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Wild Science Blood n' Guts Zombie FX Lab Review and WIN!

Thankfully it's rare that I wake on a weekend to the sight of an eight year old boy looming over me menacingly, wearing a set of scientific goggles and equipped with a pair of rubber gloves encasing his wriggly fingers. Add to that frightful get-up, a gleeful and excited-like stare (something reflecting a weird combo of begging meets thrill), and you can bet I was just a wee-bit caught off guard.

Believe it or not, that was my introduction to my Sunday morning on this weekend just gone! #Parenthood

It was partly my own fault too. I had received the Wild Science Blood n' Guts Zombie FX Lab kit in the post a little way back. The son in focus knew it too. So off he went a-hunting in my 'stuff-to-blog' box. (Which incidentally, is just immense amounts of stuff scattered all over my house and garage - in no way resembling a box at all. Let's pretend it's a box though.) The excitement of the find on this particular morning of leisure was just too much for him not to share so early in the day. (Along with that aforementioned, creepy stare!)

"Okay, okay! We'll give this kit a shot TODAY!" (Note the boy not looking the slightest bit creepy here!)

Now don't boys in particular just lurve boogers, slime, zombies, creepy and gross stuff in general? The sight of this fun scientific kit (for those aged eight and above), was just right up this kid's tree.
Sunday was to be slime day.
Really, who could possibly do anything else when your kid looks this eager and prepped for grotty fun?

In truth, my kiddos love these scientific kits for kids. If they'd been around when I was growing up, I too would have had an absolute blast. But that's why parenting is so much fun - you can relive your own joys through your kids' brilliant toys. Ain't that fabulous! (Even at 8am on a Sunday morn.)

What's in the box? Everything kids need to make horrible fun. These kits get boys and girls thinking about chemistry and science. They provide a chance for kids to get hands-on with quirky tests and thinking about stuff beyond that which they see. For questioning young minds, the Wild Science experience is all about learning meets fun.

...and a bit of a glimpse of that weird stare can be seen again surfacing here...

Inside the Wild Science Blood n' Guts Zombie FX Lab kit, is everything young scientists need to make anything from boiled boogers (seriously!), to levitating zombie eyeballs, zombie gizzards (no less than 7ft worth), three jars of zombie fart putty (who knew?) plus blood drops, blood clots and zombie slime.

While kids conduct their gruesome experiments under the watchful eye of an adult, (the kits do require the use of a microwave and included chemicals), they'll also be learning all about gels and cross linked polymers. A win, win.

There's an included comprehensive instruction book that's worded in kid-speak and it's fully illustrated in cool and groovy ways. The chemicals are safe and non-toxic, but to be used with caution too. (In the case of sensitivities, kids are encouraged to perform a small skin test on themselves.)

The actual slime and zombie ingredients are derived from seaweeds - an Alginate. The 'pickling' liquid used in the kit is Calcium Chloride - a type of salt found naturally in seawater. (See, we're learning stuff too!) Of course there are also many vials, droppers, snap-lock bags and powders, stickers, measuring cups and the like, to get kids really enthralled in the activity of making gross stuff just like a real scientist.
This is real science after all.

Our darling eight year old settled for making boiled boogers at 10am on a Sunday, bless him! Here he is happily engrossed in mixing up his microwaved chemical concoction. Revoltingly, the boiled boogers really do look like - boiled boogers! Our son was extremely impressed and proud of himself. (While mummy may have gagged a little taking these shots. I never have been one to handle anything 'snot' very well.)

Gulp! Apologies for a disgusting shot. Can you see why kids love this stuff?!

Next weekend (we've been told), a batch of zombie guts will be on the brew. I can't wait for that one!

You can learn more about this particular kit and other kits in the Wild Science range on the Tree Toys website. The Wild Science Blood n' Guts Zombie FX Lab kit featured here retails for RRP $28 and is recommended for ages 8 plus. You can pick up one of these kits at Australian Geographic, Big W, Kidstuff, Myer, Toys 'R' Us and all good independent retailers. Or you can try and win one of three of these exciting kits in our giveaway!

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Have you ever made creepy science experiments with your kids?

*Disclosure: The featured item was gifted for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are our own and genuine. (Including the bit about gagging!)

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  1. Argh!! I pressed enter before I could enter my address. #fail
    I'd love to win this for my six-year-old. She loves experimenting and creating and I reckon zombie guts would be right up her alley. I can hear the 'EWWWS' already :)

    1. That's fine - I know who you are. (Cue: scary music!)

  2. My nephew would absolutely LOVE this! I'd be elevated to favourite auntie immediately if I won this for him! And my sister would absolutely hate having zombie guts in her home! Payback for the drum kit she gave my son - Lol!

  3. My younger nephew would LOVE this. He is into experiments and finding out how things work. Plus he can scare his little sister with the resulting goo ;-)

  4. my daughter is into all things gory, she loves to make stuff and experiment this set would make her zombie dreams come true. Renae Shaw

  5. My little boys love all things, blood, guts and gory,
    they spend hours killing minecraft zombies and making up their own zombie stories.

    Tmeeka Henricks

  6. Our boys love anything messy and yucky and our oldest is currently into making 'monster soups' from anything he can get his hands on. Winning this might mean that our toothpaste, shower gel, lotions and socks might stay out of his creations! (yes he thinks sock soup is perfect for monsters!) Bryony Sumner

  7. My 3 boys love their science and all things gross and gore lol! This would be great for them to do together :) Debra Cannon

  8. My 6 year old loves blood, guts and gore! Its like halloween 12 months of the yr here!
    Anything that will freak or gross his mum out is a big winner in this house!

  9. This looks like so much fun for the mad scientist in your life!

  10. My little monster has just started Pre Primary and is loving his science class! He is always excited to tell me about their experiments and we often look up YouTube videos together relating to what he's learnt.
    Anita Andrews

  11. Science prompts investigation, observation and questioning…… all wonderful abilities to help our children conquer the world!

  12. The perfect experiment for my little boys
    Who love blood and guts when it comes to their toys
    A school holiday project to work on their own
    For those rainy days when we’re stuck at home.

  13. I think this a perfect 'Boy Toy', and is ideal to keep them out of mischief.Great for keeping the kids of the computer or similar devices, and introducing Science to them. by Anthea Cornish

  14. My son would love this! He loves zombies. I actually got him to walk to school without grumbling by downloading an app where he had to log walks to escape zombies lol!

  15. My 7 year old science geek would love this! He loves Science!! He loves to do experiments all the time, his favourite shop is the National Geographic!! We go to all the science-y things we can find!This is something he would enjoy immensely!

  16. My three girls would have so much fun making this, educational yet fun!
    Kasey Evans

  17. I would love to win for my grandson's birthday. He loves his science experiments. We have fun doing them together and he learns a lot from doing it.

  18. this looks like great fun. something to add to the ideas list for my nieces - Heidi Donnarumma

  19. He's smart and funny,
    But would rather be outside where its sunny
    Than sitting or being still
    But Zombie guts would give him a thrill....
    (I don't even think he'd realise he's science'ing!) :)
    Tess Howard

  20. I pressed enter before I added my address.lol
    My son loves all things gruesome and messy. He would have an absolute ball with this kit. He has been so I'll lately. This will put a smile on his dial.

  21. Would love this for my zombie obsessed 3 year old grand daughter. She loves the strangest things and has a weird sense of humour for 1 so young

  22. young Cooper would love this as its right up his alley as he's going through a love of all things gruesome at the moment

  23. This would be amazing to win, my boys would be in heaven!!!!

  24. My son Charlie is science mad,
    He makes such mess, but that's not bad!
    He dreams to make a real zombie,
    How strange some kids dreams can be!

    Hannah Baker

  25. I would love to see the reaction on my daughters face when they find out what they can make with this kit. They will LOVE it and I can imagine the ball they'd have.

  26. this would be awesome for my gross little girl. she loves science, she loves grossness, so it's a match


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