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Worlds Apart Rose Petal Cottage by DreamTown - A Childsmart Review #SLHFeaturedThursdays

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If you cast your thoughts back on your own childhood for just a mini-moment, without doubt you can pull a few very special memories of your own play house adventures. Whether you enjoyed a cubby house, tree house, (or even just a few curtains draped over the family dining table) as a place to retreat for some incredible adventures, you've most certainly experienced the joy.

Whatever shape or form your own special place took-on, a secret hideaway for kids to enjoy provides an enormous ongoing source of happiness that's universal to all children, and it's all because a play house is a traditional standard in every young child's life.

Within all sorts of delightful childish walls, young imaginations and learning opportunities bloom, and friendships are forged and strengthened alongside siblings and mates. Pure magic!

As parents, all of us can experience this same joy and excitement all over again when we witness our own kids enjoy these same spaces.
And don't such things just get better with each passing year?!

This is the Worlds Apart Rose Petal Cottage by DreamTown and if it were mine when I was a kid, (or anything half as lovely), I'd have been a very, very happy kiddo indeed! Watching my youngest play in this house is, (for me), just divine, and it gives me the absolute kicks to see her enjoyment of it, each and every time she ventures within.

There are so many darling features that make this a magnetic play haven for kids. The design and attention to detail is amazing and as a stand-alone feature, the illustrations within and without, inspire so many games and play scenarios just on their own.

Features include a working door, windows, and letterbox.

Come inside!

Windows with flyscreens - flash!

This playhouse is every little girl's dream home. (PS: Boys will and do, love it too!) 

Rose Petal Cottage is big and sturdy with a lightweight steel framework which handles quite a bit of play stress without issue. Thank goodness too. We've had a number of playhouses already and none have stood up to the strain of our children's play quite as well as this one has.

Inside, a pretty kitchen and living area invites young kids to play. It's a large space within, without being impractical from a grown-up perspective. We can easily move this house about - outside on pleasant days and back inside again as required. (Note that the cottage is recommended for indoor use only.) Currently our Rose Petal Cottage is stationed within our lounge area and is used and enjoyed every single day by our youngest.

The design, details and inclusions are lovely in this play house! The cottage comes with this matching oven and features real turning knobs and a working oven door. Peek inside the cooker and you'll find an illustrated shelf with a baking tray. The oven is crafted from strong board and is enhanced with plastic and metal features. Lots of cooking goes down in here!

By opening the wall of the cottage, children can extend the play area within. Kids can enjoy a real mantle piece of their own which is strong enough to support their ornaments. Above, a real and useable safety mirror adds another element to play. There's even a photo frame built into the wall in which kids can keep an actual photograph.

A built in floor, hinged wall and fully decorated interior and exterior inspire hours of play.

Two kids can play within Rose Petal Cottage without the space feeling cramped at all. Be warned though, kids shut grownups out of their space promptly once you've been outnumbered!

The cottage has a real working door with a stitched door handle and post box. There are windows with working shutters plus lace trim and gables which give youngsters enough space to be able to stand within. Nothing has been overlooked, ensuring your children will love this dream home for years to come.

"Sorry mum! No grown-ups allowed!"
The Worlds Apart Rose Petal Cottage by DreamTown arrives flat packed and requires assembly. Instructions are provided. While you can disassemble as required, we recommend that this cottage is best assembled for long-term play due to the number of parts. Find a spot within your home and make it an area specifically for your child's cottage in the long term. The assembled cottage measures 108cms by 98cms by 70cms.

The all-nylon outer of this play house zips securely and snuggly onto a strong metal frame. The opening wall of Rose Petal Cottage attaches with strong hinges and opens and closes with ease. All moveable parts secure with stitched-in magnets and Velcro. This play house is recommended for children from the age of two years plus.

To expand on the fun, there are additional items that can be purchased, designed specifically to fit within Rose Petal Cottage, such as this Worlds Apart Rose Petal Kitchen by DreamTown. You can find Rose Petal Cottage at Childsmart for RRP $219.95. We think this is money well spent when it comes to building lasting childhood memories. It's gorgeous don't you think?

Childsmart are the exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand, of several leading brands for kids. Check out their website for more fabulous playthings for children.

Do your children enjoy a cubby or playhouse?


*Disclosure: The featured item was gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine.


  1. We had one for our oldest daughter and it met an unfortunate and untimely death- that said we have had three more daughters since then and I am tempted to buy another at least once a month. I just love the damn thing.

    1. Oh no! I can see why you would want to replace it. Such a lovely playhouse.

  2. My son has never had a cubby house but this cottage looks really cute though. Love it!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. So pretty. I think it's one of the prettiest I have come across.

  3. Our boys have a teepee - they love playing in and I love watching their imaginations grow. Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

  4. I'm kind of jealous of kids these days - their toys are so cool!!

  5. Oh it looks beautiful! Much fancier than the one I had as kid with all of the additions! :)

  6. Oh that is lovely! I love this cubby so much! So pretty.

  7. My girls used to have one similar to this, they loved it. Stove and all!

  8. I think my littlies would love this. #weekendblogshare

  9. Does anyone have the instructions manual on how to assemble this product?

    1. We are also looking for instructions. Found many links and sites but none are active as of now.

  10. Do you have a copy of the instructions to put it together? We took ours down to move and cannot find instructions.


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