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Healthy Snacking for Active Kids with Organix...

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Organix Goodies.

Kids are busy people aren't they! I am always amazed (and a little envious) at just how much energy my own children have. From the moment the sun comes up, they're out of bed and moving at an incredible pace for the remainder of the day - often into the night. Trying to keep on top of all that activity (and associated mess) is exhausting as a parent. For me, just watching them alone, is a thorough workout!

Feeding kids the right foods to fuel their day is tricky business too. With so many children of varying age groups under our roof (we have six by the way), it's difficult to stay on top of the feeding routines and the likes and dislikes of them all.
Actually, it's just about impossible - but we try! 

While most of us in this 'parenting profession' offer up the standard 'three meals a day, everyday' routine, just about all kids will and do, flout the system by insisting upon between-the-meals snacks - ours included.

It's actually a good thing for kids to snack though. Young bodies that are on the move have higher energy demands than us less-active grown-ups, so regular snacking on the right kinds of foods is fine for them and something to be encouraged.

It's vitally important that children learn to snack on the right types of foods from the very beginning. Offering healthy options such as nature's very own fruits for example, gets kids off to the right start in many ways. Fruit fills kids and offers valuable additional benefits such as nutrients plus fibre. It's the one snack option with which you can't go wrong.

When choosing snacks for our own kids to consume between meals, we of course opt for serves of fruit first. If we're travelling for any length of time, be it a few hours or days, fruit will always be packed into our day bag and be dished-out at regular intervals.

For variety however, (because kids demand it don't they!), we try to include and have at hand, several different types of foods at our disposal too. Doing so certainly helps to keep the all-important interest levels alive, and ward off those unwanted 'dips' in behaviour brought about by those all-too-familiar low-energy slumps.

Regular snacks delivered to your children throughout the day will not only spare you from the excessive tantrums and breakdowns of hungry kids. Being prepared for hunger pangs (on the road especially), will also save you dollars when it comes to expensive and inferior take-out stops. Make sure you're always prepared - travelling or not - and plan in advance. Toss some snacks into your day bag!

Organix Goodies Farm Animal Biscuits are fun little natural cookies that are perfect for sharing.
(Available at Coles nationwide.)

Sandwiches and healthy dips, (such as hummus or tzatziki) served with thinly-sliced vegetables or plain crackers with cheese, yoghurt and home-baked goods (if you can find the time), are all ideal choices for family snacking on-the-go. Always keep a stash of appropriate snacks in your pantry or fridge that kids can reach for as required, and tuck some containers full of these items into your cooler bag or baby bag when travelling.

Thankfully, Organix Goodies have an entire range of products which form an ideal choice for your young kids between meals when they're in need of an energy boost. We've introduced just some of the range of Organix Goodies on Six Little Hearts already and you can read up further on their delicious range here and here.

Organix Goodies deliver nutritionally-rich snacks designed especially with kids in mind, which come with a No Junk Promise: Always organic, nothing unnecessary, setting standards. This means you can offer your children a range of healthy choices that are not only convenient for all, but fun, tasty and prepared just for little people, with no nasties like artificial sweeteners or flavours.

Since discovering the Organix range, we've made having their snacks with us on our outings, an essential requirement. Their products are just so easy to transport and dish-out when we're busy and on the run, plus our younger kids really do love them.

For me, knowing that I have a snack on-hand to offer when temperaments are flailing, (mine included!), gives me the steam to get things done in my day. It's easy to pop a single box of Organix Finger Foods Baby Biscuits into my bag for example, and magically produce them when I spot the clear signs of fatigue in my younger kids.

Organix Finger Foods Banana Baby Biscuits and Strawberry Baby Biscuit varieties are
available at Woolworths supermarkets nationwide.
Healthy snacking where kids are concerned, should never be boring in either taste, texture or presentation. Organix produce superb little treats that entertain youngsters while they eat. Who knew biscuits could be so much fun?! (The 'O' shape of Organix Finger Foods Baby Biscuits is ideal for younger children to grasp - or peer through!)

One of our absolute faves in the Organix range are these pureed fruit pots which combine the goodness of organic fruits, with the convenience of a take-along tub. All of our kids enjoy these Organix Apple and Raspberry and Organix Mashed Apple and Mango tubs. (Me included!) They're great for popping in school lunch boxes, or carting-about in bags and provide a refreshing serve of fruit whenever it's desired.

You can find the family-friendly range of Organix and Organix Goodies at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets Australia-wide. Visit Coles for Organix Baby Biscuits, Goodies Carrot Stix and Tomato Noughts and Crosses, plus Mini Oaty Bites and Animal Biscuits. For Organix Baby Biscuits and fruit pots, Goodies Carrot Stix, Cheese and Herb Puffs and Tomato Noughts and Crosses, pay a visit to Woolworths.

How do you ensure your kids snack right? Have you tried the Organix range out on your kids yet?
What's a favourite snack you serve to your kids that's healthy? (Ideas are always appreciated!)


  1. I really like the Organix snacks for my one year old when we're out and about! The purees are great and he really loved the carrot stick things as well!

    1. There's nothing like something to fall back on as a mum with little ones. (Even older ones actually.) Kids never stop nagging you for food! Organix are great little handbag keepers.

  2. I must admit I overlook some of these products now that my kids are a bit older, but reading your review I think some of the snacky things would still be great for lunchboxes. I must revisit them!

    1. Children's foods such as these are ideal for all ages and they pack so neatly inside a bag. For emergencies you can't go past them. I have found the purees are perfect for school kids and they love them.



    Our range of Organix Finger Foods baby biscuits are being recalled from the market in Australia due to local regulatory concerns that the biscuits can crumble into pieces which may pose a potential choking hazard. We advise anyone who has purchased them from Coles, Woolworths and some health food stores in Australia to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

    For further information please contact our consumer care team on 001144 1202 586133 or email Our office hours are 9am to 5pm GMT Monday to Friday.

    See for Australian food recall information.


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