Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Smiggle Review - A Back to School Review and Giveaway for Smiggle Fans, Plus The Aussie Giveaway Linkup February...

So how's the back to school thing going for you? Are you relieved? Sad? Exhilarated?

After six long weeks of sleep-ins, rest and relaxation, I am quite rested. That was true at least, until the very day before school started. Funny how plans to be organised can be so dang hard to implement where kids are concerned.

The day before school started saw us running around for book collections, frantically labelling piles of items and a last minute plethora of overlooked bits and bobs. By the eve of the brand new school year, I was ready for another six weeks of holidays, just to recover from the pace of it all. Sheesh!

My kids though, they just seemed to grow more pumped with excitement by the minute, (while I flustered and huffed). Talk about exhausting! Thankfully I had a stash of Smiggle gear, which made the last minute rush to get five kids school-ready, a whole load less taxing than it already was.

A Smiggle-fun practise run for the school year ahead.

Visiting Smiggle is a treat at any time of year, but never more so than at the start of a whole new school term. Smiggle is a one-stop store to pick up so many fantastic, trendy and 'gimmicky' little items. Kids love it, and that means us parents won't have a tough time getting the little peeps motivated for a spot of stationery and school supplies shopping. This can be a traditionally boring event, but that's never the case when Smiggle is involved.

Neon Backpack $54.95. Laptop storage, plenty of compartments and a tech pocket plus bottle holder.
What more could a kid want?

I used to be a real stickler for using the correct school equipment when it came to choosing school gear for my kids. That was, until all that 'uniformity' of the whole system meant that my kids would often bring home the gear of others. Sometimes school recommended bags for example, are not that great either. They can fray easily, tear or sport broken zipper pulls within weeks. #expensivemistakes.

We've found that Smiggle's backpacks are very well designed by comparison, with lots of organising compartments for laptops, pencils, lunchboxes and stationery, that are capable of supporting all manner of kids business and busyness. Best of all though, they look hip and cool! There will be no question about who owns this particular backpack in my son's grade this year.

Smiggle gear is universally appealing to all ages too - from tiny kids to high school kids and grown-ups - I even have my own little stash of Smiggle goodies which I refuse to share stat.

City Hard-Top Lunch Box $32.95. Comes with a strong and removable carry strap, insulated lining and it's tough!

Browse the current Smiggle range of pencil cases here.

The verdict: All of my kids were overjoyed at the current range from Smiggle. (I wouldn't expect it to be any other way.) My boys were especially happy to report (at the end of their first day back at school), that their friends had Smiggle gear laid-on also, and all of it different. Phew!
I am totally rocking this parenting gig it seems.
Time now for a hot chocolate and a chance to put my feet up for the first time in a while...

Smiggle for co-ordinating notebooks to carry the look throughout.

Wallets with fun designs and intrigues.

Snazzy Go Anywhere Pencil Case $22.95. Lots of compartments to keep kids organised.

Bus pass holders, pens, automatic pencils, slap-band bracelets and rulers...just some of the cool stuff available at Smiggle.

For all your kids' school and stationery needs this year, don't forget to take a trip in-store for a 'happy-place' browse. Failing that, check out the fun Smiggle range online.
You too could be a thumbs-up cool, (and organised) parent like me! "D

Don't forget to read our other back-to-school reviews below with added giveaways.

A Smiggle Back to School Giveaway!
Win a prize pack full of Smiggle goodies
for your child to enjoy worth $100!*

Total prize pool: $100.
Promotion ends February 27th, 2017.

*Prize includes: 1 x City Hardtop Lunchbox (black or purple) $32.95.
1 x City A4 Pencil Case (green or purple) $19.95.
1 x City Fold Out Wallet (green or blue) $16.95.
1 x City Magic Bus Pass (green or pink) $12.95.
1 x Snazzy Times Slap Band (black or purple) $6.95.
1 x City Mechanical Pencil (green or blue) $2.95.
1 x City Grip Pen (green or blue) $2.50.
1 x City Ruler (green or blue) $4.95.

To Enter

Please fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below.
Please note: You must leave a comment and your name within your comment box to enter this giveaway. This is a game of skill. Comments without names cannot be matched and will be disqualified. Please specify whether you'd like a girl or boy prize pack in your comment too.
Good luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts were gifted the featured items in exchange for this review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.

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  1. My daughter is a huge Smiggle fan and would love this awesome prize

  2. My 7 yr old son would LOVE the Boys SMIGGLE pack,
    So many cool and fun products to choose!
    Helps to make school a bit more enjoyable,
    With groovy bags lunchboxes and stationary he can use!
    Sherry Pfeiffer 😊

  3. My son has already brought home the wrong lunch box this week because he has the same boring discount store lunchbox as 3 other kids in his class😡 An awesome Smiggle lunchbox will stand out and mean I'm not stalking the school lost property basket for the rest of the year- Yasmine Perkins

  4. Smiggle Smiggle little little boy spots you from afar
    Your scented pens, your gumball machine
    More colours in one shop than I've ever seen
    He seeks you out, he begs to buy
    How can I say no to those pleading eyes?
    Your fluffy bunch notebooks, and cool slapbands
    Are famous throughout all the lands
    Your gumball erasers are all over my floor
    And your Advent Calendar is hanging on my door
    Back to School shopping's easy, I just go to Smiggle
    Because it makes my children Smile & Giggle :)

    Debbie Dye

  5. Smiggle is awesome. Its colourful and playful. Would love the girl pack

  6. I love how everything matches,
    smiggle makes me Giggle and want to do a Jiggle!
    A boy pack please

  7. This prize would be ideal for my son who loves to accessorise his stationary items with his backpack and lunchbox.

    Anne Kondor

  8. I would like the girl prize pack; I love Smiggle products because they truly make learning fun. They lend an air of play to lessons whilst not being too distracting.

  9. My girls would save their pocket money and spend up big at Smiggle when they were little. We would have to drive an hour to the nearest store. These days we are five minutes away and the novelty hasn't worn off.

  10. I would love to win a girl pack for my oldest girl. We are a family of 6 and she is always helping me with her little siblings and I think she is so deserving of a wonderful treat like this! I couldn't ask for a better daughter and with her Smiggle obsession this prize would make her day/week/month/year!!

  11. I would love to win a boy pack. Smiggle is so funky, bright, colourful and cool. My son would love this for his first day of school.
    Samara McRae

  12. My eldest daughter LOVES Smiggle - we actually got two years out of her last backpack from there! (great quality). She loves the little gadgets and fun stationery items that makes learning fun. As library monitor at school this year she needs to set an example and be more organised that ever, so Smiggle items would be the perfect way for her to do that. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  13. My kids still love Smiggle and I have been known to buy the odd SMiggle item for myself too! Lol! Boy Pack please.

  14. I'd love to win a girl pack. My little girl is growing-up...sob... sob...she is going to Kinder this year, I'd love to make it a fun, happy experience and Smiggle makes her giggle, it's so FUN and bright and creative! Chanel

  15. That green pack is pretty funky! I'd probably use it haha

  16. The best thing about Smiggle for me is the ultra bright colours. Nothing is boring at Smiggle!
    Girl pack please.

  17. My kids used to love Smiggle. They've outgrown it now though, but for a few years Smiggle was the ultimate Christmas gift.

  18. There's no such thing as too much Smiggle - it's a stationery lover's dream!

  19. either prize is fine for my grand kids who never cease to amaze me they deserve this prize

  20. Boy packs, Smiggle ticks all the boxes for back to school shopping in one place -every parents dream.

    stationery writing tools & desk accessories
    pencil cases & Bags
    Food & drink ware
    books, time & tech
    fun & games

    Term 3 (2016) my kids hit hubby up for new Smiggle pencil cases $29.95 each. Last day school my twin1 left it at school and was so upset , the teacher had threatened to BIN everything left in desks . Hubby made a special trip 20kms to go get it on Monday before Christmas.

  21. Name - sapna sharma

    I would love to win a boy pack for my son who has started Grade 4 this year. In my view Smiggle products has the power to motivate kids to love going to school & learning time.Colourful stationary items are so cool that kids look forward to use them all the time - my son loves to sit for homework time because at that time he can use all his cool stationary supplies & he get things done while having fun. A new pack from smiggles will set him up for another great year of school.

  22. Cool stuff for some lucky winner out there!

  23. Ooh your picks are awesome - we love Smiggle so much too! I could spend hours in that store...! x x

  24. I absolutely love these designs and how they all match!


  25. I love how bright and fun Smiggle stuff is. My daughter (and I ;) ) would love the girl pack!

  26. smiggle adds colour, fun and something different to brong books and drink bottles. So cute and so much enjoyment

  27. The Smiggle bags are so bright and colourful! I remember those busy times as if they weren't that long ago. Have a great term and year :)

    Magical colours,
    It's unique,
    Great gift ideas,
    Lots of accessories,
    Essentials for school,
    So much range for all ages!
    (Kasey Evans)

  29. We love smiggle as everything is so bright and colourful, it makes school stuff fun and not just for school. We especially like that you can stroke the jotters, my daughter likes combing hers lol (renae shaw = girls pack please )

  30. My son has a Smiggle Puppy pencil case from a few years ago, he absolutely loves it!! It was the first thing to go into his school bag, he was super excited to finally use it on his first day at school :)

  31. My girls and I LOVE browsing through the fabulous range of goodies at Smiggle. So bright and fun. If I had the money, I would take one of everything!

  32. Id love to win a boys prize for my small grandson who loves Smiggles and who has just started big school this year we went crazy in smiggles during the holidays all ready for school...

  33. I'm not entering but we love Smiggle as well. Great products.
    Thanks for linking up with All Mum Said for #MummyMondays.

  34. Wow, what a fabulous selection of goodies! We are big Smiggle fans in our house as it's such good quality and there's such a fun element to it. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

  35. My two oldest went back to school this year with Smiggle goodies, they both love it and were thrilled to head off and show their friends. Clearly my love of cool stationery has been inherited!
    Smiggle is our go-to gift for birthday parties too, it's always received by the birthday child with huge excitement #winning!

    I have a boys and a girl so would be thrilled with either pack thank you!


  36. Why we love and want to win Smiggle!

    Stationary to brighten my children's day.
    Making them smile and giggle... Hooray!
    I'm also in love the colours and range...
    Gigets and gadgets, school supplies and games
    Girls and boys.. Smiggle is the new school craze.
    Leaving for school is fun with their amazing range.
    Everyone knows Smiggle is the way, creating fun in a brighter way.


    Girl please as my 10 year old is the crazed Smiggle fan :)

  37. I'd like to win the boys pack because my 5 year old son is so obsessed with Smiggle products. He would go nuts if he saw your children's pictures here.We are also so in love with Smiggle.Very colorful, cheerful & funky stuff :)

  38. Maha Almoussli
    I would love to win it for my daughter (so a girl prize) becuase she is going to turn 6 next month and she was asking for the same product in a smiggle shop far from us :S

  39. I love how with Smiggle my kids get so excited over school supplies. I'm waiting for Smiggle to get into the healthy eating/vegetable business ;)

  40. Sharon Markwell - boy prize
    Smiggles make us giggle. They are bright, a little bit crazy, and a fashion trend like no other.

  41. Smiggle just makes every kids smile. It must be the colours and patterns that draw them to it. Girl prize please.
    Alicia Bardsley

  42. I have sore arms from my five year old constantly trying to drag me into the smiggle shop on our way to do the groceries.
    A girl prize pack would make me the best Mum ever :)

    - Catherine Tuckey

  43. Smiggle is incredible!
    Incredibly quirky,
    Incredibly fun,
    Incredibly crazy,
    Incredibly fashion forward,
    Incredible amazing stationary!
    Boys pack please

  44. I would love to win for my niece
    she loves Smiggle with her giggle
    great products quality fun for all
    she always has her hands out for more.
    (Louisa Frail )

  45. My daughter loves all things stationery,
    I'd love to make her temporarily stationary
    in joyful surprise
    of getting Smiggle gear for her birthday!

    Ashley Beech

  46. Smorgasbord Galore with a capital G for sure!!
    Many items that fulfil every fashion, school craze
    In and out we go (yeah right) LOL
    Girls like my daughter who say “mum it’s a
    Great way to spend all your dough!!!! REALLY? I’m thinking
    Loyalty cards are a blessing that
    Eventually brings along a free gift of choice and big smiles

    Girls pack please and thank you for this amazing giveaway
    Marinella Richichi :)

  47. Each child in the family can express their individuality picking their own design. I would love the Girls pack . Lynne Lillington

  48. I'd love a boy pack so my little one could look stylish and be prepared for kinder.

  49. Smiggle is my go to for all birthday presents, there is always something there for boys and girls! Every child loves SMIGGLE! -

  50. Pens, pencils, colours galore,
    For inspiration who could ask for more?
    Drink bottles, lunch boxes and pencil cases for school
    Smiggle is definitely cool!

  51. My 4 kids love Smiggle but it takes some saving up to kit them all out for Back to School! Vouchers for Christmas are a great family present and the kids love using them for back to school! Every bit helps! Amy Hannah (girl pack)

  52. Love to win this prize for my 4yr old granddaughter Stella, she finds kindergarten challenging and a Smiggle prize would surely give her a huuuuuge confidence giggle! Monica Scurlock

  53. i would love a girl pack , my two year old really misses her three older brothers who are all at school and this would make her feel included in the back to school scene

  54. i would love a girl pack , my two year old really misses her three older brothers who are all at school and this would make her feel included in the back to school scene

    1. This will make your little girl very happy Kristy. Congratulations, you are our Smiggle winner! We'll be shipping out a girl prize pack to you shortly. :D
      Thanks to everybody for entering. xx

  55. Girl please
    My 6 year old received a gift card for her last bday....shes not obsessed! Id love to win her these awesome goodies as I was only able to get her generic stuff for school this year as im currently on maternity leave with my third little one. It would make going to school fun and so much easier!!
    Amy Gormley

  56. Shannon discombe I have 3 girls 17,9,2 they all love smiggle it's miss 9 birthday in a few weeks this pack would make her day! This is such a smiggletastic prize best ever! Such bright vibrant funky cool stuff even mum likes some most off it haha I'd love one of those new shimmer shine bags just for me

  57. I love that smiggle is fun and educational at the same time. The kids think they are getting a toy and the parents know they are learning.. we love all the boy stuff.. lunch boxes pencil cases scratch pads etc.. brilliant..

  58. I love Smiggle gear because it makes learning to be school ready FUN for my preschooler! Aly D =)

  59. We have a beautiful 7 year old severely-autistic boy,
    Unresponsive to the latest toys!
    The comfort of home he thrives,
    Snugging with mummy; his jubilant character comes alive.
    Reoccurring outbursts has prevented us to attend school and travel,
    World of possibility, Smiggle gadgets do unravel.
    We have already started a small Smiggle collection!
    Pencil case with a fan to an expandable ruler for perfection!
    This creative stationery has enticed him to learn!
    I home school my son, so little do I earn!
    We would love a boy prize!
    Just before Easter would be a wonderful surprise!
    Perhaps encourage him to write a little more!
    Any opportunities for home schooling not to be an anguishing chore!


    1. We love your entry. Sadly your entry cannot be found on the entry form. :(
      Please remember to follow all entry instructions to qualify everyone!

  60. Smiggle lets my little one's imagination run wild. I love that she can be entertained for hours without being in front of a screen, and I'm the one being rewarded with the great artwork to go on my fridge. I also love that you can pack it up in a pencil case and take it everywhere.


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