Saturday, 25 February 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie Fashion for Girls From Best and Less - A Review and WIN!

Can you believe that another sensational LEGO movie is coming to cinemas soon?! The LEGO Batman Movie is set to be a hit of epic proportions and Best and Less has your little girl's fashion needs covered.

Best and Less stores nationally, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, have released an adorable range of inspiring girl-powered clothing to grab the attention of young female fans - mine included! They have sent me a full set of the range to review, as well as eight sets to give away to my readers. Squee!

Just check out these cute 'Girls Rule'  The LEGO Batman Movie-themed Batgirl singlet and shorts set that will appeal to all girls (and their doting mamas too!).

"Girls rule!"

Don't you agree, these little outfits capture all the action and excitement of The LEGO Batman Movie theme?

Our girl is practically living in her new movie fashion - from sleeping to shopping, she's empowered by her Super Hero outfits 24-7. They're distinctive, great quality and comfortable by all accounts - hers in particular! (They do look so comfy though don't they? I am kinda-sorta-totally wishing there was a set of these for me too.)
Thankfully there were a few fashion items to share with you guys, making the chance to actually wash each item featured here, (on rotation every now and again), a possibility! #modernmumproblems

Pictured above is The Lego Batman Movie Batgirl singlet and it's a pocket-friendly $8 at Best and Less. You can find it in sizes 4,5,6 and 7. Also shown, The Lego Batman Movie Batgirl shortie RRP $6. (Too cute.) These are available in sizes 3-4, 4-6 and 6-8. Also grab a pair of matching briefs (not shown), in these same sizes for RRP $4.
All get a huge thumbs-up from this little person (and her ma).

Cooler weather is-a-comin' and before long, we'll all be feeling the ol' autumn chill in the evenings (boo-hoo!). Perfectly timed with the anticipated The LEGO Batman Movie and the inclement weather, is the arrival of these snuggy jammies for girls currently available in-store at Best and Less.

These pyjamas are beautifully made with thick cotton flannel pants that also include banding on the legs - perfect for keeping little bodies warm and comfortable in the colder months. An equally cosy matching poly-cotton top features a smashing 'Girls Rule' motif complete with gold glitter accents in just the right dose. A set to impress!

Girls, The LEGO Batman Movie long-sleeved pyjamas are available in sizes 4,5,6 and 7 and are priced at RRP $22.

Brace your footsies... there's even The LEGO Batman Movie socks to top off all that fashionable hoo-ha. Socks are available in sizes 5-8 and 9-12 and are RRP $4. Make sure you grab a pair or five!

Latest release gold sneakers by Bobux shoes.

You can find the full range of The LEGO Batman Movie girls' clothing at Best and Less stores Australia-wide. The range is available in a choice of sizes from 3-12 for a limited time onlyHurry - don't miss out!

Win one of eight The LEGO Batman Movie girls
fashion clothing packs (as previewed here*), valued at $44 each!
* Please note the sizes available in this promotion are strictly sizes 4-6 only. Please state your preferred size within this available range when leaving your comment below.
Total prize pool: $352.
Promotion ends March 9th, 2017.

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*Disclosure: Six Little Hearts was gifted the featured items by Warner Bros. Consumer Products in exchange for this feature. All opinions expressed are our own and genuine. #WBPromotion


  1. I'd love to treat my little superhero to some super new threads from best and less! They look funky and fierce, just like my little girl and I don't often get to splurge on clothes for her (generally just birthdays or Christmas) so I'd really love to surprise her with these as she is a big Lego/super hero fan too! Thanks! Amanda Kay (Ree)

    1. A size 6 would be perfect please! As per my comment above. Amanda Kay

    2. Congratulations winner #1! Hope you enjoy these threads! Amanda Ree.

    3. Thanks so much! My little girl will be super excited!

  2. I would love to win this for my niece. Its empowering that girls are encouraged to feel like superheroes, being happy in their own skin!

  3. My daughter loves lego, superheroes and fashion. This combines all three and she will be the hapoiest kiddo in the world

  4. I would love to gift this to my great niece as she loves superhero's and is a Tomboy and hangs around boys. With winter coming up soon the little show pony will really enjoy this special gift. Thankyou for a size 8 Good luck Everyone.

  5. Miss 7 loves all things Lego,
    and thinks Batman is pretty cool.
    She'd love to win these fab threads,
    because Super Heroes rule!!
    (Size 7-8 please Peta N) :)

  6. When we went to movie world my kids were thrilled to meet their superheroes. They had photos in the batmobile and gave high fives to wonder woman and the joker. They thought this was very cool. My children will always be superheroes to me. Getting into costume with these pj's will make evenings and bedtime that little bit more super for them.
    Size 4 if picked please.
    Thank you. Mel Star

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Mel Star - winner #3. A size 5 girls will be on its way shortly. :D

  7. My little one loves Lego and is always running around with a handmade cape and hurting the baddies so I guess she's already a superhero, she'd be even more happy to be a Lego Superhero!
    Thank you. Size 4. Amy Petersen

  8. My little superstar LOVES clothing and merchandise that tells her she is awesome, strong, and can rule the world. Theres definately something to be said for the messages we give our girls in their clothing - she becomes sassy, gritty, and powerful and KNOWS she can do anything.

  9. Super hero cool is not just for boys. Girls can kick bad guy butt too. Love how empowering it can be for girls. I have 4 sisters, 2 daughters and 7 nieces girls power is strong in our family.

    Size 3 please

    Kristina S

  10. My little Miss loves superheroes as much as her big brother. I love watching them dress up and play; she would adore this. Size 6 please.

  11. With 2 older brothers my 3 year old loves nothing more than playing super heroes with them. And as luck would have it, she is ALWAYS Bat Girl!!

    (Sz 4 please)

  12. That shorts outfit is flipping adorable! I am (thus far) the only person in my family excited for this movie but I know that once they see it they will be ecstatic!

  13. If my girls were younger they'd love these outfits - they are full-on comic book nuts and can't wait for the movie to actually arrive here (not happy we still have to wait a month...)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. My daughter loves to dress up as a super hero she would love to go to bed as a super hero too great to see this range girls like superheroes too not just boys she would love size 4-5 please Shannon discombe

  16. This would make Daddy very happy and proud. He loves his comics!

  17. This range of clothing is amazing. Well Done Best and Less. Girls like superheroes just as much as boys. size 4 for me please.

  18. She's spunky, she's adventurous (and terribly cute!)
    And Izzie's love of superheroes is absolute!
    The Lego Batman Movie will be a viewing must;
    And from Best & Less (a brand we trust)
    She'd love a pair of Pyjamas (in Size 6)
    To ensure she gets her nightly superhero fix!


    1. Very cute entry! Congratulations Lara - winner #8!

  19. Sharon Markwell - size 6
    The LEGO Batman Movie fashions are as cute as a button and lots of fun. Wish they came in my size!

  20. Little Codie brother won't allow her in his bat cave at night as she doesn't have bat PJs. Lets wipe away those tears with a size 3 set for her.

  21. I would love this for my niece
    gorgeous goodies to spoil her
    She is turning 9 this year, in a size 8
    she is my special little mate
    thanks for this chance to surprise her
    having only met her a few times since last year
    family is important and life is very short
    make up enjoy the fun thats ahead.
    Louisa Frail

  22. Her brother had a super hero theme dress up party for his birthday last year. Everybody had so much fun we are going to do it again. But this June its going to be a super girl dress up party for Miss 6. The LEGO Batman Movie girls clothing packs back would made a surprising gift and in the theme of it all. There has been so much excitement about what superheroes to put on the cake and what costume to wear. She just can't wait for the party day to arrive.
    (size 6 please)

  23. My Princess pea, a bat she must be,
    up all night, sleep she does fight.
    Upside down her favourite thing,
    the trapeze bar she hangs on and swings.
    She has a cape, she has a mask,
    but fashion clothes would be a blast!

    Size 6 would be ace. Natalie Murnane

  24. My SIZE 6 son is my little super hero and could definitely save the world in this cute outfit!!

  25. Perfect for my adorable niece.. she is OBSESSED.
    Pretty sure my brother got in early to brainwash her.. she thinks she will marry Batman one day #adorables

  26. Miss 3 would love wearing these pjs and with a house of three daughters it makes a nice change for me!
    Size 4. Kelly Ryan

  27. I'd love to win,
    To put a grin,
    Upon my daughter's face.
    I know she would adore,
    Being Lego Batman and all,
    This prize so cool,
    For Girls that Rule,
    Who save the day,
    Before they play!! 😍

    size 5 or 6 please 😊
    Laureina Courtney

  28. My niece will think these clothes are rad
    Certainly no passing fad
    They are so cool
    Her friends will drool
    She'll be their superhero

    May it be size 6 please
    Kriselle Dawson

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Deleted and reposted below as I forgot to add the size!

  30. What BETTER outfit for a little girl to wear on International Women's Day! :) (Size 6 Please)

  31. My daughter informs me the reason she climbs gates and jumps off tall climbing frames is because she desperately wishes to be a superhero.
    She would love a size 4.

  32. Like her Mum she loves her clothes, she has pride in how she looks wherever she goes.
    Eva Kiraly

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  38. That Lego Batman movie inspired clothes looks really pretty on your girl. LEGO is kind of very favorite in kids so having it on clothes make a very good choice. Thanks for sharing.



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