Saturday, 29 April 2017

April Bellabox and Bellababy Unboxed Plus A Special Reader Offer & Mother's Day Gift Preview...

It's time to unveil the goodies within the little blue parcels that are Bellabox for the month of April. Can you believe the speed with which each month travels at this time of year? I seriously feel as though I just published my Bellabox March review and here we are again at the doorway of a whole new month!

Anyways, this Bellababe just loves sharing a peek within these monthly treats here, and I truly enjoy trialling all the latest in beauty goods even more. There's no better way to refill your bathroom cabinet, makeup bag, or, (in the case of a Bellababy parcel), your nappy bag or change table caddy too. There's always a pocket sized treat to give you convenience on the go, or a new product entirely to road test. You never know just what you will discover inside a Bellabox.
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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Introducing Bobux Kid+ Shoes And An Exciting Reader Giveaway!

After 25 years of producing quality footwear for young kids, you'll be excited to learn that Bobux are now making larger shoe sizes!

On February 10th this year, Bobux proudly launched their new Kid+ range of footwear for bigger kids and we were so honoured to be a part of the big reveal at the official Melbourne launch a little way back.
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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Gardening Made Easy with Bosch!

Autumn is easily the best time of the year to get outside and stuck into the garden.
With the extremes of temperatures for a short time blissfully under control, currently around our home, it's all hands-on-deck to get our outdoors looking spiffy before the big chill sets in.

Sadly our yard is far from swish at any time of year. (Please feel free to conjure-up images of weeds, leaves, children's toys, muddy holes and general junk spread artfully across our quarter acre block - all with thanks to our kids.) Believe me when I say our garden is far from Pinterest-worthy! We are trying bit by bit, to get there though. Lately especially, we've been buying plants and tools and getting our kids involved in all things to do with beautifying our own piece of earth and it's working beautifully on so many levels.
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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Oobi Fashion for Girls Autumn Preview 2017...

One of the many joys of having a young daughter, is the opportunity to dress her! Clothing for little girls is abundantly varied, colourful and pretty, and after a long break between our girls, (there are four boys between them!), it's so lovely to have these precious moments over again. 

Seeing your girl all dressed up is something that brings happiness not only to your own child and yourself, but to others too. I can't recall the number of occasions where we have been stopped on the street on account of the outfits worn by our youngest. It's plain to see the happiness bright fabrics and adorable designs on a young child can bring.
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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Celebrate This Easter and Beyond With New Release Miffy Merchandise!

It's hard to believe that the iconic Miffy stories we're all so familiar with, were first penned over 60 long years ago!

Way back in 1955, Dutch artist Dick Bruna created his multi-generational endearing bunny character Miffy. Her magnetic cuteness and longevity have stemmed from a winning combination of Bruna's simple, colourful illustrations combined with a childlike sense of adventure. It's a marriage which has seen the books continually loved the world over to this day.
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Monday, 10 April 2017

Easter Baking With Kitchen Warehouse - A Delicious Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

As a dedicated home-baker, I am always keen to have a playdate with my own kitchen. The art of regularly churning out sweet treats for my family, daily, (from muffins, cakes and cookies and other delicious treats) is a task I quite naturally enjoy. For me, the entire process of cooking - from the recipe creation itself to the coveted moment when my kids taste the (hopefully!) delicious results, is truly a rewarding experience.
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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hosting A Fun Family Movie Night With Sing and Some Chocolate Vanilla Cookies to Bake!

*This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Australian families can now head in store wherever you buy your favourite family movies and find a Special Edition copy of the brand-spanking new film Sing on the shelves, ready to take home and enjoy! Woohoo!
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Easy Freezer Meals for Very Busy People from Weight Watchers...

This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers but all thoughts and opinions including meal suggestions are my own.

With the school year well underway now, I have an early confession to make: I have been eating poorly - especially at lunchtimes!

Now that there are few children to care for during the weekday timeslot, eating just seems to fall into the background. As a mum, I am thoroughly immersed in my work, home duties and the care of my preschooler. On top of all those daily to-do's, the value of food to fuel it all just seems to fall by-the-wayside.
I bet that sounds familiar to you too.
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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Welcome to April! The Gro Company Easter Hamper Giveaway Worth $496...

Wow, April is here already and Easter is about to arrive! Can you believe it? This year is certainly rocketing-by.

We've big news to share on behalf of The Gro Company for parents. The Gro Company have just recently launched their new Australian website and to celebrate, we have been invited to share this amazing giveaway containing all things Gro! There's a super hamper of The Gro Company goodies up for grabs for one lucky reader of Six Little Hearts valued at $496!

Happy Easter!
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