Sunday, 1 January 2017

Shopping The General Store with Aussie Farmers Direct and The January Aussie Giveaway Linkup...

In the lead-up to Christmas, we were invited to try out The General Store which is a part of the Aussie Farmers Direct home delivery service. This exciting branch of the Aussie Farmers Direct experience is one we were happy to discover and even more than happy to share.

Many Victorian readers will already be familiar with Aussie Farmers Direct. Chances are, quite a few of you are already customers of this fantastic home delivery service. If you're located in NSW, this special home delivery service is available to you too.

Aussie Farmers Direct began as a home delivery service of milk, bread and fresh produce and they've been around for some years now. We ourselves were regular weekly customers prior to moving to Melbourne's outskirts. Each week, our delivery of household staples would arrive at the crack of dawn and without fail. We thoroughly enjoyed using the service too; this despite the fact that at the time, we lived just two doors down from a very large Woolworth's supermarket! With a young family, (and a growing one at that), the convenience of the Aussie Farmers Direct system for us, was second to none. There was no need to bundle everyone up and head out to the stores with everything delivered to our balcony by 6am rain, hail or shine!

More recently, Aussie Farmers Direct have introduced The General Store as a valuable add-on to their home grocery delivery service.

The General Store is a one-stop shop for all your household dry goods and stores, and using it can save you loads of time and effort each week. It's even quite competitively-priced. If you're time-poor and wanting to out-source some of the tiresome work of running a busy household, then using the services of Aussie Farmers Direct is a superb solution.

Unfortunately for us, at present, Aussie Farmers Direct does not deliver to our current locality but we did get around this issue by opting to deliver our order to hubby's inner-burbs office. (You can run a quick check to see if you are located within their delivery field on their website.)

Becoming a regular customer is as easy as creating an online account, (it takes only minutes), and then placing your first order.

Shopping the Aussie Farmers Direct website is easy to do and far less complicated than navigating any major supermarket's online space, making it an instant winner with this shopper.

The General Store is packed full of everything from spices to meals, noodles, beverages and detergents. Chances are, you'll find everything you need on their website. What's more, The General Store prides itself on providing Australian produce and offers a unique 'Aussie Rating' system to assist shoppers to support Australian farmers and businesses.

With the festive season upon us, we took the opportunity to shop The General Store for our Christmas and New Year requirements. As you all know, shopping at this time of year is generally difficult with long queues and frequent shortages coupled with a prevailing desire to be elsewhere. (Don't even mention the financial outlay!) 

The General Store made our festive season so simple and painless. Everything we needed for Christmas was available at a competitive price and it all arrived on time and beautifully boxed, ready to store in our pantry for entertaining. All of our favourite festive brands and goods were in stock too, including Bickford's Lemon Juice Cordial, cocktail onions, Arnott's Cheeseboard Crackers, Devondale Sparkling Apple Juice and even Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce. (A personal favourite!)

We received two wonderful boxes packed full of festive essentials. Many items had already been consumed at the time of these photographs!
The General Store gave us the easiest festive season yet and the whole experience was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. (Especially the finish!) With a large family to cater for, the convenience of home delivery for all of our favourites was ideal. We're now planning on using the Aussie Farmers Direct service again in 2017, for both our fresh produce and pantry essentials from The General Store.

Happy New Year!

If you're dreading the return of the working year once the holiday season has passed, please seriously do consider becoming at Aussie Farmers Direct customer!

As a stressed-out, time-poor parent, becoming re-acquainted with this company has been an absolute pleasure. We've quite honestly truly missed this service and are so happy to embrace the even bigger and better range they now offer. You can elect to make a one-time order only just to try it out, or set your own frequency for delivery. You can opt-out at any time too, including taking breaks when holidaying etc.

I promise you - as a fellow parent, you will greatly appreciate the convenience of shopping at Aussie Farmers Direct. Find out more on the Aussie Farmers Direct website. Visit here to browse The General Store. We love this service!

Are you an Aussie farmers Direct customer?

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted a voucher to spend at The General Store in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine. Thank you for the chance to get re-acquainted Aussie Farmers Direct!

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  1. Oh I didn't know the Aussie Giveaway Link Up was here now, and on the other blogs! I will make a note so I remember. The General Store sounds great, hopefully they expand to SA!

  2. I've heard of Aussie Farmers Direct but not the General Store. I'll definitely check these out!

  3. I haven't tried the Bickfords lemon cordial yet. I had two seperate friends come to stay at the house, and they both brought a bottle of that cordial! It must be good!
    This sounds like the perfect solution to skipping the shopping aisles with the kids, not to mention the parking :)

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    Amy Baker

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