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My Super Nanny Review - Our Brilliant Babysitter Agency Experience!

There can't be too many parents who don't dream of employing a nanny in their busy lives to take care of their little charges.
Even the convenience of a babysitter once in a while, to fill the need as required, is an all-to-common fantasy for most and for a variety of valid reasons.

When it comes to sourcing a reliable, qualified, trustworthy and experienced sitter to take care of your kids, it can certainly be a task with cause for concern: Where can a great sitter be found? Will they be affordable, experienced and on-the-ball with your precious children? Can they cope with a multitude of harrowing situations should they arise, such as sibling in-fighting, accidents or emergencies?
And finally, for the kids' sake, will they be fun and a positive influence?

As parents we've all pondered these concerns at some stage, when the need for a sitter has arisen. Personally, up until now, we've rarely used a sitter at all, preferring to keep the care of our children 'in the family' over the appointment of strangers. After all, there can't be too many people willing enough, (outside of extended family), to care for the demands of six active kids... Or can there?

As luck would have it, we've had to think again!

Thanks to a wonderful offer from My Super Nanny, we recently had the opportunity to experience the services of their superb nanny agency, who provided us with an all expenses paid sitter experience for an entire afternoon of blissful togetherness, minus our rowdy brood!

 Saturday afternoon wining and dining - here we come!
From here on, please enjoy some images of just what 'time-out' for parents can look like if you're inclined to make the effort. (In case you thought you needed an actual 'legitimate' reason to hire a sitter, let me show you that any reason is in fact worth the time.)
In this instance, our afternoon of freedom was spent at Coombe Yarra Valley winery and the famous Melba Estate.

Seriously blissful! 

Freedom from parenting duties and responsibilities equals happy! Happy! Happy!
For us, My Super Nanny took all the fuss and worry out of our decision to deflect from the family home on this occasion, sans kids. (And don't I look the part above? I might just be totally enjoying myself! Emphasis on MYSELF!) The whole process of choosing and booking a babysitter was so easy and we will definitely be doing this again.

To get started with My Super Nanny, all you need to do is create a simple profile on their website. This is as easy as filling out a form which answers some basic questions about you and your family. Next, browse the My Super Nanny website to find the sitter of your dreams. If you're pressed for time, you can instead post a job on their website and the nannies will come to you via your inbox, giving you the opportunity to pick and choose from the applicants. (NB: This option is very quick and easy!)

My Super Nanny will do all the mediation for you, keeping your details safe and secure, as well as those of the sitters who contact you. Once you've chosen your sitter, you will be connected to your nanny in order to make all your arrangements such as hours, pay and tasks. It's simple and safe and the process was very hassle-free. Perfect for all parents.

A delicious side of broccolini, parmesan infused olive oil and roast almonds.

Garden in a glass - strawberries, pistachio sponge and chocolate soil, strawberry sorbet,
freeze dried yoghurt, crème legere.

While we enjoyed three incredible courses, estate wines and a rare and precious moment with each other during our afternoon off, our lovely appointed nanny, ('Sammy'), was hard at work in our home with our kids. Sammy kindly took some images for us to show just what was going down on the home-front in our absence. 

Piano playing, remote control cars and Woolworths card albums were just some of the afternoon joys that kept our kids happy and entertained...

Now our kids were all very apprehensive - and excited, (a strange mix I know!), when it came to the idea of having a nanny on their home turf. Before Sammy arrived, they were a very quiet bunch - well-behaved too, in anticipation of who-knows-what! Once Sammy arrived though and was introduced, the kids relaxed a little... though they remained unusually quiet until we left.

Us parents promptly said our goodbyes and were outta there pronto, before another minute of our booked time ticked past!

Fast forward to later that day, and we returned home four hours later to find a very relaxed and happy brood, enjoying a friendly game of Bingo with Sammy on our lounge room floor.

Instantly the mama-guilt hit - I had bought this particular vintage Bingo game with full intentions of playing it with my kids... all of four years ago! Naturally I had not managed to play it with them even once in all that time. #mummyfails.

The kids were having such a great time playing games with Sammy, which was so exciting to witness. Any fears we ourselves may have had about our children and their sitter experience instantly vanished. (Okay, we seriously had no apprehensions whatsoever during our absence! Should we have? ...Nah!)

From fears to fun. Our kids loved having a sitter who was young and relatable, with enough energy and enthusiasm to play with them. (Unlike mum and dad!)
My Super Nanny works with its sitters and parenting clients using a match-making software that pairs the right people with the right families. They've three simple policies which form the foundation of their business; reliability, care and intuition. Safety and value are also fundamentals that the My Super Nanny service strives to provide.

Searching for your perfect nanny is free via the My Super Nanny website. Payment is only required when you wish to contact your chosen nanny. Choose from a free membership, a 'self serve' full access membership priced at $99 for a full year, or a premium membership price at $179 per year, where My Super Nanny will do all the groundwork for you.

By posting a job for a sitter, My Super Nanny will automatically notify all available sitters in your area. There are no restrictions on the number of nannies that you can reach out to, and you can search on all kinds of criteria to meet your needs. You can even request a nanny undergo a safety ID check (at their own cost), to give you further peace of mind. Real time alerts via emails or text messages keep you on top of the whole process. It all comes together to make it so easy for busy parents to find a responsible carer for their kids.

Sweet goodbyes with a sweet gal! Farewell Sammy until next time. You are missed!

The verdict: We all loved this service! The whole experience of finding an appropriate nanny was easy and fun from the word go. They even provide you with a link to a printable 'Things you should know' list for your children's carer, which includes all the important contact and routine information a sitter needs to properly care for your kids. In fact, there was very little to think on around the whole carer appointment, past your own enjoyable plans.

My Super Nanny provides an invaluable service for parents. We found the whole system streamlined, professional and safe - far easier than sourcing our own babysitter via other less reliable 'traditional' methods. (Word of mouth, local classifieds and the like.)

For parents, My Super Nanny can take the headache out of your busy plans and worries.
For children, the experience of a well chosen carer is a hugely positive and popular one. Our own kids thought this experience was incredibly fun and are asking us again and again on a regular basis, when Sammy can return to play.

My Super Nanny offers services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane. To register for your own super nanny, visit here. To learn more about the My Super Nanny system in general, head to their website.

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted a nanny for an afternoon in exchange for this feature.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.
A huge thank you Sammy and My Super Nanny for the brilliant service and time-out!


  1. This sounds fabulous. We've toyed with the idea of getting a non family babysitter for a while so we can go out more often. My Mum is wonderful but we feel like we take up so much of her time already! It would be nice to give her a break 😊

    1. It really was a fantastic experience all the way. It's so important to have some together time and having the convenience of a sitter really proved that point.

  2. This sounded like a great experience and a very helpful service. I used to babysit as a teenager and I guess it was part of my pathway into Infants Teaching. I always enjoyed it. I cared for our grandkids too, over many years and it was a labour of love! I think there are some times when all families need to employ someone and this service sounds great. Glad you took time out. Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. It was a wonderful experience and my kids really did love having a sitter. (So did I!)

  3. Wow!!! Looks like everyone had a fab time!! It sounds so tempting, but I just know my girls aren't ready for this yet. Good to know for the future though. I'm glad you were able to have some time out :)

    1. The time will come for you. :D
      I thought my kids were going to have a melt down but instead they had a ball. It's a great service which I can't wait to use again.

  4. Sounds like a fabulous service. Glad you enjoyed your day out. The winery and food looks amazing!

  5. Wow. Definitely sounds like the cupid of daycare.

  6. What a great way to spend some alone time! I was only talking to my husband about starting to look for a baby sitter the other week as we haven't had a night/afternoon out by ourselves in over a year, maybe even two!

  7. We recently hired an after-school baby sitter and it did take a lot of time doing it the way we choose - Gum Tree. I think we would consider a service next time and this sounds like a great one.

  8. What a great service! It looks like everyone had a fun afternoon - win, win!

  9. Now that's a review opportunity I don't think I'd see any parent turning down :) It looks like you had a great time!

  10. Fantastic work done! All babysitting services wants to achieve that too. :)


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