beverage makers available. A Sodastream would make a fantastic Christmas gift idea too! You can purchase Sodastream products at all good department stores and online.

A summertime giveaway just for our readers!
Win a Sodastream Power valued at $249!
One lucky Six Little Hearts reader has the chance to enjoy this deluxe beverage maker in their own home this summer,
with thanks to Sodastream.
Total prize pool $249
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Ends January 16th, 2017.

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*Disclosure: A very special thank you goes out to Sodastream, who kindly donated a Sodastream appliance to The Otis Foundation at the request of Six Little Hearts, in exchange for this feature.
Thank you Sodastream! xx
The Otis Foundation provides breast cancer patients and their families,
with free retreats while undergoing cancer treatment.
Please consider assisting The Otis Foundation to continue to provide their valuable services to breast cancer patients, by donating to this incredible cause this Christmas.

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and extend all the very best to you and yours in 2017! x


  1. I met my new neighbour on Friday night.....she's from Spain and introduced me to her special Christmas Sangria. Judging by the headache the next morning, I'm pretty sure it had more Cointreau than wine

    1. I wouldn't mind meeting your new neighbour too! Sounds like you are in for some fun times together! I wonder if she would share her recipe? I would love to try it!

  2. Yummmm, I've just been looking up Christmas Drink ideas. I think the winner for me is Passionfruit soft drink, Mango Sorbet with a touch of Vodka, so refreshing on what is bound to be a hot day!

  3. I love the classic gingerale, soda water and fruit punch (fruit juice) mix, I think it is really hard to stear away from something you grew up with. If I wasn't breastfeeding a new baby my punch recipe would be much more likely to resemble a long island iced tea! Alas for now it would be lovely to win the Sodastream to have bubbles in my summer cool drinks, there is something about bubbles which makes drinking more fun.

  4. Soda water, mint, lime, strawberries, pineapple. Deliciously refreshing and tasty!

  5. Sparkling home made punch is such a good idea over the summer!

  6. I would love to win this Sodastream
    And mix up drinks I could only dream
    Perfect for the hot summer nights
    Sipping my punch with delight!

  7. For me it would have to include lemon given our tree is full to over flowing right now. Perhaps lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber with a dash of something alcoholic at this time of year.

  8. Would be awesome to make your own drinks to know exactly what goes in it.

    Christina L

  9. I'd like to win because I'm not opposed to a cheeky sparkling cocktail once the kids are in bed!

    Rosemarie De Bari

  10. Give the sodastream a good workout and make up 1 litre each of Citrus flavour, Lemonade and Ginger Ale. Deep it family friendly and leave out the alcohol, but add a can of pineapple pieces complete all the yummy juice. Finish with sliced strawberries and a few thin slices of oranges and lemons and the special ingredient, a handful of mint leaves. Have lots of ice cubes on hand for serving. Loved by all!

  11. My kids love their Soda Stream - so much that there was much panic in the house when it decided, after many years of dedicated use, to give up the ghost. I'd love to win a Sodastream to keep the whole family happy!

  12. I'd love a SodaStream Power. Being able to make my own drinks will be fun and save me lots of money.

  13. Kiwi Fruit juice, Orange, splash Cherry juice. Apple dash Vodka. Pour over crushed ice and serve in Martini glass. Crisp and refreshing for Summer Sipping! Scott Crumlin.

  14. I'd love to make healthier alternatives to soft drink for the kids. Thanks.
    Alicia Bardsley

  15. I adore Pimms at Christmas Time and make a Sangria style punch drink without the wine, but with Pimms and Lemonade instead. Would be great with the Sodastream Lemonade.

  16. Help me turn plain old water into yummy healthier than soft drinks drinks and cocktails.

  17. SodaStream Pink Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer. Lovely and refreshing for our hot Christmas period. Pretty self explanatory. Mix SodaStream Pink Grapefruit with your favorite white wine (I prefer a moscato) and add a slice of lemon.

  18. Berry Bomb: Berry sorbet, fresh raspberries and sparkling pink moscato

  19. Lemon lime bitters. I keep it simple with this incredibly refreshing drink, and sometimes it's even better with a dash or two of vodka

  20. I drink so much mineral water that this would not only save my family money but also the environment.

  21. id love to win this so I can create soft drinks with less sugar and unique flavours

  22. Trick the kids into 'soft drinks' without the calories!

  23. I adore punch and have not had it in years!! I even had a punch bowl way back. My recipe was always with some ginger ale, some soda, then added seasonal fruits (always strawberries to make it pretty) and mint. Yes, mint! The best! I would love to re-create my past with one of these fab machines! Cheers, as they say! Denyse xx

  24. We always do a punch for Christmas, I think its an Australian staple that goes side by side with the prawns! We don't do recipes in our home - instead a combination of Ginger Beer, soda water, and tinned juices all get mixed together. I favour sneaking in the pineapple juice, but my husband likes to slip in some Apple/Mango. Its pretty standard for both to end up together, and usally with a punnet of strawberries bobbing around.


  25. In the scorching QLD heat, nothing beats a bag of ice infused with sparkling Apple Juice, lemon & lime slices, soda water, fresh mint and some scrumptious juicy lychees. Absolute heaven!

    Neva Beaumont

  26. Lots of ice strawberries watermelon lemonade hint of lemon and a drop of bitters beautiful Shannon discombe

  27. I love my SodaStream and don't know how I lived without one! Your punch sounds delicious!

  28. My Grandma used to make a punch with Pimms. I loved the taste, but too often I would get some mint or cucumber skin stuck in my teeth. Not a great look!! But, Ohhhhh the taste was well worth it!!

  29. Love to try punch one day as never have. My favourite christmas drink is homemade baileys from my elderly friends family recipe!!

  30. We're in stinking hot Qld and Christmas Day the punch bowl gets replenished twice. We have chunks of fresh mango and tinned lychees in ours and its necessary to hold your lips quite tightly over the glass to drink and strain the fruit away. Once the liquids gone we're all tapping the bottom of our Christmas themed cups to enjoy a mouthful of tangy fruit salad. Cheers, Karlene (Karly)

  31. The best Christmas punch is Cranberry juice, soda water, mint, lime juice cordial, ginger beer and cinnamon sticks. Yummy.
    Samara McRae

  32. I would absolutely LOVE TO win this because I'm trying to stop drinking Coke Zero and would love to drink a healthier carbonated drink and I've been wanting one of these for soo long! Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance!!! ~Nicole colletti

  33. When I was growing up spending the school holidays with my Nan was so much fun as she had the original Soda Stream. As there was not much money around we were only allowed one drink each. When we were finished Nan would wash out the straws and we'd have to use them next time. ( who washes straws!) now with my own kids I'd love to win this for my mum to have. My kids would love this as much as I did. Only thing once kids were gone my mum would probably add some Gin to that drink, something my Nan would never had done! She'd also never wash straws!

  34. For me: I would love a soda stream to help reduce the amount of softdrink my husband drinks in a day. We have daily disagreements about his intake and I think a sodastream would offer him a healthier alternative - fingers crossed1

  35. Oh I have always wondered about these! Haven't owned one since I was a kid - and I was all about the fluro lime drink back then. These days I'd use it to make mixers like ginger beer or lemon, lime and bitters. My favourite Christmas punch was a simple mix of fruit juice and ginger beer. Then we put some strawberries and blueberries into ice cubes and served them with the punch. Delish!

  36. It's not very creative, I'm a classic girl so I like lemonade and sunshine punch. It reminds me of being a kid, before mainstream soft drinks were such a huge household name. Punch used to be at birthday parties instead of cans of soft drink, with a big spoon to scoop into your cup. We still make it at christmas. PS. When i filled my details out i hit enter accidentally, so no address lol....oops

  37. Adults only Bloody Mary punch. A dash of Premium vodka, freshly squeezed tomato juice, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and soda water top up. A lime quarter on the glass gives a special touch too!

  38. I'd love to win one, and then can experiment with loads of recipes. Thinking of a sparkling cranberry and vodka cocktail

  39. I've discovered mixing iced hibiscus & rosehip tea with sparkling wine makes for a beautiful and festive Xmas drink! (Got to be wary of it going down too fast though!)

  40. Cool and refreshing punch for the kids using Sodastream. Add some lemon, lime, pears and kiwi fizzy and sweet , a delightful treat. Cleo Sids

  41. I love egg nog!! It's the only time during the year I have it.

  42. I tried making a new 'welcome drink' at our childcare Christmas party (all the way back in 2016!) And might I add it was a massive hit with the parents AND the kids! *high five*
    I blended watermelon, cucumber (yes, it says cucumber lol), mint leaves and lemon juice. . It's delicious as is, but mixing in lemonade to give it bubbles is like the cherry on the cake!
    If you wanted to make it extra festive, pop a fresh mint leaf into each cup so it's all red and green and Christmassy!
    Oh and before you ask, yes, all the parents suggested to mix in some champagne instead of the lemonade... Unfortunately, I don't think it would've gone down too well at a childcare party!

    Christial Shea

    1. This sounds so delicious and I will be trying this recipe soon! Thank you so much for entering and we're please to announce that you're our winner! Congratulations! We will be in touch shortly. :D
      Thank you everyone for the great comments here. xx

  43. I'd love to win this to replace my old one. Never knew bottles had expiry dates and one blew up on me, and the new bottles are incompatible with the new machines! I feel so left out.

  44. I use 7up , pineapple juice, chunks of fruit and cool whip on top for my punch recipe

  45. Traditional Sangria that’s got everything I’m looking for: LOVE IT!


    Monica Scurlock

  46. Cranberry Pomegranate fizzy sparkles
    Start with a base of cranberry and pomegranate juice, then top with fizzy water and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

  47. Refreshing and healthy homemade sodas would go down very well in this heatwave!


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