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Tiger Tribe Toys Review and A Special Christmas Toy Giveaway Worth $177!

Tiger Tribe toys are terrific toys! 

Without a doubt you've heard of this highly sought after brand on the parenting scene. We've covered reviews of the Tiger Tribe range here on Six Little Hearts in the past. (You can read our previous reviews here and here.)

If you're somehow unfamiliar, Tiger Tribe produce some of the most charming, educational, practical and traditionally styled toys on the Australian market today. The entire Tiger Tribe range adds a delightfully modern edge to the most timeless of toy lines, and in doing so, succeeds in harnessing the attention and adoration of today's children and their parents.

Your kids will love Tiger Tribe! (Ours already do.)

In case you didn't know it, Tiger Tribe began in 2007 as a husband and wife team and is today supported by a group of highly talented Australian designers, illustrators and innovators. Together, they continue to create a coveted line of whimsical play things for children that are truly inviting and inspiring.

This is play at its greatest.

Tiger Tribe's Bendy Monkeys. Pocket-sized playmates your kids can take-along. (And pocket friendly at RRP $5 each.)
The ultimate fiddly tool and soooo cute! Extremely pliable for lots of fun times. Recommended for ages three plus.

Each December, Six Little Hearts are lucky enough to team-up with this amazing toy brand, and road test the very latest from Tiger Tribe toys on our own tribe, with the added bonus of a stunning Christmas giveaway for our lucky readers! This preview from the newest 2017 catalogue of Tiger Tribe goodies is here to be shared in more ways than one.
We think you will love this brand as much as we do!

One of Tiger Tribe's hallmarks, are toys that are not only educational, but portable. This Magnificent World of ABC - Food magnetic set is a true Tiger Tribe classic. Inside this compact suitcase for little learners, are an assortment of magnetic letters and activities based around the theme of food. Play with these sets is enchanting and aids children from the age of 4, to learn the basics of language in a fun and tactile way.

To use: Choose a group card, find the matching picture magnets and proceed to spell the words on the card
using the built-in magnetic board inside the lid. It's literacy made easy and fun by being hands-on.
Previously we have reviewed another version of this toy here, and I have to say, these sets are a superb learning aid for youngsters. Our own kids have put our existing set to the test time and time again. This new theme is a welcome addition and it will get a huge workout in the coming years.

The Magnificent World of ABC - Food retails for $40.

Is that a dolls' house that's brought on that smile?! (This mummy just loves this photo!)

The Boxsets available at Tiger Tribe are some of our most popular toys here in our home with our youngest. Daily these charming play centres get a work out. They're regularly pulled from the top of the toy box and carted about the house for quiet and imaginative play alongside a big brother, sister or busy mama for companionship and enjoyment on the go.

The 2017 Boxset range available at Tiger Tribe are a fresh take on their earlier designs. There are updated graphics, colours and even materials to make them stronger and perpetually engaging.
I think it's fair to say that they are a little groovier too, with rounded edges and hipster-styled furnishings.

This doll house is a childhood classic made compact for play in the smallest of spaces, measuring a tidy 10.4 x 19 x 17.2cms. (Not including the carry handle.)

Within the wooden box house are all the fittings to make a home away from home, just the way kids like it. Children can access the interior easily via the drop-down sides, which in themselves add another dimension to the built-in play. There's a pool and a patio that can double as wallpapers to the interiors when either side is erect. Floor coverings and windows are all painted within to make it cosy and homely.

There's even a swing set for the resident boy and girl inhabitants to enjoy and it actually works!

The Boxset Dolls House retails for $65 and comes filled with wooden furnishings and inhabitants. It packs up quickly for take-anywhere play. Boxsets are also available in a Pirate Island, Beach Villa and Fairy House theme.

No childhood would be complete without a ball or two now would it?!

Our kids are ball gamers of all shapes and sizes. Tiger Tribe have not forgotten to add these all-important childhood staples to their range and have two darling balls for kids to play with, crafted in quality rubber.

The Tiger Tribe Play Balls arrive fully inflated and ready for action either indoors or out. They come in two themes for children to enjoy - Unicorns and Dogs. Both balls are priced at RRP $16 each and measure a little over 15cms diameter.

Fantastic quality, designs and old fashioned fun. Kids love them!

With so many fond memories of my own childhood spent piecing puzzles together, we were more than happy to receive this educational and robust Floor Puzzle in an Our World theme for our kids to build.

This chunky floor puzzle by Petit Collage features 24 pieces of detailed and educational fun which will entertain kids for ages. This has been a surprising family hit with our 12, 10 and 8 year olds in addition to our (just turned) 4 year old. They all chip-in to piece this together and then engage with the detailed imagery which depicts the animals, terrains and the seasons of year all around the world. It's cleverly designed for young minds and is priced at RRP $30.

Make sure you browse the full range of exciting playthings on the Tiger Tribe website and browse the enchanting 2017 Tiger Tribe catalogue here.

Win a selection of Tiger Tribe Toys
as featured here on Six Little Hearts!

Two fantastic prize packs are on offer for two lucky readers with thanks to Tiger Tribe!

Pack One includes the Boxset Dolls House, Play Ball Unicorn and two Bendy Monkeys valued at $91.

Pack Two includes the Magnificent World of ABC Food, Floor Puzzle - Our World and Play ball Dog valued at $86.
Total prize pool is $177.
Merry Christmas!

To Enter

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While pre-Christmas delivery is ideal and our aim, neither Six Little Hearts or Tiger Tribe will be held responsible for delays of prizes during the Christmas period.
We thank you for your understanding and wish you the best of luck!

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the items featured in this post for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine. Thank you Tiger Tribe again. We love working with you. xx

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  1. That boxset dolls house is fantastic. Perfect for travelling, restaurants or visiting!! I love toys that 'pack up'....

  2. The our world floor puzzle is amazing. My daughter is just starting to show interest in puzzles and this is something the whole family could join in with. Jade Williams

  3. Her brothers airport she carries with glee, but not a plane will you see. She fills it with horses, puppies and dolls, the miniature variety so the door still folds. A beautiful boxset dollhouse would bring her joy and definitely become her new favourite toy.

  4. Pack two would be our choice because ... PUZZLES. Master 5 is currently crazy for them ... and guess what? Food is his other favourite thing so this pack would go down a treat!

  5. I would LOVE to win the Dolls House and Unicorn Ball for my nearly 5 year old daughter. I adore watching her imaginary play at the moment, and she goes absolutely mad for anything 'dolly'! Thank you :) Monique

  6. The floor puzzle looks great! My 4 year old would love it.

  7. Christina L
    I love the floor puzzle. Looks amazing and is very educational. I believe alot can be learnt from knowing your geography. Love it

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The floor puzzle would keep the kiddies occupied for ages. What a great gift
    Sarah Armstrong

  10. I'd love to win pack 1 because my little girl is always turning things into dolls houses, to have a portable one that she can take anywhere would be amazing. her other sister would love playing with the ball with her older sister - Belinda Moxey

  11. I would love to win The Magnificent World of ABC - Food from Tiger Tribe as my daughter is going to start Kindy next year and this would really assist with developing her reading and spelling skills wherever we are. Vanessa Ahern

  12. My daughter would love the Boxset Doll House, because it's cute and she could take it anywhere with her!

  13. My son would love pack 2 he loves puzzles this would be entertaining, fun and educational thank you for the chance

  14. Boxset Dolls House, imaginary play.
    Little people, furniture, Tiger Tribe, hooray!
    Every little girls dream, a little house all her own.
    The grandchildren, opening the door to a world of unknown
    Magic does happen!
    jody buhagiar
    prize pack 1 would be lovely, thankyou

  15. The dollhouse would be amazing..not just for my daughter but for Mummy too because I am still a child within!

  16. Name - sapna sharma

    Floor Puzzle - Our World is my favourite because educational but fun at the same time & will keep my son busy for a good amount of time. Moreover puzzles stimulate the brain a lot 7 they want to complete it in minimum time possible.

    I would love pack two.

  17. love the doll house, lots of play and imagination happening as my little people play on the swing

  18. I love the Floor Puzzle - Our World! We love puzzles and the kids are starting to learn about other countries with our travels :)

  19. What a wonderful giveaway. Sharing with all my friends that have little ones.

  20. My little ones are breaking me with their fussy eating. You suggest it, I've tried it. BUT, I see the ABC food set suitcase, and I figure getting them to experiment and understand a little more about food might possibly help. I would love to be in the comp for Pack 2; because you can never have too many balls, right? Thanks

  21. I love the little wooden toys, dolls and such. My kids have always played more imaginatively with them. At one stage we had a whole little tribe of varying peoples.
    Liz Griffiths

  22. Oooo I love thee play balls and the floor puzzle! 😍

  23. Wow a fantastic giveaway! We are yet to add anything Tiger Tribe to our toy boxes - so would be thrilled to win either set :)

  24. The floor puzzle is awesome! My daughter would have a blast putting it together and asking me a million questions in the process!

  25. The dolls house is a brilliant idea. I love that the dolls house is so easy to pack up and travel with. Melissa Durell.

  26. Bernarda Robinson- such beautiful toys, will be absolutely treasured by my 4 year old, he's so curious about the world and is currently learning to read, it would be perfect!

  27. What child doesn't love a ball. The Tiger Tribe ones are made from great quality rubber so you can use indoors or out.

  28. The Boxset Dolls House takes me back to my old Polly Pocket days. Perhaps not as small but just as big in imagination and take anywhere enjoyment. Karin O'Grady

  29. I just love the portability of those box sets, and the balls look fabulous and great quality. I am choosing pack 1! My girls would think it was Christmas....oh! :D

  30. Boxset Dolls House is a fantastic idea and seriously cute. The perfect toy to play with in the car or to take away on holiday - sarah ellwood

  31. The boxset dolls house is my favourite. My daughter would love a dolls house but we don't have the space for one so this would be perfect as it packs away neatly and compactly. It's also very cute with all the added details. I love that you can take it with you wherever you go too!
    Shannon Wotton

  32. I love all the tiger tribe toys but pack 2 looks awesome for my 4yo. She is always in the kitchen 'helping' me and she is desperately trying to learn letters so I can easily imagine her playing with the magnificent abc set on the fridge. It would be such a help to distract her while I cook and I can still interact with her. Win win situation. Malinda Brown @mbpaperpackages

  33. Name: Elisabeth Martins

    I like the floor puzzle "in our world" because it teaches kids about the countries and cultures around them, and it's fun too.

  34. Oh the dollhouse! I would've loved that when I was a little girl! And the swing with it is so cute!

  35. Love to win Pack 2. My soon to be 3 year old will love to learn her abc and also about food from the Magnificient World of ABC Food. My preshooler will learn his countries using the Our World floor puzzle and the 3 of us will definitely enjoy a game of ball in the backyard. Love Tiger Tribe.

  36. The doll's house is absolutely divine...
    But not the favourite toy of mine.
    I love the Tiger tribe play balls best,
    For our family-better than all the rest!
    Because we can share the fun,
    Between our big boy, 5, and our little one.
    Safe for everyone to play,
    Watching them together will make my day.

  37. I love all of the levels title toys included in this post, what lovely little gifts they would all make!

  38. Prize pack 2 would be amazing. It has something my 4 year old son would love, the puzzle, the ABC food for my 2 year old daughter and the ball which is something that they can enjoy playing with together - Talk about a perfect Christmas prize pack -
    Thank you for the chance!! Merry Christmas

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Shannon! You are our winner of pack two! Your kids will love these toys. Merry Christmas and a huge thank you to all who entered. We have more great giveaways coming so watch this space... xx

  39. The Boxset Dolls House is the answer to all my prayers! Hallelujah! For far too long I've been forced to drag my littlie's doll house and army of princesses on every adventure we have. My muscles are huge and my back is struggling. At last a play set with everything inside that can easily be packed away and taken on outings! Wow! This could quite possibly save my sanity.

    Thank you and a very merry Christmas!

    Neva Beaumont (Pack One)

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Neva! You are the winner of pack one. We hope your daughter loves her new portable version and that we can save your back! Merry Christmas! x

  40. The Boxset dolls house is super cute with limited space this set would be perfect for my little miss. Even the big kids would play it's just the cutest
    Karen Edwards

  41. Every Sunday to Church we go.
    And whilst we love it the kids are noisy creatures to have in tow!
    The dollhouse would be a sanity saver.
    Perfect to grab and go.
    Mini handle great for little hands and one less thing for Mummy to carry!

  42. The dolls house is just so cute, and such good quality. Julia Mason

  43. The Boxset Dolls House is adorable. I can imagine endless playtime with this product. And so easy to transport as well.
    Alicia Bardsley

  44. The Boxset Dolls House is very cute and something both my girls would love, my favorite is the Magnificent World of ABC - Food, great portable learning tool for kids :) (Teena L)

  45. My little one is obsessed by balls, so for me, the Play Ball Dog is the one for us!

  46. Hello! I love your site! I'm so glad I found you through your competitions page. Will be back to look around for sure :)

  47. I'll make a second comment too,
    Because I did what I was not meant to.
    How incomplete my entry must have appeared!
    My facebook name is Sp Anna,
    but you can call me Anna.
    Surname Spunde (yeah, I know right... it's weird!)

    Prize Pack 2! For the puppy dog ball, and favourite colour blue!:)

  48. I would love to win this blue dog ball for my son Finn who is 4.5 months old.. I know he will love it now and for many years to come!

  49. Love the world floor puzzle. My kids are really fascinated by maps at the moment and having it in the form of a puzzle would give them an extra challenge. Brilliant! -Michelle Hunt


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