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Smash Lunchboxes Review and Tips for Choosing Lunchboxes for Kids of All Ages

A new year means fancy new stuff as far as kids are concerned. Choosing bags, books, stationery and uniforms for your kids always acts as a bit of a motivator for them, to face the school year ahead. Attitudes are usually suitably bright and positive with the start of term. It's only right that your kids' lunch ware should follow this lead.

New lunch boxes and drink bottles are on the upper-end of the excitement scale when it comes to our own kids. Thanks to a big delivery of Smash Enterprises lunch items recently, our kids were all agog with the goods. This year, Smash's designs are bright, bold and creative, with many themes and styles to match the interests of all kids and ages. Ours were impressed!

It seems that every time we review Smash products for our children here, the right lunchboxes for each of our children's stages and interests are all there in the box, effortlessly. We find the Smash designs are always spot-on with our fussy kids' tastes, and that's one big positive factor we continue to enjoy year after year with this brand. 

The annual lunchbox forum officially underway...

As always, I put our kids to task to pick and choose their own favourite lunch ware, before officially declaring their preferred items 'their own' by sealing the deal with a Sharpie. Our kids love this annual event! It's a chance for them to solidify their unique interests, (all within the confines of a lunch vessel believe it or not!), and impress their peers while they're at it. For me, this exercise hopefully encourages some good follow-through eating habits for the school year.

So, what should you look for in a quality lunchbox?

Start with quality itself!

Smash are a well-priced line that is both mum and kid approved, as well as readily available in most supermarkets and family department stores. We've been using this brand long enough now, to know that this is lunch ware that will go the distance, year after punishing year as far as our kids are concerned.

Smash Pattern Double Decker available at Coles.

When choosing the perfect lunch receptacle where kids of all ages are concerned, (especially younger ones), a soft-bodied yet structured lunchbox is often the best choice. This type of carrier remains lightweight and offers a 'bit of give' within the confines of book-laden school bags, while still adequately protecting its contents. Likewise, a carry handle feature is ideal for easy access, providing kids with the option to go hand-held in the event of school excursions and sports days, or just by helping them along when their bag is otherwise full. These type of lunchboxes are wipe-clean and basic to care for from a parental point of view.

We like to choose lunchboxes with inclusions too, for reducing environmental waste. Small, reusable containers for snacks, included cutlery, air-tight and leak-proof accessories are all components that are recommended for safely transporting messy foods, without compromising on exciting lunch options for your kids on-the-go. These will also generally save you on a lot of time and frustration when it comes to cleaning up at each day's end. (Think no smooshy, leaky sandwich bags to deal with - a huge bonus.) 

Dishwasher-friendly items are a must too. Or select machine-washable options. With either you can't go wrong.

Where teenagers are concerned, this age group often prefer lunchboxes that reflect basic fashion themes. Look for simple and stylish designs with plain colours and functions for this age group, such as those reflected in this Smash All-in-One Lunchbox.

Checker Smash Lunchbox available at Big W.
Stripe Slim Cold Box also at Big W.

Go for a larger sized lunch carrier with basic accessories, insulation and even more structure to withstand the even bigger strains of adolescence.

 Kids in this age group can be extremely careless with their possessions. (Far more so than in the primary years!) You should consider structural strength and keep basics to a minimum when selecting your teenager's food transportation needs. Doing so will save you endless frustration.

99 Slim Cold Box available at Big W.

Your kids have got to love their lunchboxes! It's really the first rule of choice where kids are concerned. Take their lead and support their decisions.

Lunchboxes offer kids a chance to impress their peers, and an individual one that reflects your child's personality, can aid your child in a number of positive ways. Careful consideration here will have benefits that continue forward; from fostering within your child, the need and desire to care for their own property, to allowing kids to identify their personal possessions readily, and even encouraging your child to actually consume the contents of their lunch pack! (Consider this last point the ultimate goal!)

Smash Nude Food Movers Snack Orb.

If your child's chosen lunchbox doesn't come with extras, Smash have a range of kid-cool carriers for keeping small snacks and portions contained, that kids will think are cool. These Snack Orbs (pictured above), are available in some great colour combos for girls and boys. They're already popular with our kids and the lunchbox year hasn't even officially begun yet!

Don't forget about insulation. Keep your kids' lunches healthy and food-safe with built-in thermal materials to keep foods cool. Add ice bricks for added freshness protection. Go BPA free too, for health reasons.

Smash have lunchboxes that go a step further again, with the inclusion of Blue-IQ. This is a special antimicrobial lining that prevents the growth of mould and mildew. Kids are brilliant at mess-making, so this extra protection helps to keep your child's lunchbox (and foods), fresh, odour and stain free.

"I like this one."
Ice Cream Bottle, (also shown, Skulls and Storm styles), are available at Coles.

Smash Skate Double Decker lunchbox from Big W.

For the littlies - kinder kids and early primary age groups, make simplicity your focus when choosing lunch ware.

There are plenty of cute styles available that fulfil all of the aforementioned points in the Smash range. For younger kids, also consider ease of use. Opt for simple zippered designs or magnetised features that don't frustrate your child's young mind and developing motor skills. Consider carrying options too, and style. It's best to stick with the basics for young kids. Ensure your child can access their foods and drinks easily without requiring the assistance of a grown-up prior to commencing day care, kinder or primary school.

Smash Blue Glitter Cold Box.

We have a winner!

Smash Glitter Retro Satchel is available at Target stores.

Fuss-free lunch ware will assist your young child to both manage their personal possessions and foster their developing confidence.

You can view the full 2017 Smash range of lunch ware on the Smash website. You can find these pocket-friendly options for your family at Target, Big W, Officeworks and Coles supermarkets nationally.

What features do you consider most important when purchasing a lunchbox or drink bottle
 for your child?

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted a selection of Smash merchandise as featured in this post.
All opinions expressed (big and small!), are entirely our own and genuine.


  1. I like the lunch boxes we have at the moment, lots of compartments for different foods. I haven't bought new ones this year, as it hasn't been long since I bought new lunch boxes. I do like the smash range of products and will check them out when I do, considering there is more insulation than the ones I have at the moment.

  2. My last lunchbox was a smash one and it lasted for years! They're good quality. I ended up replacing it with a sistema one purely as the sistema one is squishable so at the end of the day it takes up less room in my backpack.

  3. I love the larger style lunchboxes!I normally get my son a new one each year, I'll definitely check out the Smash range!

  4. That is so impressive!! I'm not a fan of lunchboxes either, but I would not hesitate to use that! Bet A's family were totally in awe :)
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