Friday, 16 December 2016

Micro Scooters Review - Active Family Fun for Everyone!

As our own children have grown, as parents, we have happily progressed along with them. In recent months we've finally become an active outdoor family together. You could say the preschool and primary age groups are the 'golden years' of parenting. Our babies are finished, the fussy toddler stages have thankfully passed, and we're now looking at some incredibly bright opportunities that haven't always been logistically possible for our family as a unit until now.

It's finally time to play in so many fun ways as a family. (Emphasis on the finally!)

For us this equates to participating in all kinds of enjoyable sports and activities each weekend, such as bike-riding, ball games, skateboards and scootering. Our kids are loving these regular opportunities for play just as much as us. Activities outdoors are a fantastic way to bond with your kids and it certainly helps to lift your profile in their eyes and lives. Whatever it takes!

Thanks to Micro Scooters, our twelve year old son was kitted out with the scooter of his dreams just recently. After a long phase of begging for a new scooter with super-cool flair, there's little need to tell you that he just loves this one!

I have a mum confession to make too - I adore this scooter as well! In fact our whole family has been regularly riding it inside our home for a bit of weekday fun, in addition to our weekend family get-togethers on the Millgrove section of  Melbourne's picturesque Warburton Trail.

The Warburton Trail is a retired railway line which extends from Lilydale in Melbourne's outer-east, all the way to the quaint country township of Warburton. It's a well-regarded bike and walking track which attracts a regular stream of tourists each weekend.

While much of the trail is coated with a smattering of tyre-friendly gravel, (and not ideal for scootering or skateboarding), the Millgrove area has a long stint of smooth paving which is perfect for these activities. Millgrove also has a small township, complete with a fish and chippery for exercise-induced hunger pangs. 
In our opinion, this area offers one of the best places to scoot in Melbourne's eastern burbs.

Micro Scooters are super-strong and lightweight for an ultra smooth riding experience. These scooters can carry up to 100kg, making this Sprite model in blue, a safe option for kids from five years of age to adult. (Hence why I too have been able to enjoy this one.) 

Micro Scooters also produce a line of scooters specifically for adults to ride if you want to be seriously cool in the eyes of others. ...And I want to be seriously cool!

The Sprite comes in a flash range of bright colours and boasts an easy folding action and adjustable height handle bar. It's lightweight to carry and manage at just 2.7kg and has a comfortably sized standing board for feet of all sizes. All Micro Scooters are Swiss designed and engineered with 360 degree turning which allows the scooter to steer like a bike. These are so easy to ride and incredibly fun!

Micro Scooters come in a huge variety of styles and colours for all age groups and abilities. There are also multiple accessories available and all parts are replaceable should the unlikely need arise. Compared to the multiple scooters we have purchased over the years from family department stores, there is little to no competition at all. Micro's are quality vehicles. 

Scootering as a family sport is right up there on the entertainment scale. We are planning to add more Micro's to our scooter collection shortly. What better way to commute to work, school, shops or the library? They're speedy and fun, and for grownups, a scooter can help you to keep pace with your active kids. You too can enjoy, make and re-live big childhood memories on one of these!
The Micro Sprite featured retails for $169.95. Visit the Micro Scooters website to check out the range. Find Micro Scooters on Facebook here. Check out these tips on scooter safety too.

Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the Micro Scooter featured in this post.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


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