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Lonely Planet Kids Let's Explore New Release Books for Children - A Review and Win!

You can't go past books for keeping kids entertained again and again.

Did you know that travel publishers Lonely Planet Kids have a whole wide world of titles available for children that are engaging, bright and educational? Their books are ideal for young arm-chair travellers and actual travellers alike. Make sure you seek out some of these exciting new release reads for kids and enter our giveaway for your chance to win one of three gorgeous book packs that will delight young readers at the end of this review!

Lonely Planet Kids have freshly released a brand new series of titles in their popular Let's Explore range. These exciting Let's Explore books offer children a bright and educational glimpse into a variety of popular and beautiful regions around the world. All kids will love these!

The series follows the adventures of likeable characters Marco, (who is fascinated by maps) and Amelia, (who loves technology and gadgets) as they travel, trek and experience all the the sights and cultural to-dos of each country covered under the three latest titles: Let's Explore... Mountain, Let's Explore... City and Let's Explore... Desert.

The illustrations within the Let's Explore books are vibrant and action-packed and the stories in each are filled with fun facts that will keep kids endlessly entertained. ('Cougars can run at speeds of 80kph!')

Children can enjoy all the fun to be had with Marco and Amelia, as they journey around the world together and along the way, discover educational and geographical snippets - such as the name of the longest river in the world, the most popular sport in South America or find out where the prettiest of spring blossoms bloom in the world.

Each Lonely Planet Kids Let's Explore title offers more than just an educational tale. There are over 250 stickers in every book and plenty of puzzles, colouring pages, drawing tasks and activities throughout to keep young kids happy. Every book in the series is 48 pages in length and includes 12 pages of stickers. The three exciting titles in the range are priced at RRP $12.99. These books would make ideal travel companions on long car, train or plane trips!

Learning a new language (even our own!) can be a challenge for all. Again, Lonely Planet Kids have the task covered. They've a series of titles with a unique approach to make the challenge of grasping a new language, both simplified and fun for children.

New in March are these stunning First Words titles: First Words: English, First Words: French and First Words: Spanish. Kids will enjoy this simplified approach to learning an international language. There are 100 travel-relevant words in every book and each word is presented as one word per double page spread. Every word is accompanied by its English equivalent plus a phonetic language pronunciation. 'Milk - lait (French), pronounced 'lay.'

Large attractive images assist fledgling readers (and the more advanced), to remember and recall the everyday words. Even adults will benefit from these easy language guides. These are a very engaging and enjoyable set of titles to share and learn along with your child.

Every language guide comes with its own QR Code which allows children to access a free audio pronunciation guide. Just scan the code or visit the Lonely Planet Kids' First Words website, to find a list of every word in every book from this series. Just click on a word to hear it spoken clearly in either English, French or Spanish - by a child! (Note: This feature is coming soon.)

The Lonely Planet Kids First Words books are available from March 2017 and are 208 pages in length and boast full colour images. Titles are RRP $19.99 each. We think these are superb!

Finally, for creative kids, there's The World's Cutest Animal Colouring Book illustrated by London-based Lulu Mayo. Kids can copy the colourful illustrations presented on the left side of each page, or colour the designs in their own choice of combinations. This colouring book is packed with animals from around the world - from tigers to turtles. This beautiful 48 page colouring book is priced at RRP $14.99.

To view more exciting titles for children from Lonely Planet Kids, check out their website.

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  1. I got my daughter the LP pop up book of London and all she talks about is seeing the buildings in it...so cute

  2. I love th Se and the fact that they have activities as well. My 4 year old adores books like this and I'd love to have a set of LP books to broaden her horizons :)

  3. Loveto win the new LP series for my 3 and 5 year old. They love to pretend going hiking wearing their backpack and I am sure they will love the LP Lets Explore...Mountain. Also the Lets Explore...City as I am not sure if we will ever get to New York so exploring it thru the pop-up will be great. Love it.

  4. Would love to win for my son who just loves books and exploring and finding out new things. Kylie sneddon

  5. A globetrotter all my life until my son was born, hopefully through these LP kids books my son can start to get the travel bug from an early age. Jody Smith

  6. These look cool- great for long car trips. WE're hoping to head off to France in a year or two: I didn't realise LP did language texts for kids??!!

  7. I'd love to win these as my daughter is turning 7 soon and is a huge bookworm like I am, so I know that she would love these. I'd also be able to feature them on my blog :) Thank you for the opportunity.
    Michelle Vamvas

  8. I love the First Words language guides, they make a great introduction to other languages but also provide some fun reading and learning for long plane trips!
    Peta Newsome

  9. We love to travel but not speaking the language can be difficult. These books are a great start to teaching our children different languages so they can be our translators when we travel overseas!

  10. I love how these Little Explore Books are so interactive for young little minds!

  11. We're heading overseas for the first time with our two kids (4&6). These would be perfect to keep the kids occupied during the long haul flights!
    (Rebecca Bowyer)

  12. These looks like really entertaining and interactive for kids!

  13. I select books carefully, ones that promote a wide view of the world, and definitely books like these ones that promote travel!

  14. While it's hard to go past a character carrying my name in the "Let's Explore" series, what I love about these books is their accessibility, and their great content that makes parents want to join in the fun. The intricate designs in the Animal Colouring Book make me want to sit down next to my daughter and break out the glitter pens. A perfect shared experience (and more enjoyable to the little ones than going through mummy's old, boring holiday photos - haha) - Amelia

  15. I love the sound of the First Words book - how cool!

  16. In my former life as an English as a Second Language teacher to little kids these would be awesome. Interactive and fun as they learn. Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek 11/52 Next week: Autumn

  17. It's fantastic they have put out the language books, I most definitely need to get a Spanish one for my kids! All I've really taught Izzy is 'una hora' which means one hour when she asks me how long she can stay and play next door. She can count to ten in italian which is very similar to Spanish

  18. Fabulous books. I applaud the author and editor of these books. All books are important for our kids but these titles are particularly exciting introducing language skills and more to our future generation . Well done all

  19. I like the sound of the French /lanuage books when I maybe take my minions to Florence they will know some lingo (I need to learn it too)

  20. I work at a primary school and would love to donate these to the school library. They look amazing.

  21. Sharon Markwell
    The Lonely Planet Kids Let's Explore Book Pack would have my girls throwing cartwheels in excitement (always good for a laugh)

  22. Annette Wardrop
    I love the unique educational content of The Lonely Planet Kids packs and would really enjoy them with my grandchildren.

  23. I love how the books encourage kids to learn and explore more of our amazing world!
    (Stacey Shailer)

  24. Joanne Cardamone: I've loved the Lonely Planet Guide books since I first started travelling and exploring the world. This would be amazing for my daughter to now learn and explore with them too

  25. I absolutely love the first words book. It's a great idea.


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