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Speedo Swimwear for Kids Review - Poolside Fashion for Little Ones

With summer officially here, it's time to consider the swimwear needs of the whole family.

Kids being kids, they tend to outgrow their swimsuits each season don't they? That, or they're in need of a constant new supply of suits due to the inevitable fading, stretching or snags from a summer spent having fun in the pool, at the beach or just playing outside.

This year Speedo have your kids' needs covered for a season (or two), with a range of swimsuits that are bang on-trend and quality in every way.

It's not uncommon to presume the brand Speedo produce only sporty styles for sporty types. You may find yourself surprised though. Did you know that Speedo have a large range for juniors that is not only durable, stretch and fade resistant, but also highly fashionable and colourful to meet the needs of even the most demanding of fashion conscious kids and their parents?

We were recently sent a set of the very latest Speedos for kids to share here.

What a hit they've been!

Despite having only just purchased some trendy bathers not too long before these Speedos arrived, this brand's style has won in the preferred stakes, hands-down with our girl. It's easy to see why.

Speedo Ice Cream Swimsuit $45

These Speedos we were gifted are decorated with adorable retro-styled ice creams on a base of royal blue with white polka-dots. This theme brought a smile immediately! They are stylishly trimmed in contrasting coral piping and all over they're stretchy and strong. The cross-over back straps attach to a sensible, high-cut backline which is ideal for little wrigglers.

Comfort is essential in a swimsuit no matter what your age. These Speedos look the part entirely. After a day spent running about outside, there were no red marks on the skin of our kiddo to indicate anything was ill-fitting or not up to par. (And surprisingly, no snags either, despite sitting on the ground and playing on swing sets.)

Swimsuits alone are not enough to protect delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays. Speedo also have a range of stylish rashies to match their bathing suits for outdoor pool and beach fun. These are a fashionable and practical hit too!

We're loving these Speedos for so many reasons apart from just their looks however. For one thing, the fabric is 100 percent chlorine resistant. These Speedo bathers do not contain elastine, so there's no weakening of the material's fibres in pool water. They are made from a quick-dry fabric too, which keeps kids drier and happier after water play. They are also twenty times more fade-resistant than regular elastine-based swimsuits, and have an improved drag resistance in the water. True Speedo quality!

Speedo Ice Cream Sun Top $45

This great Speedo rashie is rated 50 plus UPF for sun-safe play.

Forget about buying inferior quality swimwear for your kids this summer that will degrade fast. Make sure you take a look at the exciting and quality range for kids available on the Speedo website.

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Are you tired of buying cheap quality swimwear for kids each season?
Do you like the latest in Speedos for kids range?

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured items in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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  1. Oh my Gosh! How cute are those speedos. I love the ice creams. We go through so many togs here with the kids in lessons year round. I tend to buy the cheapies from Target seeing the girls grow so fast. I'd love to invest in a quality pair of speedos though.

  2. Speedo is the best swimwear brand! With my three kids all in swimming squads I've found Speedo swimwear outlasts all other brands! It's been much more cost effective for me to buy my kids Speedos than cheaper swimwear.


  3. I love speedos. I play waterpolo and do lots of swimming and I find them to be the best brand.

  4. I never knew speedo did kids togs, how cool. We go through so many pairs because she's so tall she grows out of sizes before she should {probably should stick to 2 piece suits to overcome this but the 1 piece swimmers for kids are soooo cute I can't help myself}.

  5. Love this swimsuit! Do they do it in adult sizes? #TwinklyTuesday

  6. I'm kind of jealous of kids clothes haha. They are always so bright and funky!

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